Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pilgrimages of Tradition to Notre Dame

Pentecost pilgrimage of the Tradition 2019

(Paris) From Saturday, June 8, to Whit Monday, June 10, the 37th International Pentecost Pilgrimage of Tradition takes place from Paris to Chartres. Starting point of the pilgrimage was the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, which was engulfed in flames on the evening of April 15.

From Paris to Chartres

"Even if it burned down ... on to Paris for the Whit Pilgrimage 2019 from Paris to Chartres!", is what it reads in the flyer.

Pentecost Pilgrimage 2019 of the Ecclesia Dei communities

The pilgrimage of 2019 is under the motto "The peace of Christ through the kingdom of Christ.” The Organizing Committee is close to the so-called Ecclesia Dei communities, which are in full unity with the Church. The altar service will be performed this year by the Institute of Christ King and Sovereign Priest.

The pilgrimage led so far from the Marian Cathedral of Paris to the Marian Cathedral of Chartres. The goal remains the same, the new starting point, where the Holy Mass is celebrated at the beginning of the pilgrimage, has not yet been announced. The organizers of the committee Notre-Dame de Chrétienté are looking for a suitable substitute able to welcome the large crowd of mainly young pilgrims.

"This year's pilgrimage has received a special significance because of the fire. Let us hurry to Paris, to Notre-Dame, in the name of tradition! "

Information and participation on the official website for the pilgrimage: Notre-Dame de Chrétienté.

The US Chapter, co-ordinated by The Remnant publisher, has a new website with a video that gives an impression of the tradition of the Pentecost pilgrimage. See also the following video:

From Chartres to Paris

Pentecost pilgrimage 2019 of the Pius Brotherhood

First undertaken in 1983, the Pentecost pilgrimage split due to the legitimate but unauthorized episcopal ordinations, which Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre performed in 1988. Since then, a special pilgrimage on Pentecost has been carried out by the Society of St. Pius X, which takes the opposite route, that is, from Chartres to Paris. Because of her unclear canonical situation, the episcopal churches are not available to them. Also, at the starting point in Chartres and at the destination in Paris, the Holy Masses are therefore celebrated in the open air.

The Pentecost pilgrimage is organized by the Society of Saint Pius under the motto "Serving Christendom".

Both pilgrimages have in common that  they will cover the approximately 100 kilometers between Paris and Chartres and vice versa on foot.

Information and participation on the official website of the pilgrimage: Pelegrinages de Tradition.

Information and opportunities for interested pilgrims from the German-speaking countries can be found on the websites of the respective communities and their branches.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Notre-Dame de Chrétienté / Pelegrinages de Tradition
Trans: Tancred

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving more info on this pilgrimage and its history. I had no idea that SSPX marched in the opposite direction because +Lefebvre was excom and SSPX no longer allowed to use Catholic Churches. It is amazing to me that MMatt who presents himself as being in the catacombs and always waving relationship of the Remnant/his father w/Lefebvre would be marching w/FSSP in the opposite direction! Maybe Francis will send Justin Welby to say a traditional ma** and MMatt (and all the other 20 year old men) will kneel down and kiss Welby's ring too (or Francis')! What a hero is that Burke--in communion w/Francis but willing to blow a pinch of incense at God if the crowd is big enough!

At 37 seconds in the video it looks like MMatt is the one wearing the collar. Truly unique & flamboyant style of collar those FSSP sport--guess it's what comes from being in communion w/the pantheon perv bishops.

Then of course there's the big hope of tradition (like at the March for Life): the thousands of youth in what looks like their youth scouting uniforms on a weekend camping trip. @ 3:14 MMatt waxes on about how they're all kneeling down and receiving communion-- whether they've ever been to a traditional mass (or any mass), were wearing a skirt, had their head covered, know the traditional faith, were fasting or been to confession.

Unfortunately, as in your post below on the Hapsburg heir: he says his rosary and attends 'mass' on holy days of obligation, but he is being exposed to VC2 propaganda at each worship event and was never taught the faith so he will most likely never make it to heaven and will do no good on earth. The New Testament never says worship in the Temple and at the local synagogue, obey the high priest and his minions, and study the faith on your own: all the apostles got kicked out of the Temple and synagogues and yet they would rather die than stop preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 5:27-29). Paul, John, Peter, James all: Stay away from false teachers: if anyone even an angel preaches a gospel different from mine, let them be anathema.

Sure hope this "pilgrimage" don't bring down the ceiling--maybe the Holy Family's trying to send a message to all those in love w/Temple buildings.