Friday, May 29, 2020

Jewish Rabbi Attacks Viganò's Appeal

Edit: usually, the Catholic Church has gatekeepers who attack those voices who challenge the present regime who want to use the fame of the Catholic Church to bring their New World Order into being.

Vigano Appeal.



Dooovid said...

Jews jew

Anonymous said...

The nose always knows.

PW said...

Jesus was a Jew, so was his mother, foster father, his apostles and most of their followers for about a century. And when you've finished reading the New Testament, put aside a few days to study the Old. It might be a revelation to you, ignorant sedevacantist, Marcionist twit.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is the new Israel.
The true faith,which was the religion of the righteous Israelites ended on Good Friday.
Upon our Blessed Lord's resurrection,ascension into Heaven,and Pentecostthe true faith continued on as Catholicism.
70 A.D. the Israelite religion traditions and temple were swiped from the face of tbe Earth,including the Levitic priesthood.
The word "Jew" was coined sonetime in the 12th 13th or 14th Century.
Ashkenazi and Sephardic "jews' have absolutely NOTHING in common with the true Israelite nation nor Religion.
Our Blessed Lord,Our Lady,the Apostles,etc were raised as Israelites,not Talmudic )ews.