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George Soros Praises Pope Francis

Soros praise for Pope Francis: How far do they go together? How far is the equality of ideas?

(Rome) The left oligarch George Soros praises  Pope Francis. The multi-billionaire, w
international network for influencing politics and public opinion, showed his satisfaction with the ruling Pope on Twitter. In the past there were already direct connections. Above all, the bond is an amazingly similar agenda.

George Soros, though a currency speculator, is among the most influential people in the world. This is because he uses his billions of assets to influence politics and public opinion directly, and internationally. For this purpose, he built up an organizational network, which in turn finances and directs a network of NGOs. At the heart of the network is the endowment of the Open Society Foundations. The control center is ultimately Soros himself. This allows him to a more rapid setting of the agenda in parliaments, governments, political parties or organizations. Soros is the first, truly global, political body that basically consists of only his person and money. He buys the desired opinion.

Soros also sponsors of Pope Francis

Since Pope Francis was elected, his influence reaches into the Vatican, which was previously closed to him. Unlike his predecessors, Francis shows, though the pope of the "option for the poor" has little fear of contacting major oligarchs. It is unclear to what extent Pope Francis is aware of the influence of Soros. One should, however, have no illusions in this regard.

During the Pope's visit to the United States in September 2015, Soros was one of the main sponsors of the Pope's journey. With 650,000 dollars, he financed the visit to the left US President Barack Obama, whose successor Donald Trump Francis avoids on the other hand. One of the "highlights" of the visit to the US was the encounter with an aberrosexual student of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his  partner. It came to a scandal because the then Apostolic Nuncio in the US, Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò,  at the request of the US bishops also invited the county official Kim Davis in the Nunciature, who engaged a conscientious objection to the legalization of "gay marriage” and was even jailed for it. Her presence, which at first was hushed up and then denied by the Vatican, disrupted the papal idyll of rapprochement with Obama and the left-liberal mainstream.

The Soros financing became known later, as in the course of the presidential election campaign in 2016 corresponding evidence was revealed  significantly on WikiLeaks. The contact with Soros came about through the Honduran cardinal and Pope confidant, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, who is also accused of having a criticized affinity for money elsewhere in Honduras.

Soros Donations: $ 650,000 for Pope's Visit 2015 in the US.

There has never been a personal meeting between Pope Francis and George Soros. This should be due mainly to  political wisdom. When it came to a meeting with Bill Gates, another major oligarch who is also sociopolitically active and like Soros, is himself one of the main sponsors of abortion and aberrosexualization, there was a rebellion of African bishops, so that the private audience was canceled again.

Great harmony of the agendas of Soros and Francis

Many Catholics observe with astonishment and horror the substantive agreement on numerous topics between the course, which Pope Francis of the Catholic Church decreed and the political agenda of
George Soros. This applies above all to unrestricted mass migration, climate hysteria and antinatalism. Francis is the most important global voice for a "right" to unrestricted migration and the associated dissolution of state borders and state sovereignty. He is next to Greta Thirnberg the most influential, moral voice for the increasingly hysterical climate story of an allegedly man-made climate change and the delusion that man can direct the climate by governmental influence. After all, it is Francis who largely neutralized the Church in terms of abortion and contraception. While the Pope and the Church, among his predecessors, were the most important voice for a culture of life that actively resisted at all levels of the culture of death, Francis did not formally change the course, but reduced it to a minimum, so that the Church offered no real opposition to the Neo-Malthusians and their abortion agenda, but also the Homo-Agenda at the highest level  (see also: Pope rewards Homosexual Activism and Abortion).

The balance is sobering. Even though there was no meeting between Bergoglio and Soros, there is a fundamental harmony with central themes of the Soros agenda.

A shocking example of this is Pope Francis’ praise for former EU Commissioner Emma Bonino. Bonino has been one of the most radical abortion, euthanasia, drug liberalization and, more recently, mass migration lobbyists since the 1970s. She sits on the board of the Open Society Foundations and is one of the closest confidants of George Soros. Faithful Catholics were horrified, but Pope Francis praised Bonino as “very great.”

George Soros recently confirmed his closeness to Bergoglio recently by praise for the Catholic Church leader, albeit for a supposedly "unsuspicious" reason. The praise still speaks for itself.

Soros praise for the pope

Pope Francis apologized during his visit to Romania last Sunday on behalf of the Catholic Church to the Roma, a Gypsy people (from Greek ἀτσίγγανος, atsínganos), for their "historically bad treatment". Romania and Moldova which is also part of the Romanian-speaking region, together with Bulgaria, Macedonia and Slovakia have the world's highest Gypsy population. The Danube Principality Wallachia, now part of Romania, has belonged since the late Middle Ages to the core settlement area, since it became from 1395 an Ottoman dependency, which lasted until 1878. The appearance of Gypsies in Europe took place parallel to the military advance of the Ottomans in the Balkans.

Exact information about their numerical strength does not exist. Over the past hundred years, however, their share of the population of Romania and Moldova and those neighboring countries is likely to have increased tenfold due to favorable conditions.

On June 3, George Soros was pleased with the Pope’s apology on Twitter:

"Pope Francis sent an important message when he asked for forgiveness for the discrimination, marginalization and maltreatment of the Roma."

Already last April 8, Soros called the Roma "the most discriminated and oppressed minority in Europe,”  he wrote:

"I've made it my mission to help them."

Soros’ Open Society Foundation describes itself as the world's "largest private donor of Roma affairs". The Foundation estimates the number of Roma in Europe in a video in which Soros himself appears at 12 million. This number was mentioned in 2011 by the Council of Europe, but is no more certain than other information. In the 1980s, as today, numerous various estimates were mentioned, but only in the order of 1.9 to 5.6 million.

Soros Foundation Holding on its commitment to Roma in Europe.

The Soros commitment to Roma and Sinti can only be speculated. In the context of his migration agenda, it is noticeable that the Gypsies from India, as the European name was, until political correctness began to take on the role of language police, historically show a marked demarcation from neighboring peoples and a strongly nomadic character. These elements show themselves to be in common with the Jews, and they are the only two not truly settled peoples of Europe. Soros is a Jew, though it does not matter in concrete terms, whether he is a believer or not, because it is not a question of religion.

Mass migration through dissolution of state borders and state sovereignty equates to the attempt by Soros and others to take up these specific identities and to impose them on the European peoples and the states and legal systems that they have formed throughout history.

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Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter / Open Society Foundations (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


Michael Dowd said...

There can be little question that Pope Francis and George Soros are in bed together along with all other godless Progressives.

Pope Francis represents the Catholic Church but does not support much of Catholic moral doctrine regarding marriage and other sexual issues especially homosexuality.

Accordingly, we should only consider Pope Francis mainly a political operative owned and directed by Progressive interests especially George Soros.

Bottom line: Pope Francis is the first non-Catholic Pope. Listening to him places your soul at risk.

TLM said...

Fully concur with your post, Michael. He doesn't support 'life issues' period! He's sitting in the Chair of Peter but is basically a non Catholic Pope. Never did I think in my wildest dreams I would see a day such as this, we are! It is at this point, difficult for even the most nominal Catholic to think he's not out to destroy the Church. You would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to see it.

Michael Dowd said...


I wouldn't be surprised that Pope Francis is an end of time figure, perhaps one of personalities mention in the Book of Revelation.

Constantine said...

It does not touch most Catholics on a parish level, as much as the liturgical changes did in the 1960s. So they go on through life oblivious of what's going on. Catholic parents are more concerned with "real life" "everyday" problems, such as climate change, eating the right (organic and/or vegan) foods, taichi classes, putting a stop sign in front of the school. But more concern is placed on these and othe "real-life" problems than on any concern about whether their child will stand up "unashamed at the awesome tribunal of Christ".

Anonymous said...

This is so shocking. I know I should not be shocked, but I still am.

Anonymous said...

Mark Sashay praises Soros AND Frances!

JBQ said...

Malachi Martin was writing his final book of faction when he died in 1999. The title was "How the Catholic Church Became a Creature of the New World Order". Actually, there has to be a transcript or parts thereof somewhere.---The title itself insinuates that a future pope would be under the direction of an elite organization. That would mean that there are preparations underway for the arrival of the A.C. The Third Secret allegedly contains a reference to the final pope being under the direction of Satan.----It would appear that Francis receives his marching orders from an elite organizational group. That would be reason enough to sabotage the election of a number of popes within the consistory process using various methods but with always the same goal. That goal would appear to be exactly what is documented in "Amoris Laetitia" and the evident acceptance of "adultery, fornication, and sodomy".

Peter Watson said...

JBQ continues to subvert his own arguments by citing Martin, the soothsayer and is doing so is forced to use a string of conditionals: "insinuates", "would (mean)", "allegedly", "would appear" (x2) and "evident (acceptance)".

This kind of stuff wouldn't cut it in any decent court of law, civil or ecclesiastical. Get off the Bong JBQ.

Tancred said...

You never insinuate.

Michael Dowd said...


Malachi Martin was a God given prophet for our times. His writing was based on fact. He was correct in his last book: How the Catholic Church Became a Creature of the New World Order". At Vatican II this plan become official. The evidence is there for all to see: Protestantized Catholic Church, Communist orientation(Social Justice), Politics in place of eternal life, Homosexualized clergy, worldly and spineless hierarchy, Progressive political interference in Papal election, the first non-Catholic Pope(Francis), etc. Also see 'Infiltration' by Taylor Marshall.

Michael Dowd said...


Here is a blog that discusses Malachi Martin's last book.

PW said...
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