Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Bergoglio to US Bishops: People Who Are Fixated on the Ordination of Viri Probati and Female Deacons Will be Disappointed

Pope Francis: People who are fixed on the ordination of viri probati or female deacons will be disappointed with the letter "Querida Amazonia"

Vatican (kath.net) Pope Francis in a conversation with some US bishops from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming on Monday during the "ad limina" visit made it clear that people fixated on ordaining viri probati or female deacons, will be disappointed by the post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation "Querida Amazonia".  The letter will be published tomorrow, Wednesday.  This is reported by CNS.

 Bishop Oscar Solis of Salt Lake City informed the agency that the Pope did not provide any details about "Querida Amazonia", but made it clear that he did not currently believe in the ordination of viri probati.  The discussion about this should not be over, however.  The Pope also warned the bishops that many in the avoidance are only focused on these two points.  For him, however, the focus is on the social, pastoral, ecological and cultural challenge.

 kath.net video blog with Jan Ledóchowski, President of the Platform for Christian Democracy: https://christdemokratie.at/

 Swiss law "against homophobia" is a gross restriction of private autonomy!


Anonymous said...

What came from this Amazonian document was much better than most had feared.
A big, resounding NO to married priests, and likewise a big NO to the idea of women deaconesses. A resounding re-affirmation that only priests can celebrate Holy Mass and hear confessions (such a blow to the aged liberal radicals).

I am no theologian naturally, but just by the disallowance of the above two hot topics and a re-affirmation of many basic Catholics and teachings, I'd give this document a passable 70 (C-). Some passages are too full of references to Vatican II. Some gives too much respect to indigenous Amazonian (pagan) practices.....and the reference to an Amazonian Rite is not a positive development.

But the big NO to an allowance for married priests, or women "deaconesses" is a great surprise. So good it is, that already the radical liberals....Cardinals Marx, Czerny, and a few others, are having hissy-fits. Good riddance.

Damian Malliapalli

Constantine said...

So I guess that the Rorate Caeli article was correct, after all. Bergoglio apparently, is in theory/ theology/dogma more conservative than he is pastorally. Moreover, I do remember sometime back that the real reason that Ratzinger resigned was because of the very same proposals that the Vatican bureaucracy was proposing that Ratzinger sign off on. I believe that Ratzinger never wanted this responsibility and quit. I remember the day when Ratzinger was elected to the papacy. I was there in our work lunchroom watching TV and announced his election. It was cloudy. And Ratzinger took a long time to come out. By the time he came out it was pouring rain. It was explained tbat he was reluctant to come out and pick a Papal name. I read that they pleaded with him to accept the election. So, I think Bergoglio is just following a program predetermined already for Ratzinger/ Benedict.

Tancred said...

Benedict was talking about creating women as Readers, and that was trial ballooned but never got off his desk. He was also putting JPII canonization in the back burner.

He’s a Bologna School guy through and through, just as Paul VI was.

Tancred said...

Bergoglio, I mean.

susan said...

Damian and Constantine...how are you both, after the increasing nightmare and continual unmasking of this low-life snake, still so easily fooled?

You can drive a truck thru the opening he's left for married priests and female ordination; and Idolatry is not only made an opening for, it's downright mandated. WAKE UP!


Constantine said...

Susan, I am not fooled. I just am saying that its not just Bergoglio. It's some behind the scenes who are writing proposals far into the future, and its "agreed upon" in some "committee""smoke filled" room as to what direction to go, with Popes bring too airhead to make time to make an independant decision.

Anonymous said...

It may be a Trojan Horse of a document, but I can have the temporary satisfaction of listening to the wails and outrage from the National Catholic Reporter.

"Two fingers of liberal tears, please." ..."Make that three fingers and leave the bottle."