Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Knights of Malta Sponsor Degenerate Event with Drag Queen

VIENNA, Austria, December 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― More than 120 people answered a young Catholic hero’s summons to pray outside his nation’s most important cathedral while a sacrilegious pro-LGBT event happened inside.

 Alexander Tschugguel, 26, has released a video in which he described the rosary held outside Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral on the night of Saturday, November 30. “It was a wonderful evening,” he said. “So many fantastic people were here.”

 Tschugguel said that more than 120 people assembled and prayed three or more rosaries. They also sang Advent hymns. The Catholic activist, who became famous in October after removing pagan idols from a Catholic church in Rome and throwing them in the Tiber, was filmed by Gloria TV addressing the crowd in German.

 The group prayed for those who were attending the pro-LGBT “Believe Together” concert organized in St. Stephen’s Cathedral by the Austrian Knights of Malta and gay rights activist Gery Keszler. Ostensibly to raise funds for HIV/AIDS relief, the event featured Austria’s most famous drag queen Thomas Neuwirth.



David O'Neill said...

What has happened to the Knights of Malta? Ever since Pope Francis determined that Fra Matthew Festing should stand down as Grand Master the order has gone to 'pot'!

Matthew F Kluk said...

Won't anyone drag Schonborn out of his ivory LBGQTlmnop ivory tower? Is he too untouchable?

Anonymous said...

My bro recently told me that a man at his parish who felt that nothing had been done re: the McCarrick scandal except to tell the laity to pray and fast had placed fliers on everyone's car asking them to pray and fast (?for one hour?) w/him outside the church on Sunday during mass. I told my bro that you are to pray and fast inside the Church--that is the duty of the Church--but the VC2 church has only 2 days of fast in 365. Who prays (opus devil and JP/VC2 declare that WORK IS prayer (which is patently false); and we are co-creators w/God (which they get from the Jews but not from Genesis: Exodus wherein God ordered those brought out of Egypt to fashion the tabernacle [how funny that in Exodus the work of the people is to gather one day's worth of food except the day before the sabbath where they gather two days' worth; to make the fashionings for God's dwelling place w/them and to seek the promised land--but JP2 and his fellow 'co-creationists' only consider the sabbath their "rest from work" day (because they are co-equal w/God)])?

Your Pan European Hero who prays outside the church (which holds the tabernacle of Jesus Christ and where we celebrate the holy sacrifice of the mass) while it is defiled, just like his fellow protesters who declare every Church in rome needs to be exorcised, will prance back into that same demon filled church and worship God and receive 'holy communion' w/and from the same demon filled people they claim are defiling the Church/need to be exorcised. But they don't actually say it is the people committing these abominations that need to be exorcised, do they? Or how could they continue to worship in the same house w/them? A house divided cannot stand--what kind of (dishonest) division in the same person to pray in protest outside the church because of devil worship and then pray inside the same church--to worship God and receive 'the sacraments'? Do blessings and cursings flow out of the same mouth? Does a tree produce good and bad fruit?

Anonymous said...

@David O'Neill it certainly didn't take long. 3 years? -Dirk