Sunday, December 15, 2019

Mary's predestination and fiat

  One more point that can be addressed here with regard to the Redemption and Christ's sole role in it.
That role includes only the Blood of Jesus Christ and no other's.
 So, one can say, that while many essential factors played a part in the Redemptive work, which is still ongoing, only the Blood Letting of Jesus Christ is the factor that separates Him from the rest of the co-redeemers.

Thus, one can say:  The Blood of Christ effected the Fruits of Redemption.
Therefore:  Christ's Blood == Fruits of Redemption
BTW:  Blood  is very Incarnational and from what I understand, Christ shed EVERY DROP of His BLOOD.

Then, came the Waters of Baptism, without which no one can be saved, in any form or fashion. 
Desire alone being salvific is semi-Pelagian, and heretical as well as Protestant.
Water coupled with desire is ancient Roman Catholicism and thus, God ordained.

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