Friday, February 28, 2020

Young Catholic Says Jerusalem Has Nothing to do With Sodom

Edit: while lameo soyfilled virtue-signalers like the philosemitic, effeminate  Mark Shea who are ever slaves to the consensus of this world (and the snack bar), ever at pains to appeal to Sodom (check out the pathetic comments section as they bend over to give a pass to degeneracy in the name of false charity), and perdition, there are real Catholics like Nick Fuentes who aren’t afraid to admonish the sinful, in a true act of charity.



JBQ said...

Archeologically speaking, Sodom is a real place. Maybe, theologically it is as well.

Anonymous said...

Richard Spencer crowd is hyper jealous of Nick Fuentes.

Pablo Z said...

Voris lives in Sodom.

Prayerful said...

You are aware of a stream not too long ago involving little Nick and catboy Kami, a bisexual sodomite youth in his early twenties who dresses as a schoolgirl? Little Nick is a degenerate. Mark Shea, the angry neo Cath, sometimes says something interesting twice a year, but is sexually normal as far as is known.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment by Anonymous on March 1st, Richard Spencer got a couple of things right. One of which, is that God has stopped working for White People. The Catholic Church is proof of that. Look at how The Church has turned its back towards its largely Working/Middle Class members. They closed parochial schools in droves, yet found time and money to help refugees from Central/South America--even aiding communists in the 80s.

Fuentes is half-a fag, @Prayerful has pointed this out correctly.

Anonymous said...

Novus Ordo is not the Holy Catholic Church.
Orthodox Church has not stated one word of protest against the Muslim hordes illegally entering Europa + wreaking havoc.
Alt-right never attacks the Orthodox for their inconsistency.