Friday, July 12, 2019

Archbishop of Turin Celebrates Immemorial Mass at Mercy Brothers Church

Archbishop Nosiglia prays in front of the tabernacle

(Turin) While a German bishop in June said that he "could not" allow priests of the Society of Saint Peter to celebrate Holy Mass in the traditional rite in his diocese, other bishops have less fears of contact and aversion to the Immemorial Roman Rite.
Last Sunday, July 7, the Archbishop of Turin, Msgr. Cesare Nosiglia, visited the "Church of Mercy". He participated in the Mass celebrated there in the ancient rite and gave the sermon. The visit happily coincided with the twelfth anniversary of the signing of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum by Pope Benedict XVI.
The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, but is known to the people as the "Chiesa della Misericordia". It was established by the Archconfraternity known as John the Baptist Beheaded, simply called "Mercy,"  founded in 1578, whose mission to this day is to care for prisoners, especially to ensure their religious care.
For more than 30 years, the church has regularly celebrated the Immemorial Rite since the then archbishop, Giovanni Cardinal Saladrini, benevolently supported the implementation of the Motu proprio Ecclesia Dei, adopted in 1988 by Pope John Paul II.

Members of the Societies

Archbishop Nosiglia was received last Sunday by the church rector, Canon Francesco Saverio Venuto, and RA Alberto Tealdi, the Governor of the Archconfraternity of Mercy, along with his brothers in the fraternity habits in front of the church. Present were also representatives of other societies of the city, with whom the brotherhood maintains good contact.
The Archbishop first knelt before the Blessed Sacrament in prayer and then took part in the mass celebrated by the church rector. In his sermon, the archbishop deepened the vocation of the first disciples. He spoke about the calling to life, to faith and to holiness, the "coronation of the whole Christian life". Suddenly, the archbishop asked the faithful if they remembered the catechism of St. Pius X, why God created us. After a moment of surprised hesitation, the faithful answered in chorus with the archbishop:
"We are on earth to know God, to love and serve him and to go to heaven."
It was the first time that an archbishop of Torino participated in the Mass in the Immemorial Riter at the "Church of Mercy," as Alberto Tealdi subsequently rejoiced and gratefully acknowledged. He recalled the priests who, as rectors of the Church, made the celebration of the traditional rite over the past 30 years or 
so possible. Canon Venuto has been the third church rector in several months, celebrating in the traditional Mass.
On the occasion of the episcopal visit, the Archdiocese published a book with twelve sermons by Msgr. Renzo Savarino, one of the former church rectors, whose 60th priestly jubilee was celebrated in the church on 28 June. He is still active in the diocese commission for the Shroud.
During the public exhibition of the Sacra Sindone, the Shroud of Turin, traditional pilgrims can find a home in the Church of the Archdiocese, as of 2015.

Update from the Comment Section in Messa in Latino:

The archbishop of Turin called “Brother” Enzo Bianchi of the Bose community to give lectures for the Turin seminar for the coming year (2019/20). For those unfamiliar with Enzo Bianchi, he can be summarigzed through the concepts of Arianism, voluntarism and immorality (since he pushes towards communion for cohabitants and adulterers as well as for the union for homosexual couples). I understand the happiness that can come from seeing him celebrate Mass according to the Extraordinary Rite, but the need to highlight that this is just another hypocrisy of a fake shepherd who does not care about salus animarum, but only to get lose a bit of consensus from all the fringes of the contemporary church. Don't be fooled by the traditionalist mask that he put on

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Messa in Latino
Trans: Tancred



Rex Rubricus said...

Presiding does not in this case include 'celebrating' the Mass.

BrotherBeowulf said...
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Tancred said...

No, he celebrated it, Gaybrielle.

Siamo lieti d’informare i lettori di MiL che domenica 7 luglio 2019, alle ore 11, S.E. Mons. Cesare Nosiglia, Arcivescovo metropolita di Torino, celebrerà la Messa prelatizia nella forma extraordinaria del Rito romano presso la Chiesa dell’Arciconfraternita della Misericordia in Torino (Via Barbaroux 41).
Deo gratias !

Anonymous said...

The photo might not be from the actual event. If it is, the one provided seems to show the bishop at the kneeler with surplice and stole; to the right, you can see the Celebrant vesting for the Mass. So, based on that, it looks like the bishop was "in choir," and not offering the Mass itself.

Tancred said...

Benediction is a seperate event. I’m guessing it was Benediction and Vespers later in the afternoon.

Rex Rubricus said...

Luigi got it wrong, Tancred. The archbishop presided not celebrated. Ever seen Burke presiding? He wears more stunning gear than the Infant of Prague.

Anonymous said...

Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum by Pope Benedict XVI informed Catholics around the world that every priest of the Latin rite has the right to say the TLM and no bishop can prohibit that right. So how does a bishop forbid priests in his diocese from saying a TLM, is the bishop in Germany schismatic?

Tancred said...

Those aren’t necessarily pictures of the event, Nancy.

Tancred said...

Germany has been in a state of de facto schism for at least 75 years.

PW said...

And so too has the SSPX and supporters been in de facto schism for years. You can throw in Burke, Schneiders, Opus Dei and a multitude of other recent 'start ups'.

BrotherBeowulf said...
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BrotherBeowulf said...

While Torino is twice Blessed—the Shroud and the Old Mass—it appears the Archbishop is highly questionable.

According to a report on, entitled
“Dishonest Turin Archbishop Spreads Gay Propaganda,” Turin Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia, held a retreat for practicing Sodomfolk May 5, 2019 A. D.

JBQ said...

When I wake from a deep slumber or drunken stupor, I rush to this site to see what PW has to say. It boils my blood and then I can go fight another day.

Alphabeticus said...

Here, here.

gm said...

@PW Schism is a canonically formal category. A Schismatic church such as the Russian Orthodox, or as the founders of Protestantism were formally declared in public and writing by the Popes at the time to be in schism. Please enlighten us with your theological subtlety and erudition as to what Pope's public statement and written letter of schism that has ex cathedra declared ipso facto the SSPX to be schismatic?