Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Te Deum: Covington Catholic Student Wins Lawsuit Against CNN

[Daily Wire] Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann received reportedly has received a settlement from CNN after suing the far-left network for smearing him last year.
“CNN agreed Tuesday to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann,” Fox 19 reported. “The amount of the settlement was not made public during a hearing at the federal courthouse in Covington.”
Sandmann also filed lawsuits against The Washington Post and NBC Universal, each for $250 million or over, and is reportedly planning to “sue Gannett, owners of The Enquirer.”


Anonymous said...

Good for this young man!! No amount of money can heal a ruined reputation.....but it is justice for the smears done him by the radical left.

I saw the video. He did nothing wrong.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Constantine said...

Freedom of speech and press is worse than no freedom of speech and press. When there is free speech and press, someone is always afraid of someone unidentifiable group or person defaming or being insulted that does not identify the culprits claiming discrimination or insult. Words are put out there without taking responsibility. And actions are often put out there and made justifiable simply based on subjective feelings. And the mobs with the biggest shout often wins. In contrast, in a dictatorship, we know who is saying what, and what to expect.

Anonymous said...

The settlements are too low imo.

PW said...

There's little or no 'radical left' money involved here. It's the big end of town caught out badly.

Anonymous said...

He also sued three dioceses and Dave Armstrong. What’s the status there?

Anonymous said...

I hope the three dioceses have to likewise pay up big time.

They'd be willing to smear this young man, but I'll bet they'd be in the forefront defending LGBTQ's.

Damian M. Malliapalli

susan said...

Damian's comment

I'd just add, defending illegal invasion, torching the Deposit of Faith, environ-mental wackoism of every stripe, and other demonic bergoglian initiatives.

Anonymous said...

First, aren't you afraid of blasphemy in praising God (render to Caesar) for an undisclosed ?monetary? "settlement" to some high schooler who attended the March for Life (d.c. teen field trip)--what is the victory for the innocent babies being ruthlessly slaughtered--60 million murdered and no legal settlement in sight after 40 years of this once a year football cheering, sign waving crap?

Secondly, te (media (propaganda) infilitrators) opus devil is more like it to me. Why "report" this as a "win" when it seems CNN has made a voluntary (details undisclosed) settlement right in time for the "march for life" (for max publicity (money collecting) for both sides). More evidence that the s/h/its and opus devils are working together--wouldn't be the least surprised if it warn't some opus devil who thought up lighting the empire state building pink (to keep the money flowing to the professional politicians and prolifers who laugh all the way to the bank while 3,000 more babies die each day).

And wow what do you know just as this "news" breaks there's "news" about McCarrick splashing all over o.d. canon, CM, LSN and their echoes (wouldn't be the least surprised if pedophile mccarrick warn't the mastermind of the whole opus devil ring).




During that time he was senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and an analyst of Vatican affairs for CNN and NPR.

Win? BoyS?

But this takes the cake for using Jesus Christ and slaughtered babies for your own opus devil CIA/FBI deep state propaganda ends (got my email yesterday): DC's annual March for Life (January 24th) and Richmond's 2nd Amendment Rally (January 20th) are coming up. These two events are monumental in shaping our culture in America, and we need to show our support for these movements now more than ever. We at the Media Research Center are happy to introduce new [$25.99] "Pro-life, Pro-gun, Pro-God (all the gods of the gentiles are devils)" gear on the MRC Store! These items will be available for a limited time, so start your shopping before it's too late!"