Thursday, June 13, 2019

Eucharistic Smorgasbord Blasphemy

Edit: from Adoration e Liberacio blog.  This priest would phone it in if he could.

This happened yesterday at a mass in Iquique, in northern Chile.

The priest sits down; and the "faithful" freely serve the Eucharistic species. "Open bar"

Here we are. AMDG


Leo D. Lion said...

They get lazier and lazier every day..

Anonymous said...

Is priest ill?

Tancred said...

I’d get I’ll from that horrific “music”.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect in the Church of Pope Francis, solemn High Mass according to the ancient Latin Rite? This is more his style.

What else is Bergoglio's style is encouraging others to cover up for him and his evil agenda and ways. Proof is that todayhe had an audiences with Pontifical nuncios (Vatican ambassadors to foreign countries), during which he strongly urged them not to " talk about the Pope behind his back". Obviously a reference to the greatArchbishop Vigano whi is exposing Francis and his people (Cocopalmeiro, Paglia, etc) for what they are.

If Pope Francis was truly innocent, he's let Vigano's remarks go and ignore them. But instead it apparently bothers him so much that he's asking other nuncios to cover for him....not to speak about him.
Obviously he has something to hide, and is worried about someone else revealing things. Hopefully the nuncios are not so stupid, or brainwashed, or afraid, as to obey Francis. Because when Francis comes crashing down, so will they for their loyalty/complicity. Just like Vigano, I'll bet that dozens of basically good men(priests,bishops and even Cardinals), have plenty they could reveal about Francis and company. I wish and pray they do.

Damian Malliapalli

Unruly272 said...

It can't get more sacrilegious than that. I feel sorry for that so called priest he might as well stay home, the laity can give a service without his presence. god is not present in that so called mass. and there is no sacrifice.

Tancred said...

Sure would have been nice if the Liturgical reform hadn’t happened in the first place.

Peter W said...

But it did so deal with it, Tancred. The other 99.9999999% of Catholics just love full, active and conscious participation ahead of watching a Baroque operetta in a dead language.
Sentire cum Ecclesia, old chap.

Tancred said...

Rather, you’re the one who needs to deal with the unanswered criticism of the Liturgical deformation.

The NO fosters these kinds of abuses and there probably isn’t a NO in the world that doesn’t violate the sentire cum ecclesia. Old sod!

Peter Watson said...

There could be fewer liturgical abuses than for the faithful to be reduce to a group of onlookers saying their rosaries and reading devotional hand books while 'Father' stands off in the distance under the theological delusion that he is Jesus Christ himself, the great Mediator.
The aberration of 1570 had to be reformed. Within a century or less, no one will be interested in the Vetus Ordo but liturgical historians.

Tancred said...

Just wave the magical liturgist’s wand and make fabulous liturgies “valid” under the guise of inculturation.

Let’s make a mess.

Frank (@txtradcatholic) said...

Tancred, don’t feed the Modernist trolls. Let them have their fantasies. God bless.