Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Christendom is the Solution!

[TFP] Grave moral problems are tearing the country apart. For many, this is apparent in the form of broken homes, procured abortion, shattered communities and lost Faith. Many people get it right when pointing out the problems. However, they get it wrong when looking for solutions.

Some get it wrong because they look for solutions that address symptoms, not causes. Others search for a way out that involves the least possible effort. In these politically correct times, people are told not to offend anyone by their proposals. Thus, they automatically exclude the only real solution, which is a return to Christendom. They are willing to consider any other solution, no matter how absurd or improbable—anything but Christendom.

Some get it wrong because they look for solutions that address symptoms, not causes. Others search for a way out that involves the least possible effort. In these politically correct times, people are told not to offend anyone by their proposals. Thus, they automatically exclude the only real solution, which is a return to Christendom. They are willing to consider any other solution, no matter how absurd or improbable—anything but Christendom.

Christendom! It may seem shocking since its days seem long past. We are supposed to be in a post-Christian era. However, the urgency of our times call for it. We need a Christian civilization if we are going to overcome the present crisis. It needs to be at least considered.



JBQ said...

In order to accomplish your proposed goal, you need a leader. That was what Jeanne d'Arc was all about. The men were crystalized with fear of the barbarian Anglais. God sent an angel to invite her to put a backbone back in the backs of men. ---I believe that it will take a woman to take on the "devil tainted" Argentinian. It may even take a visit from the Mother of God. Prayer for an intervention wouldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

JBQ Weren't the barbarian Anglais Catholics and part of Christendom at that time?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Tancred, the Sons of Thunder got it under control:


Roaring Passion: w/Msgr. Martin Schlag
@16 Msgr Schlag to tell us about unity of life and success here on earth as well as in heaven.

@1:58 the place that’s closest to heaven for me is the British library because in heaven we will have contemplation and vision of God and know all truth. On earth we still need to read books, you know, and so in the library you can do that and it’s such a beautiful place to go.

@2:38 what way do you sleep? Do you sleep on your stomach, your side or your back? I always sleep on my side. You always sleep the same? Yeah, I can’t sleep on my back. It’s like—well, it’s an automatic snore. You’your throat’s just going to go straight to makes sound of snore to laughter

@3:04 Father, we shared a beer together, what’s your favorite drink? Sooo. Well, I like beer very much. So my favorite’s actually Belgian beer. OHHhhh! They have the best quality actually. You have to be careful with the quantity though.

@5:45 That totally appeals to us and when you started to explain things more of Opus Dei back when we were in Sicily—actually, we did travel to Sicily, a small group of us, so Msgr knows me. All my faults as well—which is good. Good to get that out of the way. I’m sure I don’t know all your faults. Ohhohh. Slice!

Anonymous said...


Roaring Passion: w/Msgr. Martin Schlag

@8:34 they transition from ‘lightening questions’ to ‘banter’ @8:35 When we went to, when I was in Rome, we were both there for like a week, No, I was there for two weeks. Two weeks – there you go. When we went to a (soccer) game there we learned a lot of gestures,

@9:08 Msgr: I would recommend that any non-Italian, never to use any gesture because he can get it really wrong. So only if you are really 100% sure what you are doing. What’s that one you taught me in Sicily about pouring water? Yes. Yes! – There’s a way? Never pour it over your wrist, always the back of your hand, because it means you’re the next to die. Oh, why do they tell someone that? Is it consolation for 20 seconds and then you die. No, it’s because people used to have poison in their rings. So if you did that to me and I saw you do that, do I just accept it? No, nobody would serve you that way. That just doesn’t happen. So if an Italian waiter served you that way. Run. You better go. Oh for our audience, what we were just showing—I’m actually scared—yeah! It’s pouring a drink the opposite way – instead of pronating you supinate it. For all those anatomically confused—even more confused after that. They’ll get it! Look it up something like “pour of death” on google. Sure, you’ll find it. Wow. Wow.

@10:53 SOT: I’d like to describe it as a Han Solo* type of situation—not explicitly illegal or sinful, father, I just want to get that out there. This is legally rented, but there was a lot of behind the scenes work and espionage and smuggling related to it. Very fun morning for me. Lots of role play. It did work out. MS: Well, I’m sorry for you.” SOT: That’s okay! MS: It’s for God’s glory and His fruits.

@11:38 SOT: I had my first intermural football game in over two years…spikes and gloves…kind of fun. Just a reminder how much fun competition is even though I’m not getting paid for this

@12:59 We should banter on last Saturday—@13:51 goes into “what happened on hwy;” @14:51 “We gave him the final good bye—The Italian pour” [at end of program MS does mention driving in the presence of God.]

*Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero.

Anonymous said...

Get more help.

Anonymous said...

Roaring Passion: w/Msgr. Martin Schlag

@23:47 What does it mean to be a lay Catholic? It means to conquer the world for Christ.

@25:50 God’s first command to Adam was to work (and so work originally was worship; and Adam was a priest and we are all priests (other Christs), prophets, kings and queens*)

@25:59 I can just see how um opus dei can play a part in everything you talked about and how it’s a true calling because we’re not all called to be priests or missionaries (i.e. no-one is called to monastic life) we’re not all called to go to Africa.

@26:28 Christ calls us through our passions and our work

@27:23 I think your Opus Dei card showed a little in that but it was really good. Well, it’s like a trap card. You lay that thing down: everybody—the whole board—loses.

@27:52 I forget which Pauline letter this is from, but he calls first apostles—isn’t the etymology of apostle one who is sent out, so we’re always sent out like you’re saying w/that consuming passion to make the world a more restored version of it and I love Catholic studies, when they say, Dr. Boyle** will always say this, “Our job is to go save civilization,” and man, that just ignites something w/in every human heart.

@29:31 Something I heard in class this year. This assertion was like crazy. My teacher Erica Kidd, Dr. Kidd** said, The reason—this was the first day of school—the reason you go to SCHOOL is to hear the voice of Christ speaking to you in truth.

@33:00 “What are some practical things that you’ve witnessed in your own life or you’ve seen in other people’s lives to really bring about this re-creation of the earth?” (we're all creator gods and other christs, but anchor & unite yourself to Jesus Christ and the eucharist (by going to rome and sicily & the british library) or you'll be modernized)

@36:10 On that note I just want to go back out into the world. I’ll mess it up—I know that. That’s okay. That’s why there’s God’s grace.





Anonymous said...

Yeah, now that we've gotten rid of all the monasteries and religious, let's have you lay kings and queens march us back to christendom:

(@0:07) You can stay right where you are and put love into your work and bring holiness into that work and that really is the message, the Catholic message, of both Vatican II and Opus Dei. My favorite teaching of St. josemaria? The universal call to holiness: that somehow my job is to find holiness and to bring holiness into ordinary circumstances like this one…(@2:21) One day after years of thought and prayer, he saw what God wanted him to do; to proclaim that ALL people can become saints while living ordinary lives in the world…(ellipse in original subtitles but note smoke of satan framing what follows) and that what God asks of each (EVERYONE) of us is to do just that. Later, HE would name the institution HE founded to spread this message (to destroy catholic monasteries and religious life not Lutheranism, New Ways or Escriva Ministry) Opus Dei, The Work of God…(@19:00) I just wanted to make a lot of money, but this message of having a deeper meaning with our work and being a married husband or a good salesman or a doctor to take care of other people that was the message. It was so simple and it wasn’t intellectual. I could see these guys trying to live it. THAT’S NOT EVEN CATHOLIC. THAT’S THE TRUTH. We’re happiest when we’re taking care of other people, because we’re not thinking about ourselves.”


Anonymous said...

Jesus pictured once @19:56-59 (resurrected on the wall/air crucifix). “Jesus” mentioned once: (@20:16) “But as a Catholic, and wanting to be Christ-like, I had to unite my suffering with Jesus’ suffering which He did for me, for everyone.” No reason why or any distinction between redemption and salvation. Sin never mentioned, closest: (@14:15) “So I’m not the best husband that I can be yet, but…(interviewer interjects:) you never will be… (man laughs) “no. No, and she’ll be the first one to say it.” (interviewer:) The imperfections of Chris; what’s the number one imperfection? The cameras still rolling? I think it’s really selfishness with my own time, wanting to have my own time and my own place, where I can go and be by myself.” Mass mentioned twice in passing @19:50 “And she converted. On my birthday. We were at mass, ‘cause she would go to mass with me every Sunday. And she leaned over to me and said, I’m going to become Catholic. Happy Birthday.” But note @20:09 as Wendy dips her hand into the font then genuflects and blesses herself: “And that’s also when Vince met opus dei (?!wendy rec’d Jesus Christ; but vince MET opus dei!?) for the first time.”

No eucharist. @12:20 seguing from family saying grace before a meal (that they have prepared together), to a filled cathedral (w/theatre seats) and mass entrance procession which segues to Bishop Robert J Carlson of St. Louis MO (like Burke) shouting over loud organ music: “St JoseMaria would say that God calls us, all Christians, through Baptism, and then personally, one by one. (cut to pic of Escriva (not Jesus) and women placing flowers) He calls us by name, and then in the midst of our ordinary lives. (same escriva pic but from side angle 2 women kneeling looking up in awe at Escriva*) He calls us again. To be women of God. And men of God.” (man looking up thoughtfully in St Louis church presumably at Carlson; goes back to Escriva pic while organ continues and another man begins speaking): “It was a little bit of both, a heart grab and a head grab. This was the first time in my life someone had told me that (organ stops cut to man speaking) “I am called to be a saint. And the way that I do that is through my ordinary work that God has called me to do right here in the middle of the world without becoming a priest or joining a monastery or anything. This is what I am supposed to be doing to become a saint.”


*163 These reflections have been provoked by suggestions that there is a crisis in devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus. But there is no crisis. True devotion to the sacred heart has always been and is still truly alive, full of human and supernatural meaning. It has led and still leads to conversion, self-giving, fulfilment of God's will and a loving understanding of the mysteries of the redemption.

However, we must distinguish this genuine devotion from displays of useless sentimentality, a veneer of piety devoid of doctrine. No less than you, I dislike sugary statues, figures of the sacred heart which are incapable of inspiring any trace of devotion in people who have the common sense and supernatural outlook of a Christian. But it is bad logic to turn these particular abuses — which are disappearing anyway — into some sort of doctrinal, theological problem.


Anonymous said...

JoseMaria is excited by people who pursue wealth:

@3:30 If St. Josemaria were here in this room (man laughs), what would he think? I think he would be excited that there are people in The Work who live and breathe corporate America and don’t want to leave it to pursue a life of holiness. @3:45 Within Christianity, there are those who view the pursuit of wealth as a sort of an evil, (voice hardens) so you have to be dirt poor and you have to shun technology. And then on the other side of the spectrum, you have people who equate business success with a sort of holiness if you will. It’s sort of the prosperity, you know, Christianity. Well, God blesses me, you know, because I won this business deal. I think that God, for the most part, stays out of our business. He gives us human talents and at times inspirations and insights. But, he expects us to work for what we get. And it requires sacrifice. [?getting money requires sacrifice, but holiness is a byproduct of doing your own thing? (Matthew 19:21)]

Offering to God
@4:37 (man in suit and tie) There are whole books of the Old Testament that lay down in great detail what can be offered to God and what can’t. And He says, I want the lamb that’s one year old, male, without blemish, I don’t want the mangy goat. (Cut to wealth pursuer in office speaking to others) If we’re going to say to God this is the manifestation of my love for you (cut back to authority figure ) Well, we don’t want it to be a mangy goat. Ha.Ha. We want it to be something as good as we can make it. (cut to wealth pursuer playing soccer) I got to play well. If I don’t I can’t offer it up. I try to win. (interviewer) So it’s just the intention? Heh ha ha ha. It’s just the intention, right. God’s a little bit more merciful than the world [but this film is entitled passionately loving the world]. The world judges you only by results and God kind of judges you by effort." [?Playing to win is an offering to God?]


Anonymous said...

On 'pro-life'

@5:20 It takes tremendous courage and God’s grace to follow Catholic orthodoxy (which is never defined)...A culture of life is one who loves a person who is aging BEYOND THEIR NORMAL PRODUCTIVE HUMAN CAPACITY. (only a man made religion that preaches work IS worship and money is God could come up w/a phrase like that.)

@22:10 William was a huge part of our family. William had a purpose. [To be a huge part of their family?] @22:38 Interviewer asks husband: Why didn’t you stop? Why? If we stopped after James, we wouldn’t have John, and if we stopped after Johnny, we wouldn’t have William so it’s the incarnation of our love [is this catholic orthodoxy? afterlife, eternity not mentioned; until penicillin most families lost children in childhood if not at birth; leading cause of women's death was childbirth until 1920s]

Families pray grace; never the rosary together, no prayer putting children to bed; no catholic symbols in the home

@6:50 I have what THEY call a Plan of Life, just like any athlete. They exercise, they eat right, they listen to a coach. Well, I start the day off with the first thought, turning to God. I make a morning offering. After reading the life of Monsignor Escriva and learning what he had to say about prayer, it’s very simple, I think. It’s just find quiet time to speak with our Lord. I say the rosary daily. Aspirations which are basically just invocations to God, almost like a dart sent. Like going into a fire, sometimes there’s a lot happening and Lord, give me the confidence and the strength to carry out my duties…and let everything work out fine (nothing for the safety of the victims or his men or that if any dying might be saved from their sins). Really giving ALL my attention to the task at hand, that I’ve been taught is prayer as well.

@7:59Printed Message: “If you don’t have a plan of life, you’ll never have order.” If everything goes well, by the end of this year, I should be promoted to Captain. So looking forward to that. I’ve spent five years in the U.S. Air Force as a firefighter and then 17 years now with the city of Los Angeles, so I’m ready to supervise firefighters.

@3:17 What I can tell you about Josemaria was that he was a father, he really was a father, and a father with a motherly heart.

@27:00 Here I am, this guy and I had pizza together. And I told that to kids at school. I’m the ONLY guy to have pizza with a saint. (didn't anyone else have ?pizza? w/joemarie; also note 'we were all in our suits' at the canonization as if not routine wear)



Anonymous said...

@28:35 Let us thank God for that privilege and let us invoke the guardian angels and the archangels and all angels, all spirits—all pure spirits—that stand in the presence of God and adore Him and are there to serve mankind leading them to their ultimate end. Our Lady Queen of Angels will help us to carry on our great apostolate of purifying the world from evil, from Satan, from ignorance, and giving them, sharing them with truth just as she did when she incarnated the Son of God. I thank you my God for the good resolutions, affections and inspirations which you have communicated to me in this meditation; I ask your help to put them into effect. My Immaculate Mother, St. Joseph, my father and lord, my guardian angel intercede for me.


Anonymous said...

“So strong was his belief in the efficacy of angelic intercession that in his personal journal he listed a good number of favors that he had obtained through it. A number so great in fact that he felt compelled to make this clarification: “I don’t claim that the angels obey me, but I am absolutely certain that the holy angels always listen to me.” In connection w/this Bishop del Portillo recalls that the Father used to have a little get together w/his sons every evening, and that when it came time to say good night and leave, he would stop for a brief moment before crossing the threshold of the door, to allow his two angels to go out first. This was a detail that went un-noticed by anyone who was not in on the secret.” p291-292


“With an unflagging correspondence to the grace of God, he acquired the habit of always greeting the guardian angels of the persons he met: he used to say that he greeted the ‘personage’ first. One day in 1972 or 1973, the retired archbishop of Valencia, the Most Reverend Marcelino Olaechea, came to visit him, accompanied by his secretary. They were very good friends, so the Father [St. Josemaria] greeted him and then asked him playfully, ‘Marcelino, let’s see if you can guess – whom did I greet first?’ The archbishop replied, ‘First? That would be me, I’m sure.’ ‘No,’ the Father [St. Josemaria] said, ‘I greeted the personage first.’ Archbishop Olaechea, understandably perplexed, replied, ‘But of the two of us, my secretary and me, I am the “personage.”’ Then St. Josemaria explained, ‘No, the personage is your guardian angel.’

“During some days of rest that we spent in a rented house in a village in Lombardy– I can’t remember whether it was Caglio or Civenna–we would play bocce ball every so often, to get a little exercise. Since we didn’t know the rules of the game too well, at times we would make up our own. I remember that during one of these games, the Father [St. Josemaria] threw a ball unusually well and made an exceptional score. But he said immediately, ‘That doesn’t count – I was helped by my guardian angel. I won’t do that anymore.’ I tell this little story because I consider it indicative of the constant friendly rapport he had with his guardian angel, and also of his humility; as he later told me directly, he was ashamed of having asked his angel for help in such an unimportant matter.”


Our Father also cultivated a friendship with the archangel who—according to some Fathers of the Church—assists each priest in his ministry. “There is a very probable opinion that priests have an angel especially devoted to their care. But many years ago I read that each priest has a ministerial archangel and I was moved. I composed for myself a sort of Alleluia as an aspiration, and I recite it to my ministerial archangel in the morning and at night. At times I have thought that I do not have sufficient motive to believe in this, just because it was written by a Father of the Church whose name I don't even remember. But then I think of the goodness of my Father God, and I grow certain that, by praying to my ministerial archangel, even if I didn't have one, our Lord would send me one, to give a basis for my prayer and my devotion.”[20]


Anonymous said...

1. With your apostolic life, wipe out the trail of filth and slime left by the corrupt sowers of hatred. And set aflame all the ways of the earth with the fire of Christ that you bear in your heart.


Read these counsels slowly. Pause to meditate their meaning. They are things that I whisper in your ear, as a friend, as a brother, as a father. We shall speak intimately; and God will be listening to us. (!escriva speaks and somehow it's a conversation where I speak too and, guess what, God listens to US!) I am going to tell you nothing new. I shall only stir your memory so that some thought may arise and strike you: and so your life will improve and you will set out along the way of prayer and of Love. And in the end you will become a soul of worth.


The 999 points (the number deliberately chosen as a multiple of 3 out of devotion to the Trinity) cover aspects of Christian life needed in order to really be and to act like a child of God in the middle of the world: starting from personal character and ending with the apostolate, passing through prayer, work, and virtue. The purpose is laid out in the prologue: “I will only stir your memory, so that some thought will arise and strike you; and so you will better your life and set out along ways of prayer and of Love. And in the end you will be a more worthy soul.”

“I wrote most of the book,” said the author, in an interview with Le Figaro in 1966, “in 1934, summarizing my priestly experience for the benefit of all the souls with whom I was in contact, whether they were in Opus Dei or not… It is not a book solely for members of Opus Dei. It is for everyone, whether Christian or non-Christian. The Way must be read with a minimum of supernatural spirit, interior life, and apostolic feeling. It is not a code for the man of action. The book’s aim is to help people to become God’s friends, to love him, and to serve all men and women.


Anonymous said...

At about this time there came to my notice the harm and havoc that were being wrought in France by these Lutherans and the way in which their unhappy sect was increasing. This troubled me very much, and, as though I could do anything, or be of any help in the matter, I wept before the Lord and entreated Him to remedy this great evil. I felt that I would have laid down a thousand lives to save a single one of all the souls that were being lost there. And, seeing that I was a woman, and a sinner, and incapable of doing all I should like in the Lord’s service, and as my whole yearning was, and still is, that, as He has so many enemies and so few friends, these last should be trusty ones, I determined to do the little that was in me—namely, to follow the evangelical counsels as perfectly as I could, and to see that these few nuns who are here should do the same, confiding in the great goodness of God, Who never fails to help those who resolve to forsake everything for His sake.

Constantine said...

Redundant, repetitive, superfluous and verbose. And unneccessary too!!!

Constantine said...

And I don't like the fact that you mention personal Holiness without defining terms. The Social Reign of Christ the King behooves us to be part of organized Catholic Society and involved in politics as best your personal charisms allow for.None of this neo-Quietism.

Tancred said...

I came on to see what all the comments were about and I’m getting spammed by Opus Dei Watch.

susan said...

JBQ...He's sent another angel, another Joan; "a woman to put a backbone back in the backs of men".
Her name is Ann Barnhardt.

Anonymous said...

According to Genesis and Catholic teaching from the time of the Apostles up to 1962,work was the punishment assigned to humanity for its prideful behavior in the Garden of Eden. The Catholic faith always taught that grace or holiness comes ONLY from the sacraments attendance at holy mass and a life of prayer especially prayer before the blessed sacrament. Anything different from this, to the extent of the difference, is NOT Catholic.

JBQ said...

To Anonymous: Joan was "cooked" in 1431. Henry VIII was born in 1491. You make a good point about the state of Catholicism. Nevertheless, the rivalry between Catholic nations came from Henry V. His son Henry VI then wanted to conquer the more civilized France and almost did.---- Joan gave a backbone to Charles VII to resist. It is stated that Charles did not believe Joan. She then had to prove her vision by relating some supernatural fact to Charles which sold him on the Maid of Orleans.----Look at her age. She was born in 1412. She started her "ministry" at about 16. Who is going to believe an illiterate milk herder unless there is lots more to the story?

JBQ said...

@Susan: After reading your comment, I did some research on Ann Barnhardt. She is from Colorado and is a commodity broker mostly of grain. Therefore, she is in the marketplace and very down to Earth. I will have to do more reading on her blog to get more of a feel. She doesn't believe that Francis is the true pope.----One thing that she did say is something that I suspected. I had a priest mentor who died recently who was evidently the victim of this maneuver for a number of years. She says that sodomites will pick out conservative priests and go to confession to them. They then have the priest in question in their "hip pocket". He knows everything about their hidden lifestyle and just as hidden agenda of infiltration and destruction and yet can do nothing about it because of the "seal of confession".---Obviously she is worthy of the further following of information on her blog.