Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Latin Americas Bishops Consecrate Continent to the Protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Marian celebration on the occasion of the threat of the coronavirus pandemic on Easter Sunday in the Guadalupe Basilica of Mexico City and in the local churches

Rome ( The Council of Latin American Episcopal Conferences (CELAM) is taking an extraordinary step to solicit intercession for the "early end of the pandemic" together with the Bishops of Mexico (CEST), Latin America and the Caribbean are dedicated to the Mother of God of Guadalupe, who is also the patron saint of the continent, said the Roman news service "Fides" on Wednesday. The main event is at the Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City.

The current situation requires that "as shepherds we see and hear the suffering of our peoples and awaken hope by looking at our mother in heaven," said CELAM President Miguel Cabrejos Vidarte, Archbishop of Trujillo. All countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are invited to join the celebration through the media. At the same time, the bells of all churches should ring.

The program of the celebration initially includes the prayer of a "missionary rosary for the health of people on the five continents." The Easter service will follow and at the end there is the act of consecration of the continent to "Our Lady of Guadalupe." The contemplation of the Mother of Jesus strengthens faith and hope, and it also strengthens "that we use love based on solidarity, especially for those who today feel sick, pain, poverty, loneliness, fear or unrest," says the CELAM letter.

The decision of the bishops was preceded by several appeals to the Virgin Mary by Latin American presidents in the wake of the Corona crisis, including Colombia's head of state Ivan Duque. In Paraguay, President Mario Abdo Benitez, in El Salvador his counterpart Nayib Bukele, and in Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for prayers. US President Donald Trump declared March 15th the "National Day of Prayer" in his country when the Coronavirus pandemic began.

Protector in distress

The consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary is a form of piety of the Catholic Church. Individuals or groups, churches, monasteries, dioceses or even nations are entrusted to the intercession of Mary and her special protection. The consecration of the Virgin Mary is practiced frequently, but not only in exceptional situations.

Traditional Marian piety sees Mary as a protector in distress. In many devotional pictures and works of art history, she is depicted with a protective coat under which those in need find refuge. Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) has consecrated the whole of humanity to the Blessed Mother several times, which Pope Pius XII. did in 1942. There were also several consecrations of the Virgin Mary in Austria, most recently on Thursday of the previous week - the Feast of the Annunciation - the consecration of Tyrol by Bishop Hermann Glettler.
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

I believe that the bishops in America should do something similar. You would have to worry though that Cupich, Tobin, McElroy, and the rest of the bois would find some whacko saint to pray to.

Tancred said...

Saint Dorothy Day. Lol

JBQ said...

Good one.

Anonymous said...

or Oscar Romero, Paul VI.....

Like praying to tem would do any good.

Maybe Francis is holed up in the Vatican praying to Pachamama.

Damian M. Malliapalli

JBQ said...

good one as well.

Anonymous said...

“Traditionally” today is Friday in Passion Week and it is The Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary (next Friday is Good Friday). “The Church commemorates by two feasts the martyrdom suffered by Our Lady in union with the Passion of Her Son. The First Feast especially commemorates ‘The compassion of Mary;’ the second, kept on September 15, the devotion to the Seven Sorrows [Sept 14 is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross].” [From New Marian Missal imprimatur 15 August 1953]

God’s Lamb: “Last year as you may know, we produced our very first documentary. It's on the Blessed Sacrament and we titled it: The Holy Eucharist: God's Lamb. It delves into the Old Testament prefigurations of the Eucharist — and there are many — as well as a deep scrutiny of the Gospels and what they all reveal about the source and summit of the Faith…If Catholics don't "get" the Eucharist, conceptually as well as physically, then it's essentially lights out. The Holy Eucharist is preparation for your flesh, your body, to be raised from the dead on the Last Day and glorified. Christ became flesh so that we could "communicate" with Him, not just in spirit, but also in the flesh, because we are spirit and flesh.
That so many Catholics do not know this, or have been taught it so poorly, is the biggest travesty in the Church today and is the leading issue in why things are so completely topsy-turvy in the hierarchy….This coming Thursday is Holy Thursday, the night Our Lord instituted the Holy Eucharist. Since most Catholics will not be able to go to Mass, we invite you to at least spend some time learning more about the reason for that blessed night in the Upper Room.”

@24:13 (after listing names of children 3 OT) “The girls love ritual. I think all kids do. So they want to know when things happen, when’s my turn? And we set up early on with the older girls Saturday morning breakfast...They set it up and we make the batter and the pancakes. And one plate goes upstairs. And one plate goes downstairs. The whole ritual that’s grown out of that. But that time is special for them and it’s special for me.” [why does one plate go ‘upstairs’ and one plate go ‘downstairs’ in this Saturday morning ‘ritual’?]

Anonymous said...

“Then Jesus said to them: Amen, amen I say unto you: Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you.” [John 6:53]

”For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, that the Lord Jesus, the same night in which he was betrayed, took bread. And giving thanks, broke, and said: Take ye, and eat: this is my body, which shall be delivered for you: this do for the commemoration of me. In like manner also the chalice, after he had supped, saying: This chalice is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as often as you shall drink, for the commemoration of me. For as often as you shall eat this bread, and drink the chalice, you shall shew the death of the Lord, until he come. Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord.” 1 Cor 11:23-27]

Anonymous said...

Prayers from same 1953 missal. [Indulgenced Prayer to be said at the beginning of Mass]
Eternal Father, I unite myself with the intentions and affections of our Lady of Sorrows on Calvary, and I offer Thee the Sacrifice which Thy beloved Son Jesus made of Himself on the Cross and which He now renews on this holy altar: 1. To adore Thee and give Thee the honor which is due to Thee, confessing Thy supreme dominion over all things, and the absolute dependence of everything upon Thee, who art our one and last End. 2. To thank Thee for innumerable benefits received. 3. To appease Thy justice, aroused against us by so many sins, and to make satisfaction for them. 4. To implore grace and mercy for myself, for..., for all afflicted and sorrowing, for poor sinners, for all the world, and for the holy souls in Purgatory.

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas before Communion

Almighty and eternal God, behold, I approach the Sacrament of Thine only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I approach as one who is sick to the physician of life, as one unclean to the fountain of mercy, as one blind to the light of eternal brightness, as one poor and needy to the Lord of heaven and earth. Therefore I beseech Thee, of Thine infinite goodness, to heal my sickness, to wash away my filth, to enlighten my blindness, to enrich my poverty, and to clothe my nakedness, that I may receive the Bread of angels, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords with such reverence and humility, with such contrition and devotion, with such purity and faith, with such purpose and intention, as may conduce to the salvation of my soul. Grant, I beseech Thee, that I may receive not only the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Lord, but also the fruit and virtue of this Sacrament. O most indulgent (and Merciful) God, grant me so to receive the Body of Thine only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, which He took of the Virgin Mary, that I may be found worthy to be incorporated with His mystical body and numbered among His members. O most loving Father, grant that I may one day contemplate for ever, face to face. Thy beloved Son, whom now on my pilgrimage I am about to receive under the sacramental veils; who liveth and reigneth with Thee God, world without end. Amen.

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas after Communion

I give Thee thanks, O holy Lord, Father almighty, eternal God, who hast vouchsafed, not for any merits of mine, but only out of the condescension of Thy mercy, to satisfy me a sinner, Thine unworthy servant, with the precious Body and Blood of Thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this Holy Communion be not to me a condemnation unto punishment, but a saving plea unto forgiveness. May it be unto me the armour of faith and the shield of good will. May it be the emptying out of my vices, the extinction of all concupiscence and lust, the increase of charity and patience, humility and obedience, and of all virtues; a strong defence against the snares of all enemies, visible and invisible; the quieting of all my evil impulses, both fleshly ghostly; a firm cleaving unto Thee, the one true God; and a pledge of a blessed destiny. And I beseech Thee, that Thou wouldst vouchsafe to bring me, a sinner, to that ineffable banquet, where Thou, with Thy Son and the Holy Ghost, art to Thy saints true light, fulness of content, eternal joy, gladness without alloy and perfect bliss. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

James Deipnon said...

James Deipnon said...
God stopped intervening in human history at the Incarnation. Mary made a choice at the Annunciation that led to a decisive change in human history. She has not intervened since and certainly will not now. She's not God or a God replacement despite the outlandish Mariolatry coming out of Mary the Magician sector. This is just another reprehensible example of distorted Catholic spirituality and placebo theology.

Anonymous said...

As an aside, "pope" Francis yesterday renounced all his traditional titles.....if no one knows this. Maybe it didn't make the news. But according to the Vatican yearbook for 2020, whose first page always lists the Pope as such, Francis has renounced the title of "Vicar of Christ", along with the other ancient traditional Papal titles " Successor of Saint Peter, Primate of Italy, Metropolitan of Roman Province, BIshop of Rome."
This, according to more than 1 Cardinal, is a grievous break with history and even a rupture and a renunciation of Christ. Now on that page, he is simply listed as Jorge Bergoglio.
This is just another example of the evil and heresy of Francis. OR, this renunciation could be a hint as to his coming resignation...........wouldn't that be a shock............but a good one. Lets all hope and pray for it.
For all intents and purposes he's rejected his titles and office. Lets hope he quits and goes back to where he came from. Maybe the cardinals by some miracle will elect a Catholic this time.

By the way, this action has generated outrage that's sweeping the world like the Corona virus.

Damian Malliapalli

Constantine said...

Damian, if that were the case, he would have defacto abdicated the papacy, becsuse by definition the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. Thst means he renounces the keys and the right to make or break laws. But, unfortunately,it was not a formal act.It wa only "pastoral"in the sense he appears to have come down to our level to be closer to people...or to the Eastern Orthodox.... Of course, ironically, the Coptic Orthodox do have an elected Pope in Alexandria Egypt.

James Deipnon said...
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Anonymous said...

The Virgin Mary has intervened since the Incarnation. She did so during the Wedding Feast at Cana when she said to the servants 'do whatever he tells you'. She did so at Guadalupe. She did so at Lepanto. She did so at Fatima. She does so at our particular judgments when she advocates on behalf of those who have persisted in wearing the scapula, and have shown devotion towards the causes of her immaculate heart during their lives.

Anonymous said...

From thy throne of mercy,
turn your pitying gaze upon us,O Mary, and upon our families,upon our country and upon the Universal Church.
O Mother,stay the arm of your unheeded Son’s justice and win the hearts of sinners by your mercy.

James Deipnon said...
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Constantine said...

@"James Deipnon"God intervenes in our daily life, moment by moment. Each new born life is proof. He sends us miracles and yes, even His Mother from time to time. If God were not to intervene, there would no sun, moon, orbiting our planet giving us night and day and a climate to sustain us and our food and water. Mary, however. Is born without Original Sin and did not die. God prefers to intervene through us, as members of His Mystical Body, because as we Eat God and Drink God and offer ourselves on the Cross as God to die within Him, we become Him, and thereby earning Resurrection through Him, God through His Mother and His Saints intervene in our daily lives.

James Deipnon said...
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