Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Plague Crucifix “Explodes” as it is Exposed to Rain During Urbi et Orbi

VATICAN CITY (ChurchMilitant.com) - A "miraculous crucifix," which survived a fire in 1519 and halted the great plague of Rome in 1522, has suffered potentially irreparable damage after being exposed to pouring rain for over two hours during Pope Francis' special Urbi et Orbi blessing in St. Peter's Square on Friday. The wood on the sculpture tumefied and "exploded" as the rainwater penetrated the priceless work of art. The stuccos in various places used to plaster-coat the body of Jesus were severely eroded and much of the ancient light paint was wiped off the wood. The tempera pigments used by the artist to paint the blood flowing from the side of Jesus was also  undone. Ripples have formed on the wooden surface on the hair and details on the arms are ruined.

 The artifact, from the 14th century Sienese School, is housed at the Church of San Marcello al Corso, where it escaped destruction when a fire destroyed the church on May 22, 1519. This miracle gave birth to a prayer group called "Company of the Holy Crucifix."



Fred said...

Francis destroys whatever he touches! He doesn't know how to care for a 500 years old religious treasure, but he knows how to salvage his precious Pachamama from the Tiber. Cursed fiend!

Kathleen1031 said...

Anyone with a modicum of appreciation for such a sacred object, and certainly of artifacts, would know you cannot expose this treasure to rain. But this is a man who gave away the relics of St. Peter, to a group outside the Catholic faith.

He had to have his "dramatic moment". Him, walking in the rain, alone, with music and faraway shots taken by a photographer. How heart-wrenching, the pope, alone, poor man, look at him soldier on by himself, with no one to accompany him.
Does anyone at all still believe such nonsense?? Are we so poor in understanding of Catholicism that we don't understand it is not acceptable to worship a demon idol nor bring one up to the holy altar of God and install it there, that this is in fact, apostasy, breaking the First Commandment. And this man is the person who did just that. So don't be taken in by his solitary, limping walk. He mocks God on a regular basis. This man, who refuses to kneel before Christ, is a destroyer. He should repent, and fast, and beg God's forgiveness for his apostasy, and preach not Gaia, but Christ.

Anonymous said...

What's it gonna take for you all to see the Novus Ordo is not the Catholic Church?!?!
We are replaying the game Byzantium lost when they ignored the multiple warnings prior to 1459.

Constantine said...

Andrew- Byzantium fell in 1453. Are you referring to Trebizond?
"Kathleen 1031"- Do you mean relics given to the Eastern Orthodox?
I honestly am fed up with so many mainstream Catholics. Recently I called my cousins in Italy to ask them how they are doing with the Corona Virus situation. I mentioned in passing about maybe the Virus was a punishment for Pope Francis's sacrifice to Pachamama. One cousin responded in outrage: "What? What are you talking about? He is the Pope!How could say something so stupid! Where do you get such stupid news from?....".
What more could I say...its not talked about anywhere in the mainstream.
They completely oblivious to news that could look bad to the Pope. But they do talk about Trump as being an imbecile, without the slightest suspicion that I for one may be more favorable towards him. It's like whatever information they read, they learn to think that Obama is the loved in the US and the world, and Trump is disliked, and that the Pope can do no wrong. Are they in some alternate reality?

sebastian said...

100 percent.

sebastian said...

Thanks for the truth.

PW said...
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Constantine said...

@"PW"- no, the Italians are just too involved with the airhead culture of superficial and harlot music and reality shows. They too, have fallen victim to soap operas and touchy-feely stories of self-awareness discovery and self-Catharsus. They are far removed from the days when they were proud citizens of Rome, or their City-State.

Anonymous said...

100% truth Kathleen.
Pius XII violated Council of Trent Session 7 Canon 13 MULTIPLE times post 1951.
Liquidating the immemorial after midnight Holy Communion fast which the Orthodox obey yet the One True Church has not since 1953 or 1957 depending where you lived.
By abolishing the literal
Apostolic Holy Week,PXII is anathema according to Council of Trent.
Francis is the result of a world without Catholicism for 50 + years.

JMJT said...

re Constantine's comment:
I heard the same type of endorsement for Pope Francis and condemnation of his critics from a permanent deacon preaching at a Sunday Mass a few months ago. It was surprising since I thought the deacon was a pretty level headed man before that. Childish, rather than childlike faith is pandemic, it seems.

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