Friday, October 18, 2019

45 New Entrants for the Fraternity of Saint Peter

Young men in black cassock: seminarians and leaders of the seminary the Society of Saint Peter in Wigratzbad.

Census shows prolific growth in FSSP communities.

(Wigratzbad) After withdrawing on retreat days, 30 applicants have entered the International Seminary of the Society of Saint Peter (FSSP) in Wigratzbad. In total, the Society is registering 45 new entrants for the academic year 2019/2020.

Founded in 1988, the Priestly Society of Tradition has two international seminaries: the St. Peter Seminary in Wigratzbad and the Theological Seminary of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Denton, USA. The training is possible in German, French and English.

The French-speaking and German-speaking candidates are trained in the Swabian town of Wigratzbad, near Lake Constance. The English speaking is in Texas in the USA.

The 30 new entries in 2019 for Wigratzbad

The establishment of a Spanish-language seminary is being worked toward.

In the past year 24 new entrants had been registered in Wigratzbad. This year, new entrants for German-speaking applicants have doubled.

17 new entrants have taken up the training in French, 13 in German and 15 in English.

On October 19, 23 seminarians of the second year of study received tonsure and vestments, 15 in Wigratzbad and eight in the USA.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: FSSP Wigratzbad (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

Very "rigid" guys with nary a Jesuit among them. If you look closely, you can see Simon Peter in the background holding a net with his brother Andrew close behind.

PW said...

Just another cohort of in-breds on an expedition into nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

Seriously why are Gaybrielle's comments even allowed? What a despicably evil person.

Anonymous said...

Is PW Pope Francis' nephew....cousin, brother.... (illegit son?) Sounds just like him.

On the one hand we have the flourishing SSPX and FSSP seminaries bursting with vocations.

Then, sadly we have Vatican II seminaries...all closed or in danger closing...holding onto a precarious existence with few if any new entrants each year.

I my neighborhood (or not more than 5 miles away), is the Archdiosecean Seminary ofSaint Charles Borromeo for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Established in the early 1840's by Bishop Kenrick, it had a handful of seminarieas then. By 1860 under the reign of the great Saint John N. Neumann, C.SS.R., there were about 50 seminarians, and that number held steady until right after the Civil War, until in 1870-71, with nearly 75 seminarians, it was deemed necessary to find a larger piece of property, and to build a much larger building to accommodate what was hope an increase in vocations. Archbishop Wood purchased the land in Overbrook, Pa right outside Philadelphia. The seminary was consecrated in 1871, and by the time of WWI, there were close to 200 seminarians. Under Cardinal Denis Dougherty (our first Cardinal), a new, huge, second building done in the Italian Renaissance style was built and dedicated in 1929. The Cardinal was a prolific builder, and established over 100 parishes during his long reign in addition to the seminary. By 1929 there were close to 300 seminarians. The Depression and WWII brought enrollment hovering close to 400. During the magnificent reign of Pope Pius XII, the enrollemt as Saint Charles topped 575, and remained at about that total until 1963-64. With not enough room for 575, close to 60 seminarians were sent to study in Rome at the North American College, the Gregorian, or Louvaine in Belgium.
John Cardinal Krol was a wonderful archbishop of Philadelphia, who meant to keep the seminary and the Church in Philadelphia pretty much as it was before Vatican II, but of course having participated in the Council, he had to mandate its implementation. Despite his efforts to keep the Church here solid, seminary enrollment declined steadily after 1965, reaching about 225 by the end of his term in 1988. But the decline was slow....not floods of departures like at other, more radical,liberal seminaries.
Enrollment remained at about 175 all thru the terms of Cardinals Bevilaqua and Rigali. At the election of Benedict XVI there was a very slight increase, to about 200 by 2010. But at the election of Francis, the decline accelerated until today there are about 70 seminarians for Philadelphia, and another 50 for other dioceses.
The seminary, suffering a continual decline and loosing money was sold to MAIN LINE HEALTH SYSTEMS, in Philadelphia this year. The seminary has five years of grace to remain at its current location until it must vacate the venerable campus which produced thousands of good priests and was beloved by the faithful.

The FSSP and SSPX Orders and seminaries , and other communities and Orders like them, and also new traditional ones in the mendicant or monastic tradiitons are the future and the hope of the Church. They are the vision of the future for the Church, NOT the agenda of Francis and company at the pagan/dissident/heretical Vatican and Amazon Synod.

Let us pray for all these good men, and for a rise of many more new traditional Orders and societies. Despite Bergoglio and his peoples attempt to stamp them out, they are sprouting up everywhere. The more the assholes in the Vatican try to destroy them, the more rise up.

Thank God for that!

Damian M. Malliapalli

JBQ said...

PW makes his point. The priesthood in liberal circles is now seen as obsolete. Pope Francis is most likely the final pope with the new world order not needing direction from the top any longer. ---The people will now make all decisions and select their own ministers. The Judeo-Christian tradition is now passe' Look at what Pope Francis himself was attributed to have said about the divinity of Christ Himself.---This is all about a new paradigm of God interacting with His people. Read Teilhard de Chardin, SJ. If you can't read him, then read the interpretation by Malachi Martin, SJ, who died in 1999 and who read the Third Secret in its original Portuguese.

Anonymous said...

Denton is in Nebraska

Tom said...

The FSSP only exists because Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX took a firm stand to reject the Novus Ordo Mass and to celebrate the TLM exclusively. Today, the SSPX not only celebrates the TLM exclusively, they also reject all the false teachings of Vatican II. Moreover, despite the fact that they recognize the pope as being the Vicar of Christ (Catholic dogma), they reject any and all of his false teachings––including his demand that they accept the errors of the Council as being sound.

Today, the priests of the FSSP celebrate the TLM exclusively, as well; but while the TLM is the most important prayer in the Catholic Church; it is still only a prayer. The true teachings of the Church consists of far more teachings than a single, though important prayer. Many of our Catholic teachings were confused or rejected during the Second Vatican Council. And it is because of that Council that the Church has been brought to her knees today. Every one of these new FSSP priests have pledged fidelity to both the erroneous teachings of the Second Vatican Council, and the current pope.

As for the TLM, with the stroke of a pen every FSSP priest could be ordered to celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass–-even exclusively if that's what Pope Francis demanded. This pope and his Modernist bishops despise the TLM. They only tolerate it because they feel they must for the time being. But if one doesn't recognize that such a day will come when the FSSP will be ordered to celebrate the Novus Order Mass as well––and likely soon––they delude themselves.

Anonymous said...

"As for the TLM, with the stroke of a pen every FSSP priest could be ordered to celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass–-even exclusively if that's what Pope Francis demanded. This pope and his Modernist bishops despise the TLM. They only tolerate it because they feel they must for the time being. But if one doesn't recognize that such a day will come when the FSSP will be ordered to celebrate the Novus Order Mass as well––and likely soon––they delude themselves"

There's been talk about a schism with the advent of the Amazon Synod and the German Synod, but truth is, if any Pope (especially Bergoglio) were stupid enough to order the FSSP to celebrate the Novus Ordo, or to outlaw the TLM, there would be a huge schism. There would be no one left in the Novus Ordo Church in ten years.

Damian M.Malliapalli

Tom said...

Respectfully, the schism actually occurred. It took place during the Second Vatican Council when the Modernist left the Church. Faithful Catholics should understand, however, they they did not take the faith––only the buildings. The SSPX continues to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Maas, all of the Sacraments, and all of the truths of the Catholic Church that were extant prior to Vatican II.

As to whether or not there are future schisms within the institutional church in Rome remains to be seen. I suspect there will be, as, like the Protestants that followed after Martin Luther, the modern clerics and laity of the institutional church hold many different points of view on the tenets of their new religion. Perhaps the first break-aways will be Episcopal Conferences like Germany and Belgium.

But I'd also suspect you're right about Pope Francis being wise enough not to shut down the TLM on the FSSP inasmuch as that action would likely drive many of their priests and followers over to the SSPX. That would be the last thing Pope Francis and the Modernists would want to do inasmuch as they exercise zero control over the SSPX or their followers.

More likely he will allow the TLM to continue as it is, but take steps toward having the FSSP priests gradually profess the false teachings of the institutional church. One must realize that many, likely most, of the worshippers at FSSP churches no little if anything about the false teachings of Vatican II.

Whatever he does will not be done overnight, but only when he sees that he has a clear pathway. And, since the FSSP priests have agreed that the teachings of Vatican II are all sound Catholic doctrine, one should not be surprised if those priests were encouraged to include many of the modern social doctrines set out in Catholic Social Teaching in some or all of their sermons.

It is without question, however, that whatever steps this pope (or the next one) takes, they will be slow and insidious.

Reagan's Bush said...

Did you just type 'judeo-christian'?
Malachi Martin?

Anonymous said...

WHY would anyone read Teilhard de Chardin when his writings were condemned by the Church in the early 60s (N.B. that condemnation is still in effect).

Tancred said...

Idk, part of it is Google, part of it is my ineptitude. I want to keep the comments open so mature adults can contribute, it but then this evil demon from the 60s keeps chiming in with his drug-fueled Babel, so I feel you.

Tancred said...

Anon 6:35. No one in the scientific community takes him seriously. He’s like Freud and literature. The study of lit is befouled by Freud....

Tancred said...

Anon 843. Shhh... don’t tell anyone!

Tancred said...

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments. I’m sorry about Gaybrielle. I might just go to a different format.

gm said...

PW That's not very Vatican II of you, you are supposed to be ecumenical with your fellow Christians, and litugically Vatican II says that Latin and Gregorian chant are to be retained.

PW said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the SSPX too!
Similarly, I love High Church Anglicanism!
Both pretenders and Prottys

Anonymous said...

"Vatican II also produced Gaudium et Spes, Sacrosanctum Concilium, Dignitatis Humanae Nostrae, Nostra Aetate among others that many of the commenters on this board regard as optional"

I might be only 31, but U dud read where John XXIII declared at the opening of Vatican II that it was to be a "pastoral" council...that there would be no condemnations AND no new dogmas. Therefore, to follow the logic of the man who had the unfortunate inspiration to call the council, Vatican II was a "pastoral council", and none of it's documents represent new Catholic dogma which absolutely must be adhered to.
The rad liberals like Bergoglio and his cronies, and people like PW and some dissident college professors I knew at both the U of P and Villanova would like to transform Vatican II into some "super council" that supersedes all other councils and teachings of the Church. That is a bunch of b.s.
Vatican II was convened as a "pastoral" council with it's decrees as pastoral advice and suggestions.....not dogma. UNfortunatly that's what it was turned into, almost from the beginning.
But even some of the old Cardinals and bishops who (now deceased) participated in the Council said over the years that they did not vote on binding documemnts of dogma.
So Vatican II is not etched in stonce, sacrosanct or super dogma. Most of it is not worth the paper it was printed on.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

"U dud" above....typo sorry. I should learn not to type so fast.

Reagan's Bush said...

Which is great because the Conciliar sect approves of prottyism.

Tancred said...

Ooo, anonymous 335 with an irrelevant hot take.