Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Independent Bishop: “Islam is One of Satan’s Religions”

[NPD] A faithful patron of the Munich Pegida erected a 3 meter high wooden cross, as a symbol of the Christian faith and the fundamental roots of Europe.  So Heinz Meyer, his boss of Pegida Munich, came up with something original for his event on 23.06.17.  He was able to find  a Catholic bishop from the United States for the evening, Bishop Markus Ramolla, who performed the dedication and blessing of the cross.  At the opening of the event Meyer introduced the cross engraved with the words "Deus Vult".  "Deus Vult" was the battle cry of the ancient Crusaders and means something like "God wills it".  As can be heard in the following video, this cross will be a companion of Pegida München for the next few years.  In addition, Heinz Meyer recalled the year 1683, where the Turks at the gates of Vienna intended the conquest and Islamization of Europe, but were defeated despite numerical superiority.

The opponents of Pegida once again proved their disrespect.  Even as the clergyman spoke his prayer in front of the cross, the incorrigible counter-demonstrators were whistling and blaring in between, giving nothing but stupid comments.  The laughter of the evening was afforded by this Antifa photographer, who outraged all seriously about a camera directed at him and after his harassment even the organizer Heinz Meyer screamed in his face:

Conclusion: All in all, this event can be described as successful, even if one can argue about whether a bishop, who probably belongs to the wealthier people of this globe, is really representative of Christianity.  However, after all, he has clearly argued for the defense of European values ​​and openly stated the fact that the Koran unequivocally calls for the killing of Christians.  This man was so honest that he could not make his way home without police protection in a country where there is supposedly freedom of expression.




Anonymous said...

You look for worldly/political/Caesar success--that is why you are part of the problem (w/your "boots on the ground" protests). Jesus washed the feet of his apostles; that was His loyalty oath. He gave us the holy sacrifice of the mass thru His chosen apostles and commanded us to do this in commemoration of Him. Anyone who abandons the priesthood and the mass for anything separates himself from Jesus Christ. You are constantly looking at certain symptoms: Philistine invasion, abortion, sodomy while ignoring and protecting other symptoms: for instance Maike Hickson living in adultery protecting sodomite Ganswein (who believes Ganswein wrote some German speaking nobody ("2nd" wife of Dr. Opus Devil Hickson who has 8 children by another woman who got a JP/VC2 divorce instigated and facilitated by Christendom Valley PTA)).

Over 60 million babies have been murdered in the U.S. in clinics while who knows how many have been murdered thru contraception? 98 percent of the Catholic men and women use birth control. When was the last time despite all the immodest 'white' wedding gowns were either party to a "catholic" marriage virgins? How many are divorced and remarried w/VC2 divorces? If you weren't such pharisees the stench of your own hypocrisy might lead you to repent. Instead you look for signs: Fatima, La Salette, Mayberry (Bayside) and circle the world with rosaries while never mentioning the Blessed Virgin also asked that we DO PENANCE. And if you did enough to cover your own sins, maybe then you might do some like Jacinta to save souls from hell or like Francisco: to comfort Jesus and Mary.

If you don't believe the Blessed Virgin or these children, you might consult the Gospel of St. Luke 11:16-16:31 Jesus'sermon to the pharisees (and note particularly 16:30: they will do PENANCE (and Jesus' response), and 13:3 and repeated 13:5 unless you shall do penance you shall all likewise perish and 15:10 there shall be joy before the angels of God upon one sinner doing penance). The other evangelists handle this differently mainly from the point of view of the apostles and Jesus' instruction to them (Matt 16:11) who were persecuted by these dangerous hypocrites who claimed to be and appeared to be so religious and who should have accepted Jesus w/open arms and yet ended up killing Him and persecuting His Church. Some pharisee must have been listening, however, and told St. Luke these parables which record Jesus' words to them, but His message was: repent and do penance or you will perish and your little Christendom w/you.


James Joseph said...

Could one publicly testifying to the same regarding Sodom, the Synagogue, and their demon god Saturn?

Prison and deprivation.

Anonymous said...

Independent bishop, lol.

Anonymous said...

Great news. Breitbart reports that Chick Fil-A is now giving money to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Now they really do deserve to be boycotted. -Dirk

Anonymous said...

God bless this Catholic Bishop.

JBQ said...

Not with this "merciful" pontiff who oozes the "false compassion" preached of by AB Fulton J. Sheen.

Tancred said...

Robert Hickson isn’t an Opus guy. They don’t like Feeneyites.

Are you privy to the details of his marriage? Do you have first hand knowleldge of the case?

Seems like you see Opus Dei people under every table and in every corner.