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Head of Congregation of Religious Gives Insights — Why Attack Holy Franciscans of the Immaculate

(Asuncion) Why, since 2013, have traditional orders and communities, such as the Franciscans of the Immaculata of Rome, been placed under provisional administration since 2013, usually without a reason? This question has been raised since July 2013, four months after the election of Pope Francis, and has to do with Cardinal Braz de Aviz and the Congregation of Religious he leads. In the interview, the cardinal, more unconsciously than he intends, may have given an answer to the question. Braz de Aviz revealed some reasons that seem to be behind the sending of commissars. He also provided illuminating insight into the current understanding of priests in Rome. All in all aspects that are also interesting with regard to the Amazon Synod.

As reported, Cardinal Braz de Aviz recently visited Paraguay. There he gave an interview to the capital's daily newspaper Ultima Hora, which was published last Saturday, July 14th.

Ultima Hora: What are the challenges today (for religious life today)?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: We are working hard to change the training. We have to think about a training from the womb to the last breath. There is a process of life in which values ​​or sufferings are acquired or not. Everything counts in education, you can not say that is training and that is not. It is a path that must be undertaken, and requires a lot of attention, responsibility, forgiveness, and listening ability. We have a lot to change.

Then we have the problem within the consecrated life of regaining the human, the inclinations, the sexuality. We have to restore the relationship between superiors and subordinates in order to shed new light on them. The man-woman relationship, no longer defensive, but more integrated, deeper and more complete on both sides.

Ultima Hora: There is a career crisis. What does that say in your opinion?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: I think it's all a problem of the authenticity of life. Another problem is that society denies God in many places. He is not denied in theory, but in practice. So now we have to see: what is fundamental and what is not. Many things of the tradition, many things that belong to the past culture, are no longer suitable.

Ultima Hora: What, for example?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: For example, we have life forms that are related to our founders, but are not essential: a way of praying, a way of dressing oneself, giving too much importance to certain things that are not important, and others that are really important, too small to pay attention to them. This more globalized view of everything ... that we did not have, now we have it. It is no longer true that my culture is more important than the culture of the other, because the cultures are all the same, but they must find the values ​​of the Gospel.

Ultima Hora: As if spirituality had worsened ...

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: Yes, that's it. All the secondary things can fall, but not the special charisma of the founders.

Ultima Hora: Does celibacy belong in these many things to give up?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: For the consecrated life, celibacy is of fundamental importance because it is one of the pillars: poverty, chastity and obedience. But these are not commandments, but propositions, they are evangelical counsels. Its value is to discover, someone must discover whether he is called to or not. Sometimes one deceives oneself and thinks he is called to be without it. Others do not accept that because they do not see it as a value. We have to differentiate, recognize and follow.

Ultima Hora: Why do we experience a time when apostolic life seems more endangered?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: Today we do not think of the priesthood as the most important thing. The priesthood is one of the values, one of the vocations. In consecrated life the priest may not take the first place. He has to take the same place as the other brothers and sisters ... This, for example, must change: the Pope says that we must distinguish between power and authority. The divine authority is in order, the power is not. Because power, according to the mindset of the world, is a form of domination that does not serve. We have to go through another door: be in the secret and be able to
find that brotherhood.

Ultima Hora: How is the Church and the Pope handling the cases of sexual abuse?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: The Pope wants transparency, he wants responsibility. The Pope says that even if it was only abuse in the Church, it must be clarified because the consecrated figure of the priest is a figure that points to a divine value, a deep human value. If you do not have that, you are abusing. We have to recognize that. And the media is doing very well in putting this into focus, knowing that 95% of these problems are in the family and not in the Church, because that's true too.

Ultima Hora: To what extent have the sexual scandals affected the church, had it led to fewer priestly vocations?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz:  The scandal is always affecting, but that's just one side, because most took place 50 years ago; the other side is that now the consciousness is much bigger. But it has a big influence on the decline. But we have more adaptation to the current culture, authentic life, and think that God will take care of it.

Ultima Hora: How should the stigma be removed?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: Only by clarifying the cases and then by changing our way of being. Because it is a localized problem, a very serious problem, then you have to change. But we are not worried that this will come to light. It is necessary that it comes to light. We need a more modest church to live together and try to protect life. In everything else God does as He pleases.

Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Ultima Hora (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

Pure and simple, this is all about an attack on the traditional Church. Pope Francis in the words of the prediction of St. Francis of Assisi is the "great destroyer". Just like Marine Corps boot camp, you "tear it down" and then rebuild it in your own image.

Constantine said...

"This more globalized view of everything ... that we did not have, now we have it." said the Vatican official.
Meaning the global world order values have taken over.

Anonymous said...

basic Modernism...

Anonymous said...

Standard blah blah blah novus ordo claptrap - real meaning We have all the power now and the V2 church will fully embrace the modernist creed without exception damn the consequences.

Athanasius said...

Anonymous 'Standard blah, blah....'

You should be as happy as a lark now that you have fled the crime scene and taken refuge with The Remnant of the loyal, just and orthodox.

gm said...

If you listen to radio ave Maria the communications of the FMI based in England as well as reading their websites, they have still maintained their orthodoxy. Ok so they have to offer the NO, but they pray it ad orientum with all the traditional elements. The motu proprio acknowledges their right to pray the TLM. Pope Francis didn't win.

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

One good thing is that this clown is 72, and should be out of office soon. He is among the worst of the Cardinals, both in Rome and elsewhere.
But we can't blame Francis for him. Benedict XVI appointed him, removing the great Cardinal Rode (who initiated the investigation into USA nuns....the one thing that could have brought them down). Instead, we have to wait to see all the once great (60 years ago), 400+ USA Orders of nuns die out one by one. Voluntary and collective suicide. They all have whined about women priests and rights for women in the Church for 50 years. Total b.s. because it was the nuns who built the Catholic health care system in the USA, and the nuns who built the Catholic parochial school system in the USA...not the priests (the men). The priests brought the churches and most of the universities, and more importantly above all, the Mass...but it was the nuns who built a tremendous network of education and health care and tradition of contemplative prayer across the nation. Now because of Vatican II and the agenda of men like this Brazilian jackass and Pope Francis,have destroyed it all. The nuns bought into it and are dying out. Good riddance regarding most of them.
But this guy's days in power are are Francis'. Gone sooner than they think.

Damian Malliapalli

Litacanaman said...

They come to DESTROYED, Modernist.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be ironic, if after all these radicals like Bras de Aviz,Cardinals Marx, some other Germans, those working on the heretical Amazon Synod drafts who think their positions are secure, one day soon are thrown into caos if their hero Pope Francis suddenly becomes seriously ill or even dies?
I don't hope for anyone to become seriously sick or die, and it would be a shock if it actually happened to Francis.....but nevertheless, I'd laugh my head off at these people who are so smug, condescending and insulting to traditional Catholics when one day they get the shock of their lives and all their carefully laid plans go up in some in a heartbeat.
The news would be on the media for weeks, and of course there'd be the tidal wave of boo-hoos for the late Francis from the liberal media and other like minded people like these.
But these guys would all be out of jobs super quick, and they'd all lay low (Cupich, Tobin and Gregory et all) included, awaiting the ax to fall on them....just like they did it to the good Catholics during Francis' disastrous reign.
I hope they're positioning themselves in case of that eventuality, which is probably coming sooner than later.

Damian Malliapalli

Denial said...

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Tancred said...

I don’t support faggotry.