Wednesday, October 30, 2019

How Will the Church Deal With Married Priests Like This?

Married priests? What happens in cases of domestic violence? In the picture the beaten wife of an orthodox priest.

Edit: at least in Orthodoxy, they can divorce. 
(Moscow) The Amazon Synod asked for a large majority of 75 percent of the synods to allow the admission of married men in the Amazon. But how will Church leaders respond to cases of domestic violence by married priests? At the same time as the final phase of the Synod, a concrete incident occurred.
Last Friday, October 25, a woman from Ryazan, a city of half a million people, contacted the press from some 200 kilometers southeast of Moscow.
The young mother of four children reported domestic violence. She also showed pictures of injuries inflicted on her by her husband. Her nose is broken, her left side of her face is purple and shows red spots. She told journalists present at the editorial office she is ashamed of her appearance.
The shocking thing about the case, according to the Internet newspaper, is the fact that the wife's husband is a Russian Orthodox priest, and his wife suffers from muscular dystrophy.
Her husband, the priest, is strong and very fit
The names of those affected by the Russian media are not repeated here, since a fundamental question is to be shown in the concrete example. The fact is: The priest WP is a drinker and violent offender against his own family.
The Russian Orthodox diocese of Ryazan responded to the media report and suspended the priest for a year. As justification, the diocese stated that the priest had "systematically violated the ecclesiastical order" through alcohol abuse and violence against his family. This affects above all his sick wife, but also the oldest child. The woman, described as tender and fragile, has difficulty walking. This condition gradually appeared after which the doctors diagnosed muscular dystrophy.
With proper treatment, the disease can at least be slowed down. So far, however, she has not received it because her husband refused to submit to any such requests. He said to her, "What do I do with a disabled woman?"
Her husband worked as a cook when they met and got married. His father was a priest in Ryazan. He urged his son more and more to become a priest, which he finally did. Since the first violent incident in 2013, everyone has been following the same pattern. The man would get drunk, come home, beat his wife, sleep off the intoxication, apologize and asked for forgiveness. She was afraid of losing her family. Both had wanted and received four children, who are today between 10 and a half years old.
Even the presence of the children did not stop him from beating his wife. When he also put his hand to his eldest daughter and she was so frightened that her mother had to tell her stories and console her till five in the morning, the woman decided to go to the police.
Now she stays with the four children in a secret place.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


M. Prodigal said...

And if gay 'marriage' is allowed by law, what is to stop such ones to also be 'priests"? In no way do they conform to Christ.

Dr. Mabuse said...

Then it will be divorced priests. Then it will be divorced and remarried priests. Then it will be multiple divorces and remarriages. I've seen it all in the Anglican Church, and it won't go any better for the Catholics.

Ryan said...

I find this website generally reasonable, but as an Orthodox I have to wonder what purpose this article serves. To highlight that orthodox priests occasionally beat their wives? Don't married Catholic men beat their wives? Dont celibate Catholic priests have sex with little boys? Do any of these facts suggest that the married priesthood is faulty or that marriage is faulty or celibacy as a vocation is faulty? And Catholics have divorce too...declarations of nullity are simple word games. Any marriage can be nullified as no one is perfect when he or she says vows. The kvetching over orthodox divorce is really ludicrous. No one in orthodoxy commends or advocates divorce.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Ryan, the point of the post, as I see it, is to show just what the Roman Catholic priesthood will now face. Now if anything is ludicrous here, it's that this monster-priest is being suspended for one measly little year. That is a slap on the knuckles. Why on earth was he not jettisoned from the priesthood altogether?

Anonymous said...

Ryan, yes it is suggested that a married priesthood is faulty, because it IS. Lots of articles out there you can read on why this untraditional and un-Scriptural practice is not a good idea.

JBQ said...

With few exceptions, married Catholic men do not beat their wives. This is an Orthodox phenomenon. Islam and the Orthodox have many parallels. ----Marriage for priests is not an end all. However, I believe that it should be an option. However, the gay inroads into the priesthood a la Joseph Tobin have created roadblocks. The same holds true for the radical lesbians who have been holding hands with them.---This is all seen within the parameters of the writings of Malachi Martin.

Anonymous said...

The Orthodox need to repent of their adulterous separation from Catholicism. When they do, they will give a witness to truth. If they do not, those that support them are adulterers. This has not changed since the start. Orthodoxy is a MONSTROUS SCANDAL.

Tancred said...

A lot of Catholics think Orthodoxy is a solution, but there are all kinds of problems that come along with married clergy and this is just the tip of the iceberg. As bad as I think RC clergy is, they’re not as bad as Orthodox clergy. If you want to see murderous pettiness and rank fraud and abuse, spend some time one of the various quarreling/warring jurisdictions in Orthodoxy.

I intend to bring the stories that highlight that when I can.

Constantine said...

I am not Orthodox, but I agree with "Ryan". What is the underlying motive for finding exceptions of misbehaviour and then based on them declare a problem possible on a large scale, and find large scale solutions to problems vastly exaggerated.Isn't this the tactics used to undermine targets or enemies of the Left? To justify abortion [some illegal abortions can go wrong and kill the mother]? Or Eucharistic Ministers because not enough priests? Behind such attacks can be Navalny or any leftist.

Joseph A. said...

"As bad as I think RC clergy is, they’re not as bad as Orthodox clergy."

That's a doozy. I know, but only from online sources, that there are Orthodox priests who border on or fall into heresy (as defined by the Orthodox). I've never met one in real life (Orthodox and well traveled here). By contrast, I've known dozens of Roman Catholic priests who are flagrant heretics (as defined by Rome . . . or at least Rome a century ago) who have done their damnedest to lead their flocks astray (Roman Catholic-educated; pontifically authorized to teach). Of course, there are many unworthy priests (all? but you know what I mean), and it's probably true that Jesuit priests are much better educated than Russian Orthodox priests. Which group, though, shepherds their flocks better? There's no contest! Among priests generally, it's not clear to me. Rome's infrastructure is clearly better -- that old Latin knack for organization plus the patrimony of centuries of the West's global hegemony in the modern period as well as the Communist century for the East . . . but confusion and apostasy are widespread in the West's holy orders, and this just isn't true of the Orthodox.

Anonymous said...

Why would they treat this type of scandal any different from the way they treat any other clergy scandal (such as sodomizing altar boys)? My recommendation is to give them palliative 'care' (vs psychiatric treatment)!

[seems a complete blackout on this story from the "prolife" opus devil blogospher)

Tancred said...

You don’t think orthodox clergy rape little boys?