Thursday, August 15, 2019

Evil Bishop of Motherwell Erects Cramner Table to Commemorate Suffering Scots Church During Penal Times

It looks like an altar of bloody sacrifice, and the brickwork for a
trendy restaurant in a warehouse that some fabulous clergy love so much.. 
Edit: I received this from a nice priest in the Motherwell Diocese who assured me that his Lord, the Bishop, isn’t evil and extends this new modernist-looking Cramner Table as proof. It’s a sad thing that the blessed shrines of the Church are in the hands of stewards such as these. We thank Father for his generous email.

13 August

[ICN] A new altar has been installed at Carfin Grotto in Motherwell to honour the Scots forced to practise their Catholic faith clandestinely through two and a half centuries of persecution, from 1560 onwards.

The altar is named after the secret seminary in the Braes of Glenlivet which operated from 1716 to 1799 in contravention of the Penal Laws against Catholicism. The laws forbade the celebration of Mass in Scotland; priests were prohibited from being in Scotland at all.

Edit: nowadays, priests are viciously persecuted by their own bishops for telling the truth about what’s going on in their sees, as is the case with Father Mathew Despard.

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Comestor said...

It's plain to see that this is nothing more than a BBQ in a public space.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant Romanists: It’s CranMer not CramNer!

Anonymous said...

common error among the historically ignorant

Comestor said...

an it still resembles a BBQ so why the kerfuffle?

GrammarGoat said...

Typo spotted, traditionalism destroyed!!!

Anonymous said...

Typical Novus Ordo b.s. (yawn)