Monday, June 17, 2019

Even Succesor of Siri Fears the Rage of the Lavender Mafia

The Rosary Prayer Initiative for Italy wanted to invite Genoese to the solemn prayer for the Gay Pride in three churches, but the Archdiocese said it was undesirable

(Rome) The "Gay Month" June shows who wants and supports aberrosexualization. First and foremost are the politicians who channel public space into the tax box of the homo-agenda. The majority of Catholics react apathetically, because what the mass media suggests to them is in open contradiction to the teaching of the Church. But they are largely abandoned by the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

The voice of the Church is barely audible, because many diocesan bishops follow the papal model, and that means: no confrontation with the spirit of the times. From this and from the "delicate" treatment of homo-heresy (Dariusz Oko) in the Church, the overall impression of a latent paradigm shift in moral teaching emerges. Groups of devout Catholics, however, organize themselves here and there and call for atonement for the Gay Prides, which are an open recourse to dark paganism. But that bothers the official course of the Church, even in Genoa.

The archdiocese of the Ligurian capital is still associated with the name of Giuseppe Cardinal Siri. But whoever feeds on mere heritage will eventually need it. The Archbishop of Genoa is none other than Angelo Cardinal Bagnasco, who under Pope Benedict XVI. was President of the Italian Episcopal Conference until Pope Francis replaced him by a a churchman much closer to him.

Nevertheless, Bagnasco endeavors to please the incumbent Pope, which reinforces the existing weaknesses of his administration.

Also in Genoa, devout Catholics organized and called for a prayer vigil to make atonement for the abominations and outrages of the homosexual spectacle in the city. Only a partial aspect of the negative balance is that the cases of transmissible sexually transmitted diseases skyrocket in the wake of  the disgusting Homo-Carnival. Above all, homosexuality is one of the blatant sins.

However, the archbishop's ordinariate sent a message to the Vicar General saying that the prayer initiative was not welcome:

"His Eminence wishes that the prayer vigil in his church be canceled."

No confrontation with the world, no audible voice of the Church, no affirmation of the Church's moral teaching. Nothing should disturb the "peace". This is what Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had already said in Argentina in 2010, when he was a primate there and the believers turned to him in their desire to start action against the legalization of "gay marriage" but were sent home by the archbishop.

The traditional website Messa in Latino asks Cardinal Bagnasco a short but urgent question:


Although Cardinal Bagnasco lost his influence in the Italian Episcopate through the change of the papal throne, he is still acting successor to Cardinal Siri and since October 2016  andalso President of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences CCEE (not to be confused with the Commission of the Episcopal Conferences of the European Community COMECE which includes only the episcopal conferences of the EU).

The organizers of the prayer initiative "Rosary for Italy", set up by their archbishop, had to cancel the announced prayer vigils as planned. Yesterday they announced via the press agency ANSA:

"We are sorry to announce that the Curial Archbishop of Genoa has instructed the responsible priests of the churches listed below to cancel the planned prayer vigils for public atonement. We therefore invite the interested believers to pray elsewhere - in spiritual fellowship. "

But it is also different, as the diocese of Trieste under the leadership of courageous Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi shows. The Press Office of the diocese announced:

"Because of some public statements that insult and discriminate against the Christian faith and that were unfortunately made in the Gay Pride, which took place in Trieste a few days ago, on June 13 from 8.30 pm an atonement will take place in the Marian Shrine on Monte Grisa. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, the "Lavender Mafia" is everywhere. I quit teaching in my local public school district *Highschool and junor high), because the administration insisted that we teachers basically tell the kids that LBGTQ people and orientation is wonderful and perfectly acceptable and normal.
I used to be a male model full time, from the time I was 23 until last year. I made a ton of money...literally. But I hate the enviorment. I don't hate the people, that would be sinful, but I hate many of their orientation, and their pushing it as normal and great. I still take some modeling jobs, but I am not too happy doing it anymore with that culture dominating. I just turned 32, and in 6-7 years I would not be in much demand anyway(age is a bad deficit in modeling...especially for women, but also for men). I've been told I still look like 23-24 which is nice, but I don't want to take too many jobs anymore. When I see some (not all) guys who are cameramen or photographers or agents getting excited to see me, I feel really nauseous...for real. So I don't do it as much.
Unfortunatly the"lavender Mafia" is everywhere.....but it is totally unacceptable that it has been permitted to grow and spead like a cancer in the Catholic Church...aided and abetted by this Pope in particular, and his people.
I am sure that crowd is in every where is immune. I am sure there are even a tiny group of them in the SSPX, though I would hope not.
The LGBTQ agenda is a cancer not only in the Church, but society. President Trump is routinely condemned for being against them. Catholic bishops and Cardinals have no backbone to stand up against them......only Vigano, and maybe Burke and Schneider.
IF this heretic Pope were to suddenly die, and by some miracle a CATHOLIC were elected Pope in the mold of Benedict XVI....or even a Pius XII, there might be hope for the Church.
I just hope, and we should all pray, that anotherhuge scandal or relevation comes out from Vigano or maybe even others, to bring down the regime of Pope Francis and company.
I still believe the next Pope will be a Catholic....and the opposite to the garbage of today. But I wish it would be this year....and not 2-3-5 years from now.
The longer it goes, the harder to correct.

Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

There would be hope but also a danger of his demise. This climate is tied in with the assassination attempt on John Paul II. It is also tied in with the very history of Giuseppe Cardinal Siri himself.---Through the writings of Malachi Martin who was present in the various consistories as an aide to Augustin Cardinal Bea, it was detailed that Siri was elected as pope on at least one occasion if not two and then forced to abdicate under physical duress. He was known to have remarked on "the terrible secret of the conclave" and the vow of obedience to keep the events secret.---This is all a terrible nightmare that only the Almighty can unravel. The "gay lobby" which obstructed JPII has blossomed into the "lavender mafia" who are completely in control. As soon as it can be totally unraveled of the links to abortion acceptance, that is the day that the devil will come out on the balcony. Actually, he may already be there according to alleged predictions from the Third Secret.

philipjohnson said...

Damian.You write very well,as always.I agree with you that the next Pope will be Catholic unlike this Jackal of all Heretics currently residing in the Vatican.God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Yes , it is the politicians who are pushing all of this LBGTQ crap ( and they are well funded) Yes, that lavender Mafia is everywhere ( and I mean everywhere) Yes, “the Church” is remaining silent ( not really, they favor the left) How magnificent that parishioners, the faithful: are holding rosaries on behalf of the sinners and those under their influence.

Peter W said...

It's not just the "Lavender Mafia" who are narcissists!

Anonymous said...

"Damian.You write very well,as always.I agree with you that the next Pope will be Catholic unlike this Jackal of all Heretics currently residing in the Vatican.God Bless"

Thank you Philip Johnson !

Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...


Constantine said...

John Paul II should not be given credit for fighting present heresies. He encouraged them by consecrating most of our current leftist hierarchy, but even worse, encouraging false religions and false faiths in their errors through praise, ecumenism and Koran-kissing. ASSISI 1&2 were the worst. It is well documented that JP2 studied moral theology, but his study of dogmatic theology he left to others.

Anonymous said...

....and who is behind the lead-up and manipulation that has our dear and suffering Cardinal in prison now in Australia. He is deprived of even his crucifix, in solitary confinement. Any connection to his uncovering of the 40 billion euros being used through the Vatican Bank...Mafia, gay or otherwise, Freemasonry, the trickery of the legal system and a type of kangaroo court. He was only doing Pope Francis's bidding with the clean up of finances, yet no public support from those quarters now for our Cardinal. Something stinks to high Heaven. Wish some good investigative reporter could get to work on this scandal...although it would be at the peril of his life. After all Archbishop Vigano is in hiding from Pope Francis's mob...for fear of his life.

Fr. VF said...

By selling the Vatican to the Red Chinese, and acting as a puppet of the Red Chinese, Bergoglio has opened the door to some kind of action by Donald Trump that would have been unthinkable in the case of any previous president. I.e., no previous pope (Bergoglio is, of course, an antipope) has made himself a threat to the national security of the United States.