Monday, December 30, 2019

Credibly Accused Predator Murdered by Victim Housekeeper

Edit: it actually looks like this man’s bishop had as hard a time suspending him from priestly work as the priest himself had with staying away from youthful victims, including the vidtim’s own father. This fits a certain pattern that readers of this blog should be familiar, particularly when it comes to a certain midwestern Monastery that, as Thomas Merton once put it in Seven Story Mountain, is more concerned with its publishing business than prayer.

[Metro UK] A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of torturing and killing a priest by ramming a crucifix down his throat and suffocating him. The youth, 19, is alleged to have been abused by the Catholic priest, Roger Matassoli, as was his father before him. The priest, 91, had been accused of sexually assaulting at least four boys between the years 1960 and 2000 but there are fears he may have had dozens of victims.

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Anonymous said...

Classic Satanic Sacrifice during Christmas. The Crucifix was undoubtedly placed upside

down on in the Throat. The patsy they placed in the Priest´s car. Why else would they

send him to a Psych. Ward immediately? To ascertain the Truth? No this is not how it

works unless there is a coverup and to re-program (brainwash) at the Psych. Ward.

The rest is fabrication. May his soul rest in Peace and save us from rash judgement!

¨The suspect, known only as Alexandre V, was first arrested while driving Matassoli’s car and taken to hospital on psychiatric grounds.¨

Tancred said...

Underage perpetrators get their names muted in the press in general. Not sure what the statutory age is in France for that.

Tancred said...

Admonishing against rash judgment and presuming to know the story is fake sounds like presumption AND rash judgement.

The victim/perpetrator also claims he has no recollection of the crime.

Anonymous said...

¨The victim/perpetrator also claims he has no recollection of the crime.¨

Precisely why he was brought to the Psych Ward all the signs of MK Ultra. 91 years old

or even 81 years old are frail and weak. They are very sloppy in their cover story.

Tancred said...

Oh sure.