Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Open Letter Calling for End of Summorum Pontificum by Papal Favorite

To all theologians,
scholars, and
students of theology [And the gay disco]
The great liturgical tradition, which has always accompanied and supported the Church in her history of grace and sin, hears the groaning of individuals and nations in this pandemic crisis, which brings suffering and affliction to those who are sick, and fear, isolation and loneliness to everyone else.  The ordinary rhythm of the Lenten and Paschal journey is altered and subverted, in solidarity with our common suffering. We would never have thought, however, that a small but not marginal suffering would also come at the same time through the exercise of ecclesial authority and through the decrees Quo magis e Cum sanctissima, which the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published on 25 March 2020.
It is no surprise that This Congregation should devote its attention to the liturgy. But special and singular is the fact that it modifies the ordinesintroduces prefaces and formularies for feasts, and modifies calendars and criteria of precedence. And it does this on a 1962 missal. How is this possible? The Congregation, as is known, in this case moves in the space of an exceptional authority, which dates back 13 years, in accordance with motu proprio Summorum pontificum. But since time is greater than space, what is possible on the regulatory level is not always appropriate. Therefore, it is crucial to engage in critical reflection on the logic of this development.
Time, in fact, has unveiled to us the paradox of a competence on the liturgy being taken away from the Bishops and the Congregation of Worship: this was arranged, in Summorum pontificumwith an intention of solemn pacification and generous reconciliation, but soon it changed into a serious division, a widespread conflict, and became the symbol of a “liturgical rejection” of the Second Vatican Council. The greatest distortion of the initial intentions of the motu proprio can be seen today in those diocesan seminaries where it is expected that the future ministers will be trained at the same time in two different rites: the conciliar rite and the one that denies it. All this reached its most surreal point the day before yesterday, when the two Decrees were released. They mark the culmination of a distortion which is no longer tolerable, and which can be summed up as follows:
- the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith acts as a substitute in exercising competences conferred by the Second Vatican Council on Bishops and the Congregation for Divine Worship;
- it undertakes to elaborate “liturgical variants” of the ordines without having the historical, textual, philological and pastoral competences;
- it seems to ignore, precisely on the dogmatic level, a grave conflict between the lex orandi and the lex credendi, since it is inevitable that a dual, conflictual ritual form will lead to a significant division in the faith;
- it seems to underestimate the disruptive effect this “exception” will have on the ecclesial level, by immunizing a part of the community from the “school of prayer” that the Second Vatican Council and the liturgical reform have providentially given to the common ecclesial journey.
A “state of exception” is also happening today on the civil level, in its harsh necessity, and this fact allows us greater ecclesial foresight. To return to an ecclesial normality, we must overcome the state of liturgical exception established 13 years ago in another world, with other conditions and with other hopes, by Summorum pontificum. It no longer makes sense to deprive diocesan bishops of their liturgical powers; neither does it make sense to have an Ecclesia Dei Commission (which has in fact already been suppressed), or a Section of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which take away authority from diocesan Bishops and the Congregation of Divine Worship; it no longer makes sense to enact decrees to “reform” a rite that is closed in the historical past, inert and crystallized, lifeless and without vigor. There can be no resuscitation for it. The double regime is over; the noble intention of SP has waned; the Lefebvrians have raised the barhigher and higher and then run away, insulting the Second Vatican Council and the present pope along with all three of his predecessors. Continuing to nourish a “state of liturgical exception” – one that was born to unite, but does nothing but divide – only leads to the shattering, privatization, and distortion of the worship of the Church. On the basis of these considerations, we resolve together to request that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith immediately withdraw the two decrees of 25/03/2020 and restore all powers concerning the liturgy to the diocesan Bishops and the Congregation for Divine Worship. Obviously, we ask this without prejudice to the powers that this Congregation retains in doctrinal matters.
So let us leave the “state of liturgical exception”. If not now, when?
With best wishes to all colleagues and students, besieged but not conquered in life, during these bitter yet still generous times.
Andrea Grillo


AMalek said...

This minion just described the Mass of All ages as ‘ crystallized, lifeless and without vigor.’

Let’s see:
SSPX is the only Mass left standing during ‘plague’
Church Militant publishes lies in hit piece on SSPX
Letters distributed to Bishops on their opinions on the TLM in their dioceses
Now this...
coordinated take down?

Aqua said...

Of course they want to get rid of Summorum Pontificum. Of course they will, and quickly.

The Novus Church is spinning off into irrelevant oblivion. The Catholic Church is as it always was and presents a Faith tied to 2,000 years of Tradition and God Him Self.

The Novus Church demands nothing, offers nothing, its Liturgy a soap bubble. The Catholic Church demands everything, offers eternal life and union with God, its Liturgy is outside of Time.

And as the Bishops close the Novus Church and no one really cares, those few that do go to the Catholic Churches (heroically open) and see a Mass in which “Time is not greater than Space“ (as these Novus Bishops like to say), but Time is subsumed into Space; (the eternal outside of time).

And the movement slowly grows - the Catholic Church matters; the Novus Church does not matter - even the Bishops agree. They show their fear by cancelling Summorum Pontificum.

Well, SSPX was not formed by the Motu Proprio. They will not cease with its retraction. Tough times though. I am more and more firmly committed to standing with these men in this time of persecution from within. The goal, as I see it, is to end the Novus Church. There can be only one Church: the Holy Roman Catholic Church - and it’s not Novus or any other predicate, but One.

Matt said...

There is no chance to overthrow SP and the latin Mass in general. There are many doubts and suspicions towars this Pope, not only from the Vetus Ordo people, but also from conservative Novus ordo folks.

James Deipnon said...
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Anonymous said...
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James said...

They had their chance to get rid of the TLM in 1969. They failed. They know that they failed. This is the last gasp of the hippie brigade.
This is a pitiful effort to reinvigorate the happy-clappy days of the 1970's.
It won't work. Younger attendees of the Mass of 1969 could not care less about the Novus Ordo Mass. It means nothing to them because it gives nothing to them and demands nothing of them.
The younger people who are attached to the TLM are aware of the treasure that they have and treat it with the awe and reverence that it demands.

Anonymous said...

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is so sad to read comments ( and letters) emptied of charity. Anyone who is against the old Roman Rite is against countless saints and our own ancestors who,for more than a dozen hundred years,preserved the Faith through this rite. Should the Church then also get rid of other ancient rites as well- like the Mozarabic, Ambrosian,Byzantine and the other Eastern rites ? In my humble opinion, these are part of the Deposit of Faith and it is very shallow to think that diversity is somehow a bad thing. To be against any part of our noble living heritage is worse than racism.

Constantine said...

@"James": The young people may not care about the liturgical revolution, but they grew up, most of them, without any serious exposure to traditional liturgy, and don't even know the history and development, and just trust their parish pastor and the establishment. Unless proven to then and their pastors that they were wrong, which the Summorum Pontificium, does not concede, there is no point to wanting to go to the St.Pius V Mass. I believe that Summorum Pontificium is a failure, because the Paul VI Mass cannot be allowed to exist. People need to know a reason to leave the New Mass and theology.
At "Anonymous" 5:46 above:
All the New and Ancient Litugies were there as remnants and of concession grated that resulted from a Schism and heresy or two. These disputes have pretty much faded into a distant past, but they still retain, in the oriental "Orthodox"churches,an expression of that heresy, or, in the case of their Catholic counterpart, expressions of orthodoxy specific denials of those specific heresies and schisms.

Georgia said...

The NOMass came from the hand of Archbishop Bugnini -- there is ZERO doubt he was an infiltrated in Mason-- one of many infiltrated into the Catholic Church to destroy it from inside (see Pecorelli's List which names them-- he was murdered right after releasing it). Bugnini was transferred to Iran at the height of his power by the Vatican because the fact he was a Mason was discovered-- there was NO DOUBT otherwise he would not have been exiled to Iran as punishment. Who was involved in this and the facts are in the book The Godmother by Father Charles Murr-- all the details, he was there -- all should read it.

Further, Our Lady oversaw an Exorcism in 1977-78 at which the Demons were forced to admit what they did in Vatican 2 thru their Agents, infiltrated in Masons/Satanists Cardinals, who replaced the Mass God Gave The Saints for us with the Masonic NOMass. As they state the NOMass is "valid" if the Consecration words are done right BUT the grace obtainable is way less and stripped out of it. Further, Our Lord predicted to the Holy Stigmatist Marie Julie Jahenny in 1902 that all this would happen -- that a "secret society" would infiltrate into the Catholic Church and replace God's Mass with their "mass". There is ZERO doubt that the infiltrated in Masons/Satanists are still at work at the Vatican -- Pachamama Worship? Of course they hate the fact the true Mass God Gave The Saints is still being prayed -- these Masonic Clergy serve the Devil.

Anonymous said...

"By this our decree, to be valid IN PERPETUITY, we determine and order that NEVER shall anything be added to, omitted from, or changed in this Missal. . .At no time in the future can a priest, whether secular or order priest, ever be forced to use any other way of saying Mass. And so as to preclude once and for all any scruples of conscience and fear of ecclesiastical penalties and censures, we herewith declare that it is in virtue of our Apostolic Authority that we decree and determine that this our present order and decree is to last in PERPETUITY and can never be legally revoked or amended at a future date. . . And if anyone would nevertheless ever dare to attempt any action contrary to this order of ours, given for all times, let him know that he has incurred the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul."

Aqua said...

@Anonymous 12:26

I’ve been looking for that quote. I knew it existed, just couldn’t find it. Thank you for highlighting that.

It defines why Summorum Pontificum can never be abrogated because it merely states an ontological fact. SP does not grant a new privilege that can be given or withdrawn. SP presents a Truth, and with it adds clarity to our current Liturgical dilemmas. The Latin Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is eternal, sourced out of time, and it belongs to God. It is thereby defined as a higher Truth that no man can ever overturn.

It’s like our U.S. 1st Amendment rights to “Free Exercise ...”. Or 2nd Amendment rights to “Keep and Bear Arms...”. Those rights are precedent to our Constitution. They cannot be infringed because they come from God. A Legislative Act that limits them is illegitimate law by definition. Those rights come from God, not Man.

Summorum Pontificum is not what grants us *PERMISSION* to retain the TLM. SP reframes the Catholic Magisterial *LAW* to retain, and also assist, at the TLM.

Peter Watson said...
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Constantine said...

Summorum Pontificum grants permission when permission was not needed.It also confirms the Novus Ordo in its ecumenical humanist idolotry and its advancing paganism. It allows the SSPX to lower their guard and weave itself into a post Vatican II culture, almost to the point of accepting and legitimizing it. No wonder the SSPX no longer shows forceful opposition to Pope Francis.

Tancred said...

SP just says no permission is required to address some of the post-counciliar confusion.

Peter Watson said...

No Pope has the authority to bind another to a pronouncement on anything except on a matter of core belief.
The Mass of Pius V is a liturgical ritual not a dogma. It can be changed, as famously Pius XII did, or set aside completely as Paul VI did with the Tridentine Missal.
The attempt by the delusional Benedict to ingratiate himself with the SSPX clique has done enormous damage to the Catholic Church but that is being addressed decisively right now.
When Benedict dies, the matter will be closed.

Constantine said...

If Benedict dies before obese Francis is conjecture. Of course, there will be a civil war, either way, because the New Mass represents madness in pluralism of expression, and the Mass is dogmatically, not the meal or Last Supper , but the Crucifixion and death of us in Christ, and on Christ's Cross.

Phlogiston said...

"...- it seems to ignore, precisely on the dogmatic level, a grave conflict between the lex orandi and the lex credendi, since it is inevitable that a dual, conflictual ritual form will lead to a significant division in the faith;" Grillo admits that the Novus Ordo reflects a different faith!

Aqua said...

@ Peter Watson:

Dogma Definition - “ A dogma of the Catholic Church is defined as "a truth revealed by God, which the magisterium of the Church declared as binding.”

Go back and re-read the dogmatic declaration of Pope St. Pius V. It is dogmatically binding to all Catholics for all time. No one can change it. Summorum Pontificum acknowledges this Dogma. SP does not change it or take anything away from it. SP is servant to the Dogma, not its master.

Declarations against this Dogma are *void*, by definition.

susan said...

"No Pope has the authority to bind another to a pronouncement on anything except on a matter of core belief." (...and the mass is certainly NOT a matter of core belief for you Feybriel. Of course a Pope can definitively proclaim this in perpetuity if it accords with existing authentic Magisterial teaching up to that point...that would MOST CERTAINLY bind future popes as popes are BOUND by Magisterial teaching down to the current time. Your bergoglio pretends to be his own magisterium, over and APART from the past, and out of any authority as he is an antipope. Pius V was a REAL pope; he proclaimed this infallibly and in perpetuity with the authority of Christ, as per His promise. The 'canon of the Mass' was complete, and a real Peter had spoken.)

"The Mass of Pius V is a liturgical ritual not a dogma. It can be changed." (, it can't you bafoon; It is the eternal, ineffably Sacrifice of Christ. A legitimate, REAL pope-SAINT thoroughly-intentionally proclaimed that the Roman Rite Canon was closed. Read it again, you mental (and moral) equivalent of joe biden...Pope SAINT Pius V couldn't possibly be any clearer...kinda like JPII's proclamation of the ontological IMPOSSIBILITY of women ever receiving Orders...infallable, ineffable, authoritative proclamations.)

"as famously Pius XII did, or set aside completely as Paul VI did with the Tridentine Missal." (, you bafoon; It is the eternal, ineffably Sacrifice of can bring in giant freakish puppets, have a judas-priest sit around a coffee table with jeans and a rainbow stole on; sing blasphemous songs and give blasphemous homilies; you can swirl disco balls overhead and pass out chunks of our Lord's Body into dirty, 'entitled', arrogant, oblivious hands and you haven't "changed" the've simply vandalized, mocked, disfigured, tortured, and abused it. The Face of Christ didn't ontologically change with the torture, spittle, blows and was made unrecognizable and painfully distorted, though still His Face. The abuse was the choice and fault of the abusers (for which there is eternal recompense for those unrepentant), and the pious women wept on the Via at the horror of it. Watch the scene of the scourging, mocking, crowning with thorns, beating with reeds, and spitting on the Face and Wounds of our Lord from "The Passion of the Christ"...THAT's what you've done to the Mass.)


susan said...

"The attempt by the delusional Benedict to ingratiate himself with the SSPX clique has done enormous damage to the Catholic Church" (, you bafoon, it didn't. Benedict's late life, Divinely-prompted crisis-of-conscience at the horror of what he had helped to bring about at and after the robber-barron, PASTORAL 'council' led him to try to set thing straight; and from that point the wolves proceeded in earnest to rip his flesh from the bones. But the beautiful thing is the Lord still had His Way...the Mass was shown once again in its full glory, splendor and beauty. SP was Veronica's veil wiping the agonizing, bloody, tortured Face of Christ. We have the spiritual, indestructible 'Manoppello' in the TLM you idiot; and NO effort of vile, filthy, evil men will wipe it from the guys have tried that aplenty, and you keep suffering the destiny of the oily Volpes that keep slithering from the cracks in the walls of the don't win. You cause a LOT of pain, but, you. don't. win. :):):)

"but that is being addressed decisively right now." (ROFL...shyyyeeeaahhh...and don't think the Lord isn't taking note of that right now....and knotting the cords.

"When Benedict dies, the matter will be closed." (...and like Caiaphas and Balaam, you inadvertently speak the truth. When Benedict dies, the current and reigning pope will be off to his judgement and a new, true, legitimate pope can FINALLY be elected to succeed him.)

There, fixed it for ya Feybriel.

James Deipnon said...

The Latin Mass subculture and its hieratic entrepreneurial managers, the SSPX, FSSPX, ICK etc etc have not been specially singled out for elimination by the Vatican. They are achieving this splendidly all by themselves, without special assistance, and they are doing this so very effectively by self-exclusion from the Catholic Tradition and its sensus fidei fidelium.

The tendency to splinter and spin off into personality cults and nostalgia fetishes is intrinsic to its nature. So too is cannibalism as is now crystal clear.
In turning their collective back on Vatican II, the Trad lunatic fringe is doing the same to Christ.

Gabriel said...

Thanks for letting the reader know that the schismatic Mel Gibson is the source of magisterial certitude and solace for you, Yeehaww.
Very moving.
BTW, there's some room for improvement in the 'stream of consciousness', non-sequitur and over acting departments. Help is available.

Aqua said...
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Aqua said...

@ James Deipnon: Pope St. Pius V has something to say to you on that topic. You best listen. He invokes the wrath of Almighty God.

See above.

Subcultures change with the times.

The Catholic Church *never* changes.

susan said...

"The Latin Mass (faithful)...have not been specially singled out for elimination by the Vatican. They are achieving this splendidly all by themselves, without special assistance, and they are doing this so very effectively BY SELF EXCLUSION FROM THE CATHOLIC TRADITION...)!!!!! Yeehaw yourself.

do you even read what you write? I guess following that 50 year 'tradition' set up by your favorite robber-barron PASTORAL masonic-led 'council' is the true tradition, and not the 2,000 prior years. And certainly not what that nice guy in the white robe thingy handed down. You just keep hanging yourself by your own rope feybriel, and it is glorious to watch.

susan said...

Upon further reflection, I must amend something about which I grievously misspoke....
PW/Gabriel/ is in no way, shape, or form 'glorious' to watch you spew modernist blasphemy in a continuing stream as other men exhale air. it is, rather, horrifying and heartwrenching. Yours is a soul for which Christ suffered His tortures (which you so fippantly dismiss). And your response is always the written equivalent of bergoglio's icy stare at his self-perceived arch-enemy in the monstrance before him...refusing EVER to kneel in the presence of Divinity. So soon time ends for each soul and eternity begins, with no remaining chance for repentance; and for the unrepentant, just the slow, faustian, interminable descent into the hell of eternal torment that it's chosen and preferred.

I spent an hour today on the summit of Tabor; Adoration....that's an old, outmoded, promethian-pelagianist devotion (at least according to the 'enlightened'). I was enrapt for an hour gazing at the beating Heart of God, and weeping for the beauty of Beauty Itself. At the Feet of Jesus I prayed for everyone I hold as treasure in my heart...all their needs and for graces necessary and superabundant. I prayed for the Church, bloodied and beaten to an unrecognizable pulp. I prayed for children and mothers, fathers and farmers, the holy and the struggling....but I didn't pray for you. My most grievous fault.

I intend to correct that beginning tomorrow at Adoration....I will pray for you. And the next day. And the day after that. Most fervantly and sincerely, I will pray for you everyday...that you become a Saint. And then I will pray that you lead others to become Saints. But there is only one way to do that, and there is only one path that leads to that end, and I will pray that you be placed on It. It's a living Path, but so many are repelled by it...It looks old, and rocky, and difficult; outdated, obsolete and contradictory to all that the world, and the prince of the world and his minions, say is desirable; but it is the True Path...and the Only Path, to that end. I will continue to cross swords with you on doctrine and Truth while you spew modernist pap; but I will be praying for well as for myself.

Domine, exaudi.

Anonymous said...

If this asshole Pope Bergoglio suppresses the work of Benedict XVI and the great resurgence of the Catholic Faith it triggered, he will REALLY have a true schism on his hands. In my Archdiocese of Philadelphia, before the garbage of Vatican II, 85% went to Mass on the USA it was about 80% total. Today in the Philly Archdiocese it's about 15% or less, triggered by the Novus Ordo, but exacerbated by the election of Bergoglio and the succeeding 7 years of his crap, and his associates. Before Vatican II, our Archdiosecean seminary, nurtured by Catholic tradition and the TLM had over 600 seminarians, and between 33-55 ordinations per year. Before Vatican II we had close to 8,000 religious sisters teaching in 312 parish schools and nursing in 25 hospitals and nursing homes, as well as 9 cloisters of contemplative nuns The averageage of the sisters was 35-40. We had a total of 1,400 priests (diosecean and religious). Their median age was about 40-45.
Today, since the disaster of the Novus Ordo and the past 55 years, made worse by Bergoglio, we have about 40 seminarians studying for Philadelphia( less than before the Civil War), an average ordination class of 3-4, about 1,800 sisters with a median age of 78-80 (no joke), and less than 300 priests with a median age approaching 70. We had 25 Catholic hospitals and institutions before Vatican II, today we have around 5. We had 320 parishes before Vatican II, today it just about 200(racial/demographic changes in Philly itself account for some of these closures, but massive declines in Mass attendance accounts a great deal as well).
Multiply the above stats by every single diocese in the USA and most probably the world, and you get the magnitude of the disaster of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo.
There were glimmers of hope with Benedict XVI and Summorum Pontificum.
If all this is destroyed, look for Bergoglio to have a tidal wave of schism and defections facing him.....and he will deserve it.
The Italian bishops are already risingup against him over the Italian government closing Churches and the Pope siding with the government rather than his bishops and people. It'll only be 1,000x worse if he does anything to destroy the Tridentine LAtin Mass.

Jack said...

Permission is needed because most Roman Catholic priests believe their liturgy is the property of the Vatican, and won't use any books except the Vatican's.

Tancred said...

@Jack wow, a hierarchy. What a concept!

Aqua said...
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Aqua said...

@ Anonymous 5:46 (typos in message deleted - sorry for the clutter)

I fully accept the response of Arbp LeFebvre to Vatican II, it’s subsequent Constitutions and its most enduring legacy the Novus Mass. He accepts all therein that is true and in full (100%) accord with Sacred Tradition, Dogma and the Word of Jesus Christ. He rejects all that is not so in accord with it. Even the demand, in obedience, by the Pope himself could not sway the commitment by Arbp LeFebvre to Truth over error. The Magisterium is vast and all of it is dependable and true, for all time and eternity. Whatever departs - is rejected.

This he did. Most notably with the Novus Mass. Arbp LeFebvre and his Holy Society of St. Pius X does reject the errors contained within the Novus Mass which he predicted would lead Catholics to precisely this arid faithless position you now describe in Philadelphia. He accepts the Dogmatic requirement to say the Mass of Pope St. Pius V forever in perpetuity.

It is a difficult thing to contradict a Pope to his face, but a damning thing to follow a Pope into error out of obedience. On this Feast day of St. Athanasius, it is good to remember that the Church is seeded in the blood of Martyrs, but it is watered by the grace, faith and endurance of the faithful who remain true to their Lord in time of trial and persecution.