Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Apostolic Zeal Embarrasses Papal Jesuit

Edit: while he has ever been silent about Islamic wars being waged against Christians throughout the world, he was quick to admonish the tiny remnant of the indigienous Catholics of Morocco to ignore the great commission and not, “prosylitize”. 

No one is more embarrassed by apostolic zeal than a decadent Jesuit.

[Lifesite] Pope Francis asked Moroccan Catholics last Sunday not to seek converts to the Faith. He said that the Christian mission does not  consist in baptizing Christians but in generating "change," which is contradictory, since the Church's commission from Christ is precisely to change the world through conversion.

The Church's mission from the beginning is to reach out and extend the knowledge of Christ to all peoples, 
that all people might leave their particular creeds and idols and be joined with Christ in His Catholic Church. (Mt. 28:19,20) 

The Church has no other mission, therefore to tell the faithful not to proselytize is to deny Christ and to encourage this denial in our lives. It was concerning this attitude that Jesus said: "He that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 10:33)




Anonymous said...

His recent tv interview with someone that looked like his nephew was most revealing.

He likes to shock to keep up the rebel bad boy image by saying ¨lovers of excrement¨

and blood. He has been put into a corner and lashes out to shock and scandalize to

a high from it. Pathetically his only card left is to push migration for his

handlers. In Morocco he slyly said he will go to Spain when there is peace which

is indicating that some are trying to create the opposite which will backfire just

before the elections. Despite he and his cronies attempts there will be peace.

Anonymous said...

"He said that the Christian mission does not consist in baptizing Christians but in generating "change,"

Heretic and heretical teaching....plain and simple.
I have no respect for the Catholic Church anymore. Only those who have had the guts to speak out....Vigano, Mueller, and Sarah, and sometimes Burke.
I read that some believe that "faithful" members of the Vatican Curia leaked the bombshell that Francis wants asshole radical Wilton Gregory for Washington DC, hoping to prompt a backlash. They got one.
I wish the good people in the Vatican would stand up and sabotage all of Francis initiatives and agenda.

On an aside note...Francis is pretty much hated in Italy, but now also in France after he refused to sack Cardinal Barbarin the gay-loving pervert-protecting patriarch of the French Church with his seat in Marseille.

The best thing for Pope Francis to do is either of the below-
1) die sudden and quick like John Paul I
2) slink away and retire into hiding like Benny XVI.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I hope you mean you have no respect for those heretics in the hierarchy, my friend Damian, not the Church.

Anonymous said...

NO, I really don't have any respect for the Catholic Church anymore. Indeed, I have no respect for heretics like Bergoglio and his clique of perverts (he just went ahead and appointed a homo-loving bishops for Washington....Wilton Gregory. Hope that Gregory gets a very hostile welcome in Washington, and no cooperation from faithful Catholics. The only good thing is that he can be in office only 3 1/2 years (he's 71 1/2). Unfortunately, it also means that Francis will probably make that slime ball a Cardinal.
So yes, because there has been no strong backlash against Francis and his agenda, speeches, actions, appointments, etc. I have no respect for the Catholic Church. Only where the Faith has been maintained, and where there's no infestation of Vatican II, progressivism, or heretical thinking (the SSPX, and even smaller sede-vacantist groups.) Of course the Greek Orthodox Church has its problems, but at least they have maintained tradition and the Christian ideals. Bergoglio and his version of the Catholic Church has not.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...


Just wondering: Have you ever attended St. Jude's, the SSPX parish outside Philadelphia? Y/N