Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Violent Grandson of Minnesota Football Legend Resigns After Sex-Abuse Allegations in Central Minnesota

Edit: about 7 years ago in 2012, incredibly, a grandson of famous coach, John Galiardi, made a credible threat of physical violence on Facebook against someone who was merely pointing out the obvious problem with Saint John’s Abbey and Collegeville.  At the time, it was unclear exactly what was going on, but in the last few months things have become clearer.  This story didn’t get much traction nationally and none of the stories mentioned that Johnny Benson-Gagliardi had previously threatened a citizen journalist on Facebook who was exposing his grandfather’s complicity in the ongoing evils of the Modernist Monastery.

Meanwhile, the most recent posting on Pine Curtain and some of the previous stories highlighting this situation, have gotten a few hundred views. Mr. Gagliardi has resigned from his coaching post at Kimball High School.  There is no further information since this was made public at the end of November.



Anonymous said...

Funny thing happened a few years back. John Gagliardi claimed that he was well aware of what was going on with Jerry Sandusky at Penn State, years before the story broke. Gagliardi claimed he made inquiries to key officials and law enforcement, as his conscience was eating away at him. Yet, he somehow never saw/heard anything about what was going on at St. Johns.

Tancred said...

He did say that a player approached him to complain about a monk, but the presence of cruising predator monks was omnipresent. He was trying to imply by this that it was an isolated case. Clearly he was helping them with damage control.

Gagliardi retired to the monastery as a monk.

Birds of a feather, I say.

Anonymous said...

Of course he implied that it was an isolated case. Think of all the Check Writers that would stop writing checks. Once the boomers are dead and gone, St. John's won't know what to do.