Thursday, May 28, 2020

3rd Police Precinct Falls to Black Militants -- Governor Declares Martial Law?

Edit: the Police disappear. The Governor Calls in National Guard.  Martial law?

The news isn't reporting the size of the crowd. 

It would be easy to see the wrath of God as these barbarians step into the moral vacuum left by the progressive and cowardly Europeans who rule the state of Minnesota.

MINNEAPOLIS — Protesters have overrun the Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct, the third straight night of violent protests spreading beyond the city.

Fox: Livestream video showed the protesters entering the building, where fire alarms blared and sprinklers ran as blazes were set. Police appeared to have left the building located in the neighborhood not far from where Floyd died Monday. A spokesman didn’t immediately respond to messages left by The Associated Press.


Anonymous said...

The Communist party of America must be paying good tonight!

Seerell said...

They needs to have some midnight bassettball and sheet to stop this 💩

Constantine said...

These are psychologically and financially manipulated people guided by an anarchist pseudointellectual college-"educated" elite. The upper middle professional class kids that have no job, and have been bored for so long with the Corona scare, have decided to party this way. Others are recently and prematurely released from jails because of fear of Corona spread in jails.

Tancred said...

That's a great point, Constantine, thank you.

Of course, the various Marxists ruling many parts of the USA have no doubt intentionally, have worked hard to create the perfect storm by emptying the prisons. Suddenly, there are many able bodied men to act as foot soldiers for the globalist agenda and act their part in this racial street theater.

Anonymous said...

Too many dirty cops who would be "just following orders" in a different situation (like blocking your church doors).

That alleged criminal G. Floyd was murdered by a cop and the people have a right to demand justice, but destroying your own neighborhood is moronic.

I watch enough police audit videos to see that a badge and gun often enables the tyrants!

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment. Wondering why taxpayers are forced to pay huge salaries and benefits to cops who provide next to zero protection from violeent thugs in good times and now in the age of the scamdemic are hiding from rioters? By the way, 47 out of top 50 govt pensioners in NY are retired cops all pulling down over 200 grand each, look it up.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Tancredo. Amen,

BLM Blacks Loot Minneapolis

They are rioters not protestors but the one good thing is that most of the business had insurance policies and they can collect after the fire and move their businesses to a white majority city.

It is true that as a tribe, baklcks hate whites but can not live apart form them

Atlanta even sued whites when they started moving out of atlanta

Tancred said...

Why the rush to judgment? Most of the media, even conservative, want to presume that the police officer is guilty when the perp was a lifetime criminal with a previous conviction for armed robbery. He was probably whacked out on PCP when he was arrested and died from heart failure.

Anonymous said...

ummmm, rush to judgment? You're one of those quick to "defend all cops" probably because you haven't any experience with them. Wake up! The guy was arrested, not found guilty. Big difference Tancred. During an arrest, you may not know, the cops generally have little information except for the crime presently being committed. They don't dial back their response based on previous criminal history.

Might be a stretch but imagine yourself arrested similarly and while hands cuffed behind your back, made to lie on the ground. Then some goon puts his boot or knee on your neck. What would you do then, tough guy?

There are many dirty cops. YouTube is full of quality videos. They don't care about your civil rights and religious freedom. I guess your ox hasn't been gored yet. But wait until the State shuts down your precious parish and you get hooked-up for being an ignorant loudmouth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's a mixed bag because Blacks HATE Whites are permanently envious yet there are many crooked cops who treat citizens like they're communists employed by the KGB.

Tancred said...

@12:55 Where have I said, "defend all cops"?

You're obviously arguing on the wrong page.

Of course, the initial toxicology report came back and it looks like it's a lot more likely that Floyd died from eating too much fried chicken.

Tancred said...

Well, the problem is that cops have their hands tied, 1144am.

Anonymous said...

Cuckervatives still can't stop talking about Dr. KANG (aka Mike King, aka as Martin Luther King Jr. Interesting little fact, Dr. KANG's father never legally changed his or his son's name from Michael King to Martin Luther King. "Big Daddy" King thought Martin Luther King sounded "mo better"). Wait until (as Ramzypaul calls them) "youth" start demanding gibs money to rebuild neighborhoods that "youth" set fire to and destroyed.

Tancred said...

Why would they burn down their own Popey’s?

A lot of the Antifa Supervisors walking around with black shirts, hoodies and matching hats are at least passably Caucasian. Looks like Soros and high-level Marxist direction. I’ve also noticed that most of the destruction is focused on diverse Minneapolis Communities heavy on government services and uh, “free gibs” which won’t be available as readily now that they’ve been burned down.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, there passably Caucasian--i.e. "Fellow Whites".

Anonymous said...

MLK was communist )udaizer.