Monday, January 13, 2020

Benedict XVI Defends Celebacy in New Book

Edit: NPR mad. Thanks to Damian. Some bishops resent defenders of celibacy, because they want to perform a same-sex marriage on themselves.
[NPR] Retired Pope Benedict XVI, who promised to remain silent when he resigned as head of the Roman Catholic Church seven years ago, has stepped back into the ongoing debate over priestly celibacy with a new book defending the traditionalist view.
The surprise move is seen as a rebuke to Pope Francis, who is weighing the possibility of a revolutionary move to relax the strict celibacy requirement for ordination in some South American countries where the shortage of priests is particularly acute.
In the as-yet-unpublished book, whose title translates as From the Depths of Our Hearts, Benedict and his co-author, Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, defend the "necessity" of celibacy in the priesthood. On Sunday, the French newspaper Le Figaro printed excerpts, which were also obtained by The Associated Press.


J. Seipso said...

This one crashed and burned on takeoff. It was concocted as a fraud from the start by Sarah and his camp followers. Now he has been caught out in the act, has forfeited any moral authority he may have had with the Francis haters and will now face reassignment to a job possibly back in Guinea.

His reputation among the anti-Francis chorus is not the only one to disintegrate. The serial blackguard and self-referential show boat Zuhlsdorf has been caught out in a lie boasting to his follower that he was reading the French version of the Sarah book three days ago when it will only be published today. That kind of bullshit of course will be wept under the carpet and masked with another piece of fundraising dissemblance.

The Trads and Conservatives really need to put their dough on ponies with decent odds rather than on nobbled old pack horses.

Barnum said...

How many "camp followers" has Cdl Sarah, and how many followers has the Caudillo of Camp?