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Cardinal Burke Cancels Latin Mass

Cardinal Burke canceled the celebration of the Holy Mass in the traditional rite, after attempting to compel him to say it from behind closed doors.
(Rome) Blindness has a central feature: it prevents you from seeing. In the politicized Church of Pope Francis, in which secularizations such as "political correctness" and factions are spreading, there is an increasing cultural struggle, although Pope Francis allegedly detests and fights itHere, too, it is evident what can be seen in the political and cultural arena that a radical left-wing minority wants to introduce exactly what it claims to fight - only with the opposite sign. The most recent case concerns Cardinal Burke and occurred in the Valle D'Itria.
This name is known to travelers interested in Apulia. It is the valley in the heart of the Apulian olive groves and vineyards, in which the enchanting trulli stand, those small round houses, which somehow recall Tolkien's hobbit dwellings in the floodplains of Middle-earth, and here form entire cities such as Alberobello and Locorotondo.
On the 15th / 16th February Cardinal Raymond Burke was invited to the Valle D'Itria, the President of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature deposed by Pope Francis, formerly the highest judge of the Church after the Pope. The celebration of the Holy Mass in the traditional Roman Rite in the cathedral of Ostuni was planned for Saturday evening, on Sunday in the Christ the King Church in the neighboring town of Martina Franca.
Just in time for this occasion, a broadside against the cardinal's presence appeared in the local newspaper Quotidiano di Puglia on SaturdayIn one article, it was widely reported that "the priests" of the city of Ostuni are "quite skeptical and perplexed that Burke will be a guest in the 'White City', known for his theories that often conflict with those from Pope Francis, and related to some social areas such as homosexuality. The [his] issues are often controversial in the Catholic Church, and Cardinal Burke who was ordained cardinal in 2010, who almost never agrees with Pope Francis.”
Aside from bumpy language and a hoax, cardinals are not ordained, the article's intent was to raise sentiment against Cardinal Burke. For this purpose, the "Christian communities and pastors" of the city were invoked.
For decades, the celebration of the Mass "in Church latin" had been "no longer planned" in the Archdiocese of Brindisi-Ostuni. According to the article writer, there are no “organized protests” against the presence of Cardinal Burke, but Archbishop Domenico Caliandro's disagreement has been communicated “by those who work every day in Ostuni to follow religious, Christian teaching and themselves for this, without protest, to take advantage of the papal experience of Bergoglio."
"Conservative Cardinal Not Wanted by Priests"
"Conservative Cardinal not wanted by priests"
The hostilities were successful. The Quotidiano di Puglia headlined that Cardinal Burke was turned away and the two celebrations were canceled.
"Conservative Cardinal not wanted by priests: Mass stopped."
Andrea Zambrano (Nuova Bussola Quotidiana) speaks of "a humiliation of Cardinal Burke by the Dialogue Church."
However, the cardinal was not turned away, as the local press reported, but had canceled the celebration himself:
“Such is the Church of Bridges and Mercy, the open Church that reaches out. Cardinal Burke has been forced to cancel a Mass in Ostuni: the cathedral priest asked for the celebration behind closed doors because the cardinal's presence on the upper floors of the Archdiocese of Brindisi is not welcome.”
Against the presence of the cardinal, who had been invited by faithful in the city, "at most two or three" priests of the city would have agitated against this, "but they are always able, although in the minority, to set fire and spread the fire."
The cardinal did not want to accept a celebration behind closed doors, as if it were a forbidden, disreputable act.

Waldenses welcome on migrant issue

The agitating priests and the archbishop, however, have no problem with the fact that the Waldensian pastor Bruno Gabrielli will appear in the parish church of St. Alois von Gonzaga in Ostuni this evening. The Waldenses go back to a heresy of the High Middle Ages, but have been the Italian Calvinists since the Protestant Revolt. Archbishop Caliandro will also be present with Gabrielli. The event is organized by the community of Sant'Egidio, among other things, the controversial Assisi meetings and the bad habit of turning churches into dining rooms.
The theme of the event is: "Migrants: Admission and Humanitarian Corridors."
“The episode throws a dim light on the increasingly political way of doing things in the Church. The idea that a priest, supported by his bishop, a cardinal, denies the church is an indication of how serious the situation in the Church has become and what restrictions on freedom those churchmen who are not committed to the mainstream, are exposed to because they are seen as enemies. Is this the community that you want to force-open dialogue? Are these the desired shepherds with the smell of the sheep, yet with a knife between their teeth?” askes Zambrano.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / NBQ
Trans: Tancred


Fred said...

Poor Cardinal Burke, he seems to have lost his way. I’m sure there are several pious excuses for why this is a wise course of action. But compare the courage of a Chinese priest who celebrates a secret house Mass under threat of arrest or death by the CCP (or excommunication by his Vatican approved Patriotic Church
bishop), and a Cardinal dissuaded from celebrating a public Mass in Italy! Pathetic.

JBQ said...

The site "One Peter Five" has an article on the prophesies of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. When the modern St. Peter's Basilica was built, the previous site was left intact until the new one was complete. It was her belief that there would be a new Church built over the old.----Everyone is to be admitted into this new Church. This will be a united Church where everyone has equal rights. This is the new one world Church of Bergoglio.----Malachi Martin had started on a new book entitled "How the Catholic Church became a creature of the new world order". The old Church would be left intact as a framework for the new one. Cardinal Burke is attempting to keep the old Church together. The locked doors are symptomatic of the new global Church which is being built over it.---The so called old Church is the one of the "sacrifice of the Mass" through which the grace of redemption is wrought. The new one is the Church of the Resurrection and the interaction of the marketplace. There is no sin and every day is Mardi Gras.

vetusta ecclesia said...

Is the celebration of Mass behind closed doors even licit?

Anonymous said...

He is such a wimpy pant load

JBQ said...

@Anonymous: Your choice of words visualizes a constant emphasis on garbage. Why not criticize from a higher mentality? No problem with criticism. We all need that in order to become a better person. ----Your words are nothing more than "character assassination" and putrid at that. You can do much better. Otherwise, you should be censured by the blog administrator.

PW said...

Ray's on the nose and is now exposed for what he has always been, a self-referring clericalist show boat.
Ray will continue to bleat out criticism of Pope Francis to attract declining support from the Trads/Conservatives but guarded enough to keep his meal ticket and pension.
He gives a whole new meaning to 'lukewarm'.

Unknown said...

What an utter disgrace that Cardinal Burke, in his wisdom, and in view of the Marxist/ Masonic door closing, chose to cancel his celebration of Holy Mass rather than risk the sacrilegious danger towards the Blessed Sacrament. Italy has indeed strange wimps for priests and bishops. Let us remember the mural of the intertwined homosexuals on the Cathedral wall of one infamous Italian bishop. Italy has fallen it would seem as Francis has knocked the cornerstone from much of its foundation. Thank God all around the world thousands of Catholics are flocking to Latin Mass. That is where the Church lives on. The rest, like watered-down milk, will drain away. Our priest, God Bless him, has had to put on a third Sunday Mass here in Australia to cope with the numbers in our growing community.

Anonymous said...

How ironic Pius XII removed the ancient ceremony of knocking on the doors during the pre-1955 Holy Week ceremonies.
God bless

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