Thursday, February 6, 2020

Archbishop Issues Decree Forbidding Eucharistic Monsters and Sacrilegious Hand Communions

Bishop issues decree prohibiting hand communion.  Consultation with the Bishops' Conference is not necessary.

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The body of Christ should no longer be given to the hand.  This was determined by the archbishop of Kampala, Cyprian Lwanga, the capital of Uganda, according to the internet portal in a "Decree on the proper celebration of the Eucharist".  The prescribed oral communion should prevent abuse with the Holy Host.  "In addition, the distribution should only be done by priests in proper official garb.  Cohabiting but unmarried couples are excluded from the Eucharist,” it says.

 Contrary to other statements of the Internet portal, an agreement with the Bishops' Conference is not necessary.  Each bishop is his own and responsible top shepherd of his diocese and is not bound by any instructions from a bishops' conference.  A diocesan bishop would only be bound by a general decree adopted by the majority of the conference and reviewed by the Apostolic See (can. 455).  Even if agreements within a bishops' conference make sense for a uniform pastoral approach by the bishops, a bishop ultimately only has to follow God and his conscience in his pastoral service.  The next higher instance of a diocesan bishop is not the Episcopal Conference, but the Apostolic See.

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