Friday, September 13, 2019

Cardinal Ouellette Criticizes German Bishops’ Push for Laicisation

Plans to include laypersons in a reform process have sparked anger in the Vatican. The Catholic Church in Germany is now on a head-on collision course with Rome.
The German Bishops' Conference received a stern warning from the Vatican over planned reform consultations, it was revealed on Friday.
The letter from Rome criticised the German Church's "synodal path," which is due to begin in December. The initiative is meant to deal with topics such as celibacy, sexual morality, abuse of power and the role of women in the church, as well as coming to terms with abuse cases. 
The Vatican's assessment, written by Cardinal Marc Oullet, who heads the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, was also especially critical of the fact that the Conference had included the Central Committee for German Catholics (ZdK) in the process. [We Are Church people in Germany. The usual over educated liberals and academic elites who are gradually graying into incoherence.] 
This means that laypersons will have a voice alongside the clergy. [No, it just means that professional Catholics will impose a progressive narrative that most Catholics in the pew don’t care about.]


JBQ said...

One has to be very naive not to understand that the German bishops with Kasper (the unfriendly ghost) and Marx (just as radical as Karl) are in league with the devil and the deep blue sea flowing just off the coast of Argentina.

John F. Kennedy said...

If the Vatican was serious Marx would be removed as an Archbishop and Cardinal. That would make the rest of tbem think about they are doing. If he refuses to comply then the whole "German" Church would be schism officially.

Michael Dowd said...

My guess is the only real issue is that the Vatican wants to be the first to roll out these heretical ideas. 'Not Invented Here' syndrome at work. Germany is out of line. They are to be a stalking horse, only. They went too far, too fast. That's their sin.

Anonymous said...

The text on this post is huge. -Dirk

Anonymous said...

After much reading & researching,these so called "Bishops" did not receive valid Ordination or Episcopal Consecration.
Their calls for an end to
clerical celibacy are a bad fruit of their banal fabricated so called
"New Rite of Holy Orders."

Jeff said...

The problem is higher up than the German bishops.
The problem is a man on the Papal throne that is a raging personality disorder.
Until he is "retired" at the direction of the weaponized Swiss Guards and packed off to B.A., it will only get worse.
Germans understand and respect force. They will get the picture and obediently get in line.

Tancred said...

The German bishops have been bad since long before Bergoglio.

jose guadalupe rodriguez said...

Poor trad bloggers all around the world, this pope is a cynical manipulator of public opinion.
Shamless Bergoglio and his vatican pundits are deceiving the whole catholic world.
Vatican and the argentinian pope are simulating against the german church, and germans are simulating against the vatican theatre.

cogito said...

The Germans. Again. Always the Germans. Reformation #2.

BrotherBeowulf said...

False. It’s the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.

Some German. But McCarrick much less Bergoglio nein sprechen Zie Deutsch.

This is far beyond Deformation Deux.