Friday, May 8, 2020

Predator-Monk from Modernist Monastery Hosts a Gregorian Chant Seminar

Edit:  Predator-monk Ruff is hosting a class on Gregorian Chant.  While it's encouraging to see interest in Gregorian Chant, even if it is being exploited by the Modernist Monastery of Saint John's Abbey, one has to wonder if they don't have someone better suited than Pope Francis' Psalmist. Maybe having such unsuitable men in charge is the point? What more fitting psalmist is there? Predator-Monk Anthony Ruff , was accused of unjustly disciplining a monk who rejected his sexual advances in 2000.  Liturgists or those involved with music and chant, will probably know Ruff as the webmaster (Or frequent contributor) of Pray, Tell blog and one of the many (they are legion) predator-monks at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota. He is still a monk in good standing.   Pray, Tell hosts many abusers of the Liturgy. Does this abuse and cynical misappropriation of the sacred and their trust as Church representatives lead to abuse of people, of adolescents, children, vulnerable adults and subordinates?  Clearly, Ruff not only abuses the Liturgy, he has abused his subordinate.

Additionally, Jeff Anderson is also representing Tim Nahan, who was allegedly a victim of Fr. Cosmas Dahlheimer who abused him when he was 8 years old. The link to the video is currently down.  Meanwhile, to flesh the whole thing out, Media Reports.  We like to point out that Jeff Anderson donates substantial sums of money to profoundly anti-Catholic and Leftist organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Meanwhile, Ruff's colleague, Andre' Louis Heywood, is still on the staff after accusations were leveled against him.  There is no response from the Abbey about his status, either.

One has to ask what's been accomplished by all the litigation.  Clearly, Collegeville is just as much a host and succor to predators as it has always been, it's just now that they've sub-contracted their way of doing business to the laity

Why Endorse Them?

It's also of interest that Ruff won't sign Andrea Grillo's petition to make the Mass of All Ages illegal, but it's just a matter of form for Ruff, who is fully supportive of the post-Conciliar abuses of Liturgy and his own pet projects.  I'm sure figures like Dr. Peter Kwasnieski might want to make something of Ruff's approach to orthodoxy, but why credit a proven and vicious aberrosexual with any kind of endorsement, or even public disagreement in civilized discourse?  Doctor Kwasniewski frequently comments at Pray, Tell with a few of the other usual suspects, like Father Michael Joncas.

Chant School:
May 22 – July 25, 2020, one credit Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary Instructor: Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB

Content: Comprehensive introduction to Gregorian Chant, with practical emphasis on singing it in the liturgy. Treatment of historical development, notation, modality, rhythmic interpretation, repertoire and liturgical use, Latin pronunciation, English adaptations, and conducting. Some knowledge of the basics of music theory is expected.

Format: Asynchronous, done at the student’s own pace over the course of each week. Several 15-30 min. instructional videos each week for a total of c. 2 to 2½ hours viewing weekly, plus c. 2-4 hours weekly of individual study, reading, exercises, and submissions. Participants should have the capability of submitting short videos of their singing (and optionally, conducting), which are typically made with laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

Total Tuition (one credit credit) $425 Student Life Fee $25 (This covers IT Services support.) Required text: Anthony Ruff, Canticum novum (GIA, 2012)


Anonymous said...

St. JOhn's is a dead monastery, and that is a great thing. Close to 350 monks before Vatican II, barely 100 today with less than 80 priests.

As an aside---look at these headlines I lifted from the secular press--
"Public Masses in Italy to resume May 18, ending bitter Church-state rift"

(the article didn't even mention the Pope !!!!!! It said the Bishops and the people were fighting for the Mass to come back. What was Francis doing? Praying to "Mother Earth", Pachamamma, etc?

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I need to clarify please. Are you saying that Doctor Kwasniewski is also a predator? That contributing to Pray Tell magazine indicates sexual perversion? Thank you in advance for answering.

Tancred said...

Thank you for your question. Should I think he's a predator? I didn't say he was, but I did question the wisdom of wasting one's time giving credence and legitimacy to Ruff as if he were a peer.

James Joseph said...

I've had correspondence with Dr. K. many years ago, when he first came about. And I've watched him grow. If I were write him again it would be to caution him to remember not to fall into the Jewish heaven on earth idea; that is, to realize the pace of salvation history is sometimes slow; he needn't pursue vigourously up and down all paths when there are neighbors near.

I once heard a missionary priest describe his years in South America as his work. I knew it wasn't Christ's work at that moment. I question sending missionaries into Catholic continents. Is it a cover for homosexuals? It allows for it. People with homosexual experience as a rule due to the narcissistic wound it causes should never be given a platform. That is for their own good.

Tancred said...

Latin America is pretty secularized now, and there are Indians living in remote places who’ve never even seen a priest, much less heard of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Latinos are converting to Islam.