Thursday, June 27, 2019

Homosexuality and the Rebellion Against Nature

Edit: a regular reader recommends this blogger’s work and I thought I’d highlight it. Here it is!

Some considerations.

[Corvine’s Catholic Corner] Homosexuals rebel. They seek, for reasons of having to live with themselves, to redefine what is "natural". That's what they do. If humans were animals, we'd do whatever they'd want and not have to ratinoalize it. But we're the Rational Animals, so we have to justify ourelves -- to ourselves and to everyone else.

And also, concurrent to all that, and no doubt because of all that, the larger modern society intensely dislikes any discusson of "Nature."

All the sexual deviancy stuff that is throttling our civilization keeps forcing us, as it were, to reinvent the moral wheel. To try to explain how human morality is so intrinsically tied to our nature. We have to explain to adulterers, homosexuals, and whoever else standsfor Rebellion against Nature, what is human society for. What human life is about. Is it for “doing our own thing" or are we responsible for one another? Especially our children? Are we "trapped" by our biological nature -- being male, being female -- and having to get on with life on that basis, or are we somehow free to do whatever we want? Is life all about living the life we are biologically dealt, or tossing the cards and rebelling against what we are? As in what that old Devil Aleister Crowley used to say, "Do whatever you want is the whole of the law".

Taking God out out the question for a moment (can't really be taken out, but for the sake of the argument): human life consists of being conceived, gestated, born, being hopelessly helpless for YEARS, desperately needing both parents, raised only slowly, time consumingly, and at serious financial expense, finally reaching adulthood physically in the later teen years. That cannot be escaped from. And that's just the physical side to it. To raise a sane, functioning, self-reliant adult takes massive effort -- of both parents and the larger society backing them up! This is what life is about. That is, if we want a future for the human race at all. "The future belongs to those who show up."

On the other hand, Homosexuals -- just as much as easy divorce advocates, "open marriage" proponents, etc. are, (whether seemingly mild or aggressive) continually calling all that -- the basics -- in question. They need it explained over and over again and they're just not buying it. It's like trying to play a game of baseball with an opposing team that forgets how to play the game by the beginning of every inning: We have to take time to explain and re-explain and re-re-explain the rules of life -- even to the basic points of what our body parts are for! -- ALL THE TIME, and they keeping asking, "Why these rules? Let us play it the way we want."

If we give in and let them go play the game they way they want, it won't work because WE ARE WHAT WE ARE. We are == in our nature -- humans, and our morality has to reflect that. No matter how "traditional" or "conservative" specific individuals might be, overall, the Rebels Against Nature just create moral chaos that mirrors their physical chaos, and it engenders social collapse. History shows that again and again.

An Préachán


Anonymous said...

As each wrong is rendered no longer illegal, it becomes legal, no longer a wrong it becomes a right and is then enshrined on the federal level as a civil right. As a federal civil right each is then exported as a universal right and the transformation from vice to virtue is complete.

So it is that each vice becomes a ritual in a new pagan religion of pleasure worship. And here we find ourselves being commanded to follow such rituals or be punished as once people were for violating goodness.

Unknown said...

You write - "Human life consists raise a sane, functioning, self reliant adult takes much effort of both parents"

How can you rightly state that?

God has created us in HIS image (I used a capital G for God - you tend to us a capital H for Homosexual - clearly an important word to you).

I am a gay, practising, Catholic and am wholly content with the relationship I have between myself and God.

The first sentence, that I have quoted, sane, functioning - how does this relate to those of us who are less able, let alone Gay!


I'm form the UK - so apologise for having no idea about the Baseball analogie.

Leo D. Lion said...

Dont anger GOD, in where HE the WORD intervenes to adjust the human being's behavior.. beastiality, sodomy and more.
The time of Noah and Sodom and Gamorah received GOD'S special attention.

Constantine said...

Let me give an answer to Mr."Unknown".
God created us in His image. That is true. However, we have disobeyed God, and it disfigured our image and dignity. Original Sin also made us to be sick and grow abnormal, and it damaged and dulled out our intelligence and thinking. We can no longer think without sinful impediments and thoughts weaken out moral thinking, and our ability to understand the way to God. I hppe this helps you brother. And I pray that our unique and different sinful appetities controlling us are cured by Confession and Penance and the Sacraments to return us in our Enlighted state

Tancred said...

I’m a murderer and a thief as well as a devout Catholic.

I don’t want to change anything. Why should I?

Anonymous said...

Proof of Pope Francis the homo loving heretic's unpopularity in Rome.

Today was the feast of SS.Peter and Paul----in the past a HUGE celebration in Saint Peter's Square with the piazza packed with 200,000+ faithful and a solemn Mass by the Pope. That's the way it was under JP II and Benedict XVI.
Not with our guy Francis. No big Mass in the Piazza. Mass in the Basilica with many empty seats.
No applause for Francis either coming in or out of the Basilica. There was always plenty for JP II and Benedict XVI.
Kepp loving those homos, those Muslims and migrants year if your still here there may be only a few hundred turn out for this celebration.
Your die hard fans.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

And as Ppope Francis made his way up the aisle, with his usuall sour face, there were many in the crowd at St. Peters who were giving him the same sour face back at him....not smiling and not viva il Papa, etc. Nothing.

Damian Malliapalli

Peter Watson said...

Don't hold back, Damian. Tell the reader how you really feel about Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

Come on Peter. Don't you think he was fair?

Tancred said...

Don’t hold back Gaybrielle, tell the world what you think of Indians.

Anonymous said...

A Phréacháin:

We must mention in discussing what is or is not natural, that we are referrring to our intended nor our redeemed natures. Our interlocutors are quite logical to say everything that occurs in nature, for instance sodomy, is natural. However it only natural in that fallen nature in which we live and which was caused by the sin of our first parents, which introduced both material evil (e.g. diseases, dreadful storms, death) and moral evil into a world created good. There are important presuppositions about nature contained in our Faith which others need not share and which need not be accessible to the mind uniformed by Grace. Discussions of this kind are cause for instruction of the ignorant, and if there is no instruction, what is proposed may be heard as invective instead of kindness.

Is mise le meas,