Monday, August 26, 2019

Credibly Accused Aberrosexual Predator Suing Stephen Brady

FRESNO, Calif. ( - The president of the Catholic watchdog organization Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) is standing up to a defamation lawsuit filed by an accused priest of the diocese of Fresno, California.
Stephen Brady, founder and president of RCF, has hired attorney Paul Jonna, who is from the same firm that successfully represented David Daleiden. Daleiden's group, Center for Medical Progress, was sued by Planned Parenthood for exposing the abortion giant's trafficking in body parts from aborted babies.
Brady told Church Militant he was connected with Jonna owing to the efforts of the Thomas More Society, a non-profit firm dedicated "to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious liberty."


Anonymous said...

All diabolically designed to break Brady financially.
All of the considerable funds of the Catholic Church are going to be used to try to take him down and litigate him into bankruptcy.
They will go all out to torpedo this little guy.
It will be an example to the bigger fish such as Lifesite and Church Militant.

PW said...

Surely the sodomite Voris will galvanize his resources and extensive network to support this Brady fellow.

BrotherBeowulf said...

Michael Voris is a messenger of certain uncomfortable truths. Therefore he is invariably targeted with venom for the message he delivers, which is unwelcome and distasteful to the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, in the immortal words of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

Ad hominem attacks involving a lie as they do by definition (namely in virtue of being a fallacy), bely a certain dishonesty and apparent ill will. Mr. Voris has disavowed his past life. His reportage speaks for itself, and he despite his past—which has given him a good and insider perspective on the problem as he was once part of it—is exerting a great force for the renewal of Holy Mother Church by exposing just how deep and extensive is the rot of the H. N. S. C.

The worrisome thing for the Network is twofold. First, that it is affecting the money flow.

And second, the road of rot leads all the way to the door of the leader of the H. N. S. C.

It is clearer now than ever—on the one year anniversary of the first Viganò testimony—that the head of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church is none other than Francis. George the Mad. Bergoglio. Antipope.

Francis or Fatima. The choice is yours.

PW said...

I'll run with Christ. Pope Francis is his chief shepherd of Christ's church.
Fatima is private 'revelation' so optional, the Pope isn't.
Your choice.

Tancred said...

Bergoglio insults Christ every day.

PW said...

And he's not the only one either, Tancred. BTW, Bergoglio happens to be Pope Francis but what's that to a subterranean sede?

Tancred said...

Even a self-anointed English Nancy who has placed himself at a much higher level than sede troglodytes can see that Bergoglio is at odds with the basic tenets of Christian charity.

You violate those tenets virtually every time you post here yourself.

PW said...

Start with the plank in your own eye. You might begin to see things in a different way.

Dr. Judy Meissner, Psy.D., MPH said...

PW: What is Bergoglio to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano who has publicly called on him to resign as pope for the scandal he gives to humanity, Catholic and non-Catholic alike?

PW said...

Why don't you ask Vigano yourself. From what I see, he gives strong indications that he is the lead in a proxy war waged by vested interests like First Things, Lifesite, EWTN, Lepanto, Napa and Acton Institutes, Legatus and the rest of the Rump Trad tabloid check out press. These characters have been moving deeper and deeper into schism from the moment Pope Francis opened his mouth with 'Buona serra.'

In future, if you want a conversation, use your brain not your ideological bias.

Tancred said...

Why don’t you start with the plank in your own eye. I see you routinely libeling and calumniating people all the time.

How about no more comments till you do penance for your manifestly evil deeds. (Assuming that you at least pretend to be Catholic in public someplace, holding mental reservations at all the supernatural stuff.)

PW said...

How about you trot off now and give Judy a belt over the ear for calling you out about you dumb ass dismissal of the Knights of Columbus.
It's quite obvious that even some of your more bug eyed devotees think that your judgment on a number of issues is on the nose, way off mark and abysmally ill informed on key Catholic doctrines. The ectopic pregnancy matter is a case in point.

Tancred said...

Like a real psychopath, you try to invent shortcomings and oppositions that don’t exist when the depths of your wickedness are revealed.

Anonymous said...

I'm signing up with Church Militant today! And giving a sizeable donation!
Thanks Eponymous Flower!!

Core Girl said...

Hey, don't forget to donate to RCF too! They operate on a shoestring and David needs help to fortify his sling. He's taken down Goliath before.