Monday, May 27, 2019

Italians Ignore Pope to Vote For Salvini’s Lega Nord

[Daily Express] MATTEO SALVINI's Lega Nord (League) Party has claimed a convincing European Parliament victory, in a shock result in Italy.

The group has around 32 percent of the vote so far on the night, way ahead of the Democratic Party. Interior minister Matteo Salvini leads League, which came third in the 2018 general election. Following his victory, Mr Salvini said in Milan: “A new Europe is born.

“I am proud that the League is participating in this new European renaissance.”

He said previously: “As far as I'm concerned, if the League wins nothing changes in Italy, everything will change in Europe, starting from tomorrow.”




Anonymous said...

Last Wednesday in St. Peter,s Square when presented the walking stick Relic of

St. Theresa of Avila he snarkly replied out of spite ¨oh, so this is what the old

hag used.¨ The translation could also mean ¨bitch.¨ La Sexta carried this insult.

The very same La Sexta that blasphemed Our Lady and went all the way to Court. However

that didn´t stop him from his interview with La Sexta nor ¨Amores de CaCa¨ 3 times.

JBQ said...

I view St. Theresa of Avila as a worthy saint. This insult from the leader of the Church just is not a professional thing to do.

Constantine said...
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Constantine said...

"Jbq" for a communist or leftist politician its not professional. From the Pope its abandonment of his post and dereliction of his duty to defend the Church.

Damian M. Malliapalli said...

Francis' remark about the great Saint Teresa of Avila, typical of a Jesuit radical heretic.

Francis should watch his big mouth. He's hated in Italy. When Salvini had his rally before several hundred thousand in Milan in front to the Duomo (Cathedral), he mentioned Francis in his speech.....and immediately the crowd began a chorus of boos.

The Spanish revere Saint Teresa. So he better shut that gaping hole in the middle of his face, or one of his parasites that cling to him shut it for him.

I'm so glad Lega and Salvini won 32+ of the Italian vote last week.....a huge defeat and spit in the face by the Italian people for Francis....and all his people.