Friday, December 20, 2019

Pope “Accommodates” Muslims at Annual Dinner for the Poor

Edit: as European nations are awash with crime from Mohammedan invaders, this Pope continues to encourage ushering them into Europe to do what they’ve always done, which is rape, loot and enslave. When they become majorities, they will impose their Islamic world on Europeans remaining. They already do this in areas where they are in the majority. This pope wants to dispossess you, if you’re a European Christian, that is.
[dcclothesline] When will this gesture be reciprocated? Never. “Interfaith dialogue” is not conducted in search of genuine religious rapprochement. It is designed simply to make Christians feel good about how Christlike and non-bigoted they are (in their own view), while the Muslims can go away satisfied that the Christians are again submitting to them. 
The principle is always and everywhere the same: in Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities. And in non-Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities.
“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)


Anonymous said...

He has no idea how this action has angered the people of Italy. HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a jackass!

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why people of non-color allover the world are turning towards Nationalism. No amount of LARPing about Monarchy or restoration of The Catholic Church will change that. The current Pope is only too happy to make peace with his (((Masters))).

susan said...

He knows fully's a big, public, gaslighting F.U. to the people of Italy and the rest of Europe.

Tancred said...

@annonymous pretend Fascist at 10:56

So we should larp as WW2 reenactors then? Good call!

Anonymous said...

Fair point. That being said, the Catholic Church has counter-signaled every "Right" leaning political movement after World War II. Even so-called Traditionalists will accuse these movements of being: Pagan, Materialist, or "Liberal". Yet, will turn around and either turn a blind-eye or cheerlead for Marxist Causes. The Chicago Archdiocese is a good example of this, look at how the hierarchy worked with (((Alinsky))) Organizations.

The Catholic Church is addicted to "Gibs" and makes a sizeable amount of money off of refugee resettlement. Give Whitey a reason to go back to Church, and the Catholic Church would flourish. Lastly, the Catholic Church will have to come to terms that in the west Whites have left not because it is too "Conservative" and rigid but that it is largely Poz'd.

Peter Watson said...

Charming stuff as ever, Chaps. Exceptionally well done, especially the insightful comment from Yeehaww.
Jesus would be delighted.

PW said...

No, it's largely because western Catholicism has been balkaniized by carping, fear driven Alt Right groups such as Acton, Napa, Legatus along with their friends in the professional mendacity and distortion industry represented by Lifesite, Crisis, First Things, 2Pt5, EWTN and its allies.

Anonymous said...

Why is there so much "Dildo and Poz" within both The Priesthood and Hierarchy within The Church? Get rid of the "Dildo and Poz" and you get rid of "Alt-Right" Groups such as the one ones you mentioned.