Sunday, April 28, 2019

Opus Dei Professor Promoted to Pell’s Job

[] Claudia Ciocca, who presently is a director in the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, will soon be named its Prefect, (April 26) reports.

Ciocca will take over from Cardinal George Pell who was
found guilty by a jury and is imprisoned in Australia for child sexual abuse. 

The Italian will be the first woman to head a Vatican dicastery. Ciocca started working for the Vatican in 2013 as an expert of the auditing company KPMG. Later she was hired by the Holy See.

She is also teaching in the Roman Opus Dei University Santa Croce.



Constantine said...

Another coving in to modern feminist ideologies. Women, by nature are more nurturing, and try to work with and understand. But they do not have a spirit of the laws in them. They are more technician than engineer, and think of feelings, more than principles. A good woman working with good men yield good results. A good woman, working with evil men, yield blind subservience with a caring facade to false principles.

John F. Kennedy said...

Who said she is a "good woman"? Knowing many of the players at the Vatican would you want to work there? What kind of person would want to work there with those people?

Constantine said...
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Constantine said...

I am just giving Miss Claudia Cioccia the benefit of the doubt. Mother Teresa,as an example, was, in my view, a good person, but her subservience to the Roman Authorities, caused her to "rethink" her opposition to Communion in the paw.One can be good, but also a "useful idiot"as Lenin would say. Many good women in cloisters and seminaries were good at heart, but they were the avant garde of promoting evrry little thing of the Vatican II church.

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