Monday, June 3, 2019

Vice President of Lega Nord Supports Catholic Counter Procession to Gay Pride

The vice-president of the Lega Nord has supported a church Sacred Heart procession in Modena on the weekend, which was planned as a counter to a homosexual rally.

Rome ( Last weekend Lorenzo Fontana, the Italian Family Minister, officially supported a Sacred Heart procession at a church in Modena, scheduled to take place on Saturday as a counter to the Gay Pride homosexual demonstration. In an interview, the Minister and Vice-President of Lega-Nord has clearly stated the objectives of the procession. "I am happy that you are planning this and wish you good luck." The minister then pointed out that Christian values ​​are the foundation of Italy's history, identity and tradition. These must be maintained.

Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Too bad Lega Nord doesn't prohibit these gay demos Putin the last Christian leader in Europe won't allow homosexual marches or their adoption of children.

Anonymous said...

Italian here. Sadly banning gay pride would be unconstitutional (thank you liberal democracy). Gay adoption is still illegal, though a few judicial decisions have thrown ambiguity on cases where one is the natural father/mother of the child. The Lega would probably support an all-out, clear-cut ban, but secularist forces are still majority in our parliament and would wait nothing to legalise gay marriage if this is proposed, so better to wait for the next elections (imho a snap election is almost certain a few months ahead)

Tancred said...

Yeah, Lega Nord has inherited a mess it didn’t create.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27

If you think Putin is a Christian leader you are sadly mistaken .
To be aware what social order will bolster your nation does not necessarily equate with Christianity. Strong family life is the foundation of any civil society.
The soviets learned the hard way what was destroying their nation and filling their streets and orphanages with throw away children.
They planted homosexuals in Catholic seminaries as Bella Dodd testified to.

PW said...

The Commies also planted a sodomite in Church Militant.

Tancred said...

I’ll bet you’re a real Bluebeard.

Anonymous said...

OK then keep cheering for the abortion loving democracies of US Canada and EU