Saturday, February 22, 2020

LA Times: Monk Arrested for Sex Abuse in Mass Arrest

Edit: I saw something in the LA Times about a mass arrest of pedophiles in Riverside. They mentioned a “monk”. There was no mention of his ethnicity or his religious affiliation. I’m sure they expected their readers to assume it was an albino Opus Dei “monk” or something like that.  Does Opus even hire albino assassins? Kind of hard to be inconspicuous, to be frank.  Here’s an English language Thai paper. Thank goodness they care about journalism. 
[Coconuts Bangkok] Over the years, there has been numerous cases ofmonks misbehaving in Thai media — from flaunting their jet-setting lifestyle to beating a 9-year-old to death. One Thai monk, however, currently finds himself squarely in the media spotlight of a major American city for his alleged crimes.
Thai monk Sripai Biadnok, 48, was arrested in the US last week for allegedly sexual assaulting two children in a Chicago Buddhist temple almost 20 years ago.
After being picked up on a warrant in Nevada, then extradited to Chicago on Thursday, Biadnok was ordered held in Cook County Jail on US$20,000(about THB620,000) bail by the Central Bond Court on Friday, reported The Chicago Tribune. 
Biadnok was reportedly operating the Maisamakeetum Temple in Las Vegas at the time of his arrest.


Constantine said...

I have noticed that the antiCatholic groups try to augment the sexual assalt statistics by including nuns, brothers or priests hitting or punishing students out of impatience for their misbehaviour or obstinate lack of learning motivation. So they call it "assault" instead of "sexual advances" or "sexual assault" to make the cases against the Catholic Church seem worse. This happened in the case of George Ratzinger, Pope Benedict xvi's brother.

Tancred said...

Yeah, George used to deliver “Ohrfeigen”, back in the day, which was common practice in all German schools at the time.

Tancred said...

It’s probably why Beethoven was deaf, btw.