Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Administrative Judge: Asylum Seekers Often Seek Conversion for Appearance’s Sake

Currently, the Düsseldorf administrative court has 8,660 asylum cases pending. The courts would accuse churches of issuing inflation certificates to refugees

Düsseldorf ( Many asylum seekers from Islamic countries only change from Islam to Christianity for "asylum tactics reasons". This is according to the German administrative judge Andreas Mueller according to a report of the "world", as the Lutheran news agency "idea" reports. The conversion is often not carried out, out of inner conviction. "In nine out of ten cases", the courts are being lied to  that would have to decide on the seriousness of the change of religion, so Müller. Currently, the Düsseldorf administrative court has 8,660 asylum cases pending, writes the newspaper. Almost one in ten plaintiffs comes from Iran. Of these, around 70 percent refer to a conversion (change of religion) from Islam to Christianity. The success rate is currently 15 to 20 percent. Therefore, the court often refuses the requested legal aid in advance for lack of success. The courts would accuse the churches of issuing inflated certificates to refugees. On the other hand this explains, among other things, according to the refugee commissioner of the Lippische regional church, Superintendent Dieter Bökemeier (Detmold),  for Die Welt on Sunday, that the evaluation of the courts need not be a “faith-TÜV." [Lutheran Church Catechism]  The charge that the church baptism is too fast and reckless, is  unjustified. He had himself baptized numerous refugees. Each baptized person had previously gone through a three-month course of faith. He experiences "these people as serious and very religious".

Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

Modern-day Morranos, no?

Exsollertan said...

Conversion to Christianity to gain asylum? A high risk strategy given that appostasising from Islam can mean death. Far better would to claim that you were homosexual, in this way you will be welcomed with open arms by the immigration authorities.

Tancred said...

The progressives who run the tax-Church are eager to grow their political power at the expense of their homeland’s internal security.