Saturday, April 25, 2020

It Is Completely Unethical To Accuse The SSPX of Being Pederasts When No ONE Has Been Indicted!

Edit: Christine Niles has a habit of engaging in shoddy reporting especially when she wants to let loose her hostility to the SSPX, as was the case with Father McLucas whom she accused of being a sexual predator.  It's not just unethical to do what CM is doing, it's legally perilous and deeply imprudent.  Is this the best Opus Dei can do?

Even Holy Skojec isn't on board with this. AMDG


Anonymous said...

CM and Ms Niles have done an excellent job and should be thanked for exposing the pervs sheltering behind Latin and lace. May God bless and reward them!

Tancred said...

A special welcome to the Opus Dei trolls hanging out here this week! How's it going?

They've done an excellent job of misrepresenting facts and engaging in tabloid journalism.

As Steve Skojec points out, TMZ Cahtolic. Pretty laughable that Voris thinks he's going to have Catholic Fox (Opus Dei) News.

Somebody should do an expose on Escriba and all the illicit, scandalous and underhanded things his organization does and has done in the name of "The Work"?

Should we hold Opus Dei responsible for Robert Hanssen and Louis Freeh?

Anonymous said...

This all seems to be the work of gay albino monks. No matter how hard Budgie Niles tries, she will never convert Michael Voris. It would be hard for Michelle Dinka Obama (but she could seriously mess him up)


Aqua said...

As the first comment, anonymous 1:53, implies - this fight is not really about the alleged sex crimes as much as it is about the “Latin and the Lace”, (only Novus Ordo Catholics refer to Liturgy from Sacred Tradition as “Latin and Lace”). This fight is truly about whether we will be a Novus Church (new) disconnected from Sacred Tradition ... or .... a Catholic Church sourced in Sacred Tradition.

Sex crime allegations are not infrequently used against Traditionalists (aka Catholics) . They took down the Franciscan Friars with them. They took down Cardinal Pell with them. Now this. So, why mention “Latin and Lace” in this context? Curious to me. It mirrors how Christine Niles framed her hit on SSPX, by strangely connecting the “two threads of Liturgy with sex crimes”.

The real goal is not just the Holy Order of SSPX takedown. They (Novus Ordo Church) aim to take down Sacred Tradition and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the TLM, with it. Summorum Pontificum is under review, as the new Novus Ordo Amazon Liturgy is concurrently being formulated for future imposition. What alone stands in the way of universal Amazon Clown Masses? The SSPX who do not recognize Novus Ordo Liturgy as valid according to Sacred Tradition. And they’re right to do so. The Hierarchy KNOWS they’re right.

As soon as I skimmed Niles’ hit piece, that connection jumped out at me: Liturgy (Latin and Lace) with sex crimes. Not just sex crimes, but sex crimes CAUSED BY systemic hiding behind the feared and ever-efficacious Latin Liturgy (Latin and Lace). That connection alone - unsupported, utterly unsupported - of Liturgy to systemic pederasty, for an obvious practical purpose, renders the CM hit piece totally invalid, scurrilous, dangerous.

AMalek said...

Someone should sue CM for slander, and while they’re at it look into Voris’ lies about his past...

Tancred said...

@AQUA There were mere suggestions in the Italian press here and there of abuse by Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, but there were never any published accusations or indictments. Eventually, Volpe got sued in criminal court for slandering Father Manneli before God finally called him home to face his particular judgement.

Anonymous said...

The root of all of this is the desire to push a Jewish Weltanschauung regarding medicine. What side is Voris on? The answer is obvious.

Aqua said...

I see eight out of the thirteen rules created by Saul Alinsky for his radicals, in this hit job against the SSPX Order.

4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."
5: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."
6: "A good tactic is one your people enjoy."
7: "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."
8: “Keep the pressure on."
9: "The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself."
10: "The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.
13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

This just has the smell of Saul Alinsky in it.

My personal observation is that (in general, not as a rule) these radicals also apply their own sins against their enemies. Whatever they are guilty of the most is projected onto those they wish to destroy.

As I have said, I do not doubt individual sinners, criminals perhaps, have been part of the SSPX Order over time. The CM article simmers in that sauce.

I reject without careful, cautious, respectful, thorough investigation the connection of the Order itself as a *systemic criminal enterprise*, hiding behind their orthodoxy and Liturgy to further their depraved purposes. That charge is insane. And that is precisely the conclusion of CM’s hit. Not the individual crimes, but the systemic criminal rot within SSPX itself.

To take the SSPX Order down, that must be established. And that is what they attempt with this scurrilous Alinskyite hit.

Anonymous said...

There’s a word for the SSPX position: P R O T E S T A N T

God bless Michael Voris and Chris Niles for exposing this fraud.

Personally, I don’t care if 🤷‍♂️ he’s gay or she sounds like a cockatiel.

Anonymous said...

Calling the SSPX Protestant is a 1993 meme.

I didn't realize the Pope was in the habit of giving Protestants jurisdiction to hear Confessions.

Are you questioning Francis?

Now who's the Protestant?

It matters that Voris is a poof because the disposition, as well as the self-identification and adulation of the moral defect lends itself to these kinds of panics in the gay disco...

Aqua said...
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Aqua said...

Another thing Alinskyites like to do is throw out charges that make no sense and force their opponent to spend all their time in defense against insanity.

Hang the most ludicrous, outrageous charge you can think of around their neck and then make them prove it isn’t so: “SSPX = Protestant”.

Catholic = Sacred Tradition, including all Creeds, Dogma and Magisterial documents that are all in concord with each other.

SSPX, by definition of their Apostolate, is that - Catholic. And they do, for the sake of salvation of souls do care about sin, and everything else that separates the Flock from God and salvation.

Mission Statement: “The main goal of the Society of Saint Pius X is to preserve the Catholic Faith in its fullness and purity, to teach its truths, and to diffuse its virtues, especially through the Roman Catholic priesthood. Authentic spiritual life, the sacraments, and the traditional liturgy are its primary means of bringing this life of grace to souls.“ (

As far away from Protestant as you can possibly be in this Novus Ordo New World Order Church.

SSPX = Catholic

Anonymous said...

Christine Niles has merely shovelEd a bit of snow off an iceberg headed for the equator.
My entire family of 10 were molested In one form or another when we lived in the SSPX compound somewhere in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

family of 10

Compound somewhere in Kansas

Clearly a homeschooled tard from a family that didn't practise responsible parenthood or NFP. I wish CM would get on this. Nevertheless, I think Ms. Niles did a fine job of reporting here that was long overdue.

Ted Watt
P.S: I'd be up for a 30 min hug with Christine Niles if Boris isn't interested.

Anonymous said...

1st SSPX response: CM lies, there's not evidence, we will respond, etc.

2nd SSPX response: here's a list of things CM got wrong, though we admit to some things. Ends with this little ditty:

"The scourge of sexual abuse must be driven from the Catholic Church, including the SSPX’s apostolate. The Society asks in all humility for your prayers. Pray for the SSPX. Pray for those who have fallen into sin that they may repent. Most of all, pray for the victims of these heinous and unspeakable crimes against natural and divine law."

That's a pretty shocking change in tone. "Including the SSPX's apostolate"?! "Pray for those who have fallen into sin"?! It don't look good if you think CM just cooked this up in their biased little heads. There obviously some truth to it. CM's crazy as the day is long but that doesn't mean SSPX is automatically innocent.

Tancred said...

CM does lie, that’s documented.

Anonymous said...

CMTV has reported many times that Cardinal Edwin O’Brien is a fudge packer. No one else has ever picked up the story.

They really already are the 🦊 Faux News of Catholic media. To wit, managed opposition.

Constantine said...

There us a strategy that most (leftist) journalists and (usually leftist) politicians do, and that is use the strategy of "exceptionalism". What the strategy entails is to find exceptions to the general norm, in order to justify overturning the estabished norm or institution. Here are some examples: most men are good husbands, but some are horrible. The horrible male oppresses women, therefore we should fight to forbid men to make descisions in the house and give that right to the woman. Another example: some "innumerable" parents abuse their children, therefore, we should give the children to protective services at the first sign of a child feeling "uncomfortable" with the parents behaviour.
Here we face the same thing: generalizations of what could and should have happened to justify destroying the whole Sspx. There is no discussion of circumstances or criteria of abuse. Are there cases of yelling or spanking? Or was it sexual? Certainly thete is sin everywhere, and the Church is hospital for sinners.It attracts sinners and accompanies the sinner unto remorse, and repentance. The SSPX is doing the job, and surrounded itself with struggling sinners, as the Catholic Church should do, but my question for Voris and Christine: have they devoted their life surrounding themselves with struggling sinners? Is not CM disobeying the words of the Holy Spirit when the Pope spoke of Phariseeic behaviour? They talk, but do not dirty their hands to lower themselves to the sinner. Not to lower oneself to the level if his. Sin, but to his social or economic or psychological problem that blocks the sinner from admitting his guilt, becoming remorseful, and then asking God with the priest next to him, to return to his Father's house. This the SSPX does, but CM does not. Better CM stay out of criticising a business they have no experience in. Sometimes the work of working with sinners fails, and the same sinners then turn against the institution that tried to help them. Sometimes the sinners are sincere, sometimes not. Accusations are thrown around, and journalistic, legal and political scavengers intervene. If we were to discern what words of the Holy Spirit, Pope Francis was trying to depart, in their correct meaning, would not, more accurately, mean that all these scavengers not in search for Truth in the world, but make a name for themseves, are they not all the True Pharisees of today?

Tancred said...

Here’s another one: CMTV engages in muck racking journalism and lies about its targets, therefore, Catholic Citizen Journalism should be somehow be given government and church oversight.

Anonymous said...

SSPX has a lot of skinheads as well as pervs. If you want real Catholicism, find a Opus Dei priest

Tancred said...

You mean like Nicholson? Rofl!!

Anonymous said...

1)"This all seems to be the work of gay albino monks"No matter how hard Budgie Niles tries, she will never convert Michael Voris. It would be hard for Michelle Dinka Obama (but she could seriously mess him up) "
2)The root of all of this is the desire to push a Jewish Weltanschauung regarding medicine. What side is Voris on? The answer is obvious.
3)Anonymous Anonymous said...
SSPX has a lot of skinheads as well as pervs. If you want real Catholicism, find a Opus Dei priest

The above rants were all from Anonymous. There's more, but to much to paste. My take on the above? This is one sick dude!

Damian M. Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Are you sure they’re from the same person?

Anonymous said...

There is a word for what occupies Rome today. APOSTATE. Communion with enemies of Christ? Haha. You must be joking.

Tancred said...

😂 sorry, I missed this. This idiot keeps parroting this every time a story that’s positive about the SSPX comes up. I just delete, because he’s obviously an evil automaton.

Anonymous said...

More distraction. Hey blogger! How many Novus Ordo (SCREEEEE!) priests listed with SNAP "haven't been indicted"? You know, sometimes Jeff Anderson loses cases. I guess when he goes after the SSPX, they will go broke paying off damages.

This is just more cover-up by the easily duped fellow travelers of the creepy SSPX

Let's get all this out in the open so that the truth is known.

So far, the SSPX seems to be actively hiding and dissembling...........just like the NOVUS ORDO (SCREEEEEEE!) Church people did.

Funny how similar the SSPX actually is to the Novus Ordo followers.......

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Is there anyone who doesn't think that Voris seeks to be the lay magisterium authority who judges just who is and isn't a legit and worthy priest?

If you don't think that is the subtext of these attacks you should learn more about the disordered thinking of a narcissist

Tancred said...

That’s pretty accurate. As if the fourth estate and public opinion should be paramount above dogma and truth.