Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Evil Bishops Looking to Magnify Their Power by Attacking Trump and Bringing in New Democrat Voters

Edit: this isn’t about doing right by the spiritual and temporal good of their flocks, it’s about maximizing their power and wealth. Indeed, for as long as I’ve been alive, American bishops have never done anything to benefit anyone but themselves and their power. If they ever do the right thing, it’s been under duress or it’s involuntary. It’s easy to see them cynically, because that’s how they look at things.

DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - Catholic bishops have again condemned the Trump administration over immigration policy.
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) issued a statement on Monday condemning a recent move by the Trump administration to change the rules regarding migrants seeking asylum. The proposed change would require Central American migrants seeking asylum in the United States to apply for asylum in other countries they have passed through. It would severely reduce the number of people seeking asylum in the United States.
In the statement, Bp. Joe Vásquez, chair of the USCCB's Committee on Migration, said, "We have grave concerns about the administration's interim final rule, issued on July 16, 2019, that greatly limits U.S. asylum eligibility at the southern border."


Donnacha said...

No shocker with this one at all. the USCCB gets big $$$ for their budget every year from the US Government to house illegals. Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services received $202,000,000 and $426,943,000 respectively in 2016. For CRS, federal monies accounted for 64.70 percent of its total annual budget, for Catholic Charities, 11 percent. In total, Catholic institutions in the United States received over $500,000,000 in federal funding in 2016 [h/t Newmax].

The local novus ordo convents up here in New England are not filled with vocations. The night-time buses roll in with the "undocumented" and they are given a place to live. The Order/Congregation receives money for each one they house.

Of course the USCCB will attack the President for wanting to enforce the law!

JBQ said...

The "underground railroad" is alive and well and runs through St. Louis as well.

Anonymous said...

Helped by the Lamestream Media no doubt!


Michael Dowd said...

Might be a good time for a RICO investigation of homosexual predation in all dioceses as well as money laundering activities associated with immigration.

PW said...

Another fake story generated by the sodomite Voris.

Michael Dowd said...

PW. Voris only has true stories. Your problem is with the Catholic Church, not Voris.

JBQ said...

@PW: The Christ Himself said to the woman caught in adultery. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. After they left, he asked the woman who now is here to condemn you. Go now and sin no more. ---- The key word here is "sin". Michael Voris admitted his sin. Now, it appears that you would make a sin into an acceptable lifestyle.

Tancred said...

Gaybrielle is really seething with venom and hatred for Voris.

Tancred said...

He doesn’t worship God, he worships Vatican II and all the evils done in its name.

Anonymous said...

Trinity Communications. Domus Enterprises. Concept Communications. Dowd and Tancred are shills for the opus devil CIA/FBI JFK murderers. The Energy (buckley bush hunt) interests (the Jews (Bush/Koch bros) that were killed by aluminum fells steel on 9/11 got big payouts, but what about the service men killed in the 20 year war on terrorism?). Why is georgy porgy newmire featured on CM (why does he need a gofundme account when he's livin' w/his sister (!they're both lay consecrated virgins!) who works for the Trump admin as she did for the Bush admin (in energy of course like Donna Bethell)? Why is deathblindlies reporting 'breaking news' about Epstein? Why is the remnant running articles about poor georgy porgy pedophile pell (and Fellay will be next)? It all comes from their funding source: the U.S. taxpayer!

It was that Lawler’s book was published by Regnery. Regnery publishing is a CIA front. This is not an assumption or claim- it is a long-known fact that William Regnery’s company was funded by the CIA as a part of Operation Mockingbird, which was the CIA’s attempt beginning in the 1950s to shape public perception of issues through the use of media. ... $100,000 to Dr. Mirus...another $150,000 was paid to “Domus Enterprises” ... corresponds with Philip Lawler- this is the compensation paid to him...who are the donors to Catholicculture.org? Legally, they do not have to disclose who they are, and this is not a cause for suspect in itself. However, what is highly curious is that the unifying person between Lawler and Mirus is Paul Weyrich...

Why is CM still employing a porn writer? "Rafe gives the player a series of options in the scenario: “If you would like make love to the goddess (even if you are female - Asrel is an equal-opportunity lover!), turn to 11.”"


"But when you look at Voris’ non-profit filings on GuideStar, the most recent available (2013) says he receives no salary. In fact, it says almost nothing. You see, it’s not the only company in Voris-land. Voris’ signature appears on another company’s founding documents from 1997. That is Concept Communications, LLC, which definitely seems to be for-profit, and does business under the name “Church Militant.” No pesky form 990 to file."

Telling the truth about Voris or investigating his past is 'smearing' him, but it's 'religious' when he (or you) does it about 'evil' bishops.


No-one asks why all the manly men of CM are attending assumption grotto staffed by a priest who offers (just like pope francis & Cupich do PUBLICLY but are attacked by Burke, Opus Devil & CM): "On its website, the new group promises "non-judgmental support and life-time accompaniment for our priest-clients who are so very much in need."

Why did Dr. Mirus leave Christendom? What is the sex skeleton in the closet of all the 'famous' opus devils (that are being blackmailed by Donna Bethell)?

Anonymous said...

Why is deathblindlies BREAKING "news" on Epstein?




Accurate & reliable? Really?

Anonymous said...

Protestant "FAITH" in Action
On January 2, in the final hours of the 115th Congress, the U.S. Senate easily approved the nomination of Thomas Aquinas College alumna Mary Bridget Neumayr (’86) as the new chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).

Ms. Neumayr also served as deputy counsel for environment and nuclear programs at the U.S. Department of Energy from 2006 to 2009, and counsel to the assistant attorney general for the environment and natural resources division at the U.S. Department of Justice from 2003 to 2006.

Donna Fitzpatrick Bethell, Washington The writer was the undersecretary in the Energy Department from 1988 to 1989 [under Bush] and serves on the board of the Science & Environmental Policy Project.

is a senior editor of The American Spectator and was for 25 years a media fellow of the Hoover Institution. He was formerly Washington editor of Harper's, and an editor of the Washington Monthly.

Newmire don't get paid for his 'articles' attacking evil bishops at the Spec (got to get paid under the table by Donna B (funds closed or you could see her contribution))

Friends, staff, and dogs of The American Spectator enjoyed .. the magazine’s first annual Pig Roast and Bluegrass Festival. TAS publisher Al Regnery opened his country getaway


Wonder if newmire got paid for this 'reporting' on who converted regnery: "We had a wonderful group—pretty large. Bill (CIA Bozell) Buckley, Kate O’Beirne, and Peggy Noonan were there. The National Review gang really supported me."

Yeah, all opus devils !publicly! disapprove of sodomy (and of course publicly none of them are God damned (they are virtue personified)) but behind the scenes in the media pit when they're making that sausage that Tancred & Michael Dowd eat up and regurgitate like it's TRUTH (or something):

"The Spectator has written pieces disapproving of homosexuality, I point out, yet one of its star writers, David Brock, is openly gay. "He hasn't made it a goddamned issue!" Tyrrell says. "He hasn't bored me to death with discussions of his sex life."

Does he have a problem as a gay man writing for a magazine, and an editor, critical of homosexuals? "The American Spectator has always been unlike other conservative magazines. I don't feel hypocritical that it publishes pieces critical of the gay life style; I find the people who edit the magazine quite TOLERANT.""

Tancred said...

What makes you think I support these people,

Tancred said...

Rafe doesn’t do fantasy role playing any more, and I don’t see the significance of any of your references to CM and Opus Dei. If anything, Opus dislikes Voris criticizing the hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

"Rafe doesn’t do fantasy role playing any more," That's the lie peddled by EM Jones, Tancred (but of course you are a fanzine of his--did he put his foot on your neck and make you swear to be his slave for life?).

"Simon Rafe had been involved in posting a homoerotic fanzine on his blog" (opus devil's jones non-expose of voris)

"As recently as August 15 (The Feast of the Assumption: read Mary of Egreda on the Blessed Virgin & then play a game promoting equal opportunity lesbian sex w/the goddess of love, life, health, healing beauty and sex (note rafe (like all the opus devils) don't need money) sell Catholicism during the day and paganism on your free time), the website batcave.co.uk hosted the text of “Castle Dracula: A Tunnels & Trolls Solo Adventure by Simon Rafe.” Signed and dated “Simon ‘The Darknight’ Rafe, Baptism of Our Lord, 2010,” the work contains a paragraph vividly describing a sexual encounter with “a beautiful Elven woman” revealed to be “Asrel, the goddess of love, life, health, healing, beauty and sex.”

Rafe gives the player a series of options in the scenario: “If you would like strength and vitality, turn to 70. If you would like health and life, turn to 383. If you would like true love, turn to 467. If you would like sex appeal, turn to 203. If you would like sexual potency, turn to 366. If you would like make love to the goddess (even if you are female—Asrel is an equal-opportunity lover!), turn to 11.”

Of course, Opus Devil National catholic register has no problem (indeed compares him to shakespeare)

Guess Voris don't make porn videos anymore either (when 'religious' videos pay so well), but how do you know that Tancred--are you in the same support group at Assumption Grotto w/Fairy Perrone who isn't a lying, cover up of priest sodomites and pedophiles, doesn't put them into his parish and let them 'minister' to children (even though there are color pics), doesn't tell the faithful laity if the priest threatens to rape you just stay away from him?


Anonymous said...

"and I don’t see the significance of any of your references to CM and Opus Dei. If anything, Opus dislikes Voris criticizing the hierarchy" Not only do you speak for the sodomite who is 'married' to a man voris' pal rafe, you lie for "opus" as well.

Voris only does hit pieces on ODevil enemies (he runs cover-up like emjones for their henchmen). ODevil is CM's chief sponsor and promoter starting w/Brammer, Jones, and continuing w/Terry Carroll (no relation of course to Warren Carroll of Christendom & Dallas when JFK was murdered). Why is that john revolting wannabe twit marshall (who also attends carroll's parish in dallas texas) and christine niles on CM? Why is newmire? Why is deathblindnews headquartered at Christendom all over CM? Virus is a bought, owned and blackmailed tool of the Opus Devil CIA bush state. That's why the headquarters are being rebuilt and there is a 'new vibe' there.


Virus & cODevil protestants criticizing 'the heirarchy'

The rally was attended by about 20 laymen and several media representatives, including the Associated Press and the local NBC TV affiliate, which carried the rally as part of a story on the McCarrick case. A reporter from LifeSiteNews also attended. A video of the rally is available on the Catholic Laity website, in addition to a Feb. 15 Ave Maria/EWTN interview with Donna Bethell.


30 Open Mic! With Christine Niles, co-host Terry Carroll,


Tancred said...

I just like E. Michael Jones. Wasn’t aware one had to have a foot on one’s neck to like him.