Thursday, March 28, 2019

Superfluous Art-Bishop of Innsbruck

Art in Innsbruck Cathedral: The comparative form of "I" is "Me".

(Vienna) Innsbruck's Bishop Hermann Glettler is one of theChurch  representatives who obviously attaches great importance to making himself superfluous. He does not stand out as a "stumbling block" in the world, but through oddities and a kind of provocation, as they know the world. He seeks attention by leaving the sacred space to artists. The latest Glettler activities in Innsbruck.

An Austrian bishop who challenges the self-satisfaction and hopelessness of the world by seriously proclaiming the truths of faith? No. Shepherds who congratulate or offer themselves with ever new ideas of the world? Full program.

Currently, a carved body of Jesus Christ can be "admired" in the old hospital church of the Tyrolean capital, which is suspended by the feet, dangling from the organ loft. The installation is called the "Christ Clock." An upside down cross or corpus of the Crucified has always been understood as an antichristian symbol. What drives satanists and enemies of the Church, with Hermann Glettler, for the first time and publicly, drives a bishop. [Schönborn hosts similar displays.] Does this, in a world of decades of taboo breaking and crossing the border into tastelessness, insults and blasphemy, still cause surprise or indignation? The killing of the true, the good and the beautiful is well advanced. Bishop Glettler seems to be one of those who are convinced that they can not change the factual, because they themselves no longer believe in the changing power of the Gospel, which is why they subject themselves to fact by approximation.

Light-footed Bishop Hermann Glettler

In the Innsbruck Bishop's church, therefore, the increasing number of tourists and the diminishing number of believers can "enjoy" a neon installation that at best proves bad taste, at worst blasphemous.

To dispel any doubt of any kind of christological or theocentric interpretation of the "work of art", the same message is simply "me,” which in German is “mich”. The English variant of the German personal pronoun in the accusative should certainly have been used only because the pronunciation of the common Bavarian "mi" for corresponds to “mich.” Guaranteed! A rogue who wants to see in it a form of increase of the egoistical “I” of the human being.

A small, religious brushstroke then has to be, which is why the two installations are put on display specifically for Lent. Which should be clear that they should prepare for Easter. Look at one. As a viewer, you would never have thought of it. Honestly not.

Both artistic operas are by Manfred Erjautz. The order for the  was given by Bishop Glettler personally. However, he does not bear the costs. Erjautz and Glettler have been working together for at least 15 years. The "plastic chasuble" is part of this obviously "fruitful" cooperation. The artist

brings money, the bishop opportunities for self-expression. Broader circles were reminded of the PVC chasuble (Priest in Bat Look) in 2018 because it portrayed the Admont Benedictine monastery as a dubious advertising medium for its exhibitions and museums.

"The installations of contemporary art in sacred spaces promoted by the Bishop of Innsbruck are part of a precise strategy that one sees in art, even the blasphemous, that does not matter, a modern instrument of evangelization," said Lupo Gori.

In mid-March Glettler was invited to the Catholic Private University of Linz, one of the most superfluous ecclesiastical institutions in Austria, to give a lecture on the relationship between culture and the Church, where he affirmed his "strategy.” The host of the private university is Bishop Manfred Scheuer of Linz, who was Glettler's predecessor as Bishop of Innsbruck. They know each other. And they support each other. There is no lack of similarities. Both are first-rate miscreants that bring their dioceses losing years in the best of all cases. Both are eagerly awaiting the removal of priestly celibacy in order to conceal with married priests the shortcomings of their co-perpetrated decline - at least temporarily.

Body of the Crucified, suspended upside down

According to Glettler, the Church must adopt the "spirit" of the Second Vatican Council. I am aware of the spirit of the Council that its rotten fruits are visible to everyone. What I still do not realize is the Council's alleged "blessings", which are constantly invoked as if the recognition of a superfluous council were the conditio sine qua non, not the truth of faith. No, it can easily be doubted, thinned, distorted and denied, but the Council is not. No, the council is not. Anyone who casts doubt on the Council seems to be threatened with immediate legal execution - one might say so. A strange paradox.

Plastic Chasuble - Art Bishop - Art Bishop - Plastic Bishop? (1)

According to Glettler, the "spirit" of the Council is a paradigm shift that transforms the Church from a rigid place of preservation to an open, flowing place of innovation, open to the other and the different.

The blasphemous installation of Christ in the old hospital church is ambiguously called: "My own personal Jesus". Everyone can worry about the connection between Jesus Christ's perversion and this title. The artist and bishop will vigorously contradict one another, as was the case with the blasphemous work of art. The body and a severed arm serve as pointers to indicate the time of day.

Where dubious trivialities take center stage, there must be a lack of substance.

Lupo Gori's summary of the new Glettler activities:

"In this sense, in the Jacob's Cathedral, the bishop's church of the land, with the head hanging down," Christ Clock "indicates the dramatic hour that has struck in the Catholic Church and for the Catholic Church, for a Church that is daily insulted and turned upside down by their own shepherds. "

Through shepherds who make themselves superfluous and poison the salt of the earth.

Text: Martha Burger
Image: Youtube / CR / (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


(1) When the picture of Erjautz-Glettler-Art was made, Msgr. Glettler was not yet a bishop.


JBQ said...

Crazy mon, crazy. These clowns make hippies from the sixties look sane.

MyronM said...

"ME" mark, Dom zu St. Jakob, Innsbruck, Lent A.D. 2019
Although contemporary art is a kind of infantile expression or a game with common objects, its works convey a certain message. In order to read out this light sign 'ME' suspended in space between sky and earth, let's start with getting to know the genius loci.
In the main altar of this temple there is painting 'Maria Hilf' (originated from the previous church) (Mary Help of the Faithful), a work of Lukas Cranach the Elder. Before this image, Emperor Leopold I of the Holy Roman Empire prayed, when the brave John III Sobieski, the king of Poland, dealt with muslims near Vienna on September 12, 1683. Before the battle, the king served Mass (as altar-boy!) and listened to Gospel of Matthew [6, 24-33 ] with the bottom line: „Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you”. In the same year (1683), a copy of Maria Hilf's image was erected in Warsaw, but in the form of an impressive outdoor sandstone sculpture.
The foundation stone of the new St. James church (in Innsbruck) was laid on May 12, 1717. It was Wednesday in octave of Ascension and in the Introit of Mass priest recited [Acts 1: 11]: „Ye men of Galilee, why stand you looking up to heaven? This Jesus who is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come". And the reading was from the Gospel of Mark [16, 14-20] and faithful heard: "Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned".
The new church was dedicated on September 9, 1724, on Saturday in the octave of the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary and the memory of St. Gorgonius of Rome. Gradual included these words: "Happy are you, O Holy Virgin Mary, and most worthy of all high praise; for out of you has risen the sun of justice, Christ our God." ane from the Gospel of Matthew [Mt 1, 1-16] the lineage of the Lord Jesus was read, ending with the sentence: "And Jacob begot Joseph, the husband of Mary, and of her was born Jesus Who is called Christ. "
Empress Maria Teresa Habsburg on March 13, 1741 gave birth to her eldest son, Joseph, heir to the crown, and joyfully offered to the St. James church( Innsbruck) a silver figurine of a boy in diapers. On the day of the birth of the future Emperor Joseph II, the Church read the Gospel of St. John [2, 13-25] and heard this sentence: "And when he had made, as it were, a scourge of little cords, he drove them all out of the temple."
On August 6, 1964, in connection with the establishment of the diocese of Innsbruck-Feldkirch, Pope Paul VI raised the church of St. James to the rank of cathedral. Because it happened on the Transfiguration, there is also John the Evangelist, brother of James and Saint Peter, especially since every episcopal cathedral is an emanation of the cathedral of the Prince of the Apostles.
to be continued

MyronM said...

After describing the historical genius loci, we can read the neon sign "ME".
It was hung over their heads, so the viewers raise their heads up ... "why stand you looking up to heaven?". We are looking for light from the sky, new light (because Greek “neon” = new). The bright zigzag resembles lightning, and because we are in the church of St. James, it is necessary to pay attention to the Sons of Thunder, Boanerges, especially when by the foundation stone man heard “but he that believeth not, shall be condemned”. St. Gorgonius of Rome, or 'Holy Terrible the Roman', ("for out of you has risen the sun of justice"), but also the patriarch Jacob and his descendants, including Joseph, Mary's husband, and Jesus himself stared at the consecration of this temple. Thanks to this silver figurine of a boy and by Joseph II Habsburg, we enter the trail of a Second Joseph, but the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.
The first Joseph, Holy Carpenter, was the husband of the Holy Virgin Mary and the adopted father of Jesus Christ, our Savior. But who is this Second Joseph? We find the answer in two light signs: this great sign from the Revelation of Saint John [12] and this little sign 'ME' from Innsbruck. The Woman clothed in the sun gave birth to a son-man. It is known that the son is a man, so why this underlining? For this is her son, whom she gives birth to, as our Mother the Holy Church, and Her spouse and as such Her head and at the same time the visible head of the Church on earth, because She and the Church are one and the same. This is the Second Comforter, the Paraclete whom the Lord Jesus promised before his departure to Heaven. A comforter is needed in sorrow, the Comforter of this grandeur is needed when the whole Church is overwhelmed by unspeakable sadness because of the fall of Rome, the Roman Catholic church. Not only will He comfort, but as the rightful heir to the throne of David, He will judge over the nations and drive the traders out of the Church on earth - no more with a whip of strings but with an iron rod [Psalm 2, 9].
"ME" as a sign in the sky gives a cosmic description of the Paraclete. It is not difficult to see that this mark seen from below is the Roman number 'IV' and 'E', the 5-th letter of alphabet, in total '9' - the symbol of the Holy Spirit ('1' + '8', Mercury and Neptune, 'Fire' and 'Water'); seen from above, 'E' and 'VI', or '5' and '6' - are gaseous (!) giants Jupiter and Saturn, planetary symbols of... the Paraclete. He is not the Holy Spirit, but he is full of the Holy Spirit, just like the Virgin Mary, his spouse, and therefore the monolith of the "ME" mark on the one hand has the value '9' and on the other '5' and '6'. The closest conjuction of Jupiter and Saturn will take place on December 18, 2020, on the memory day of Our Lady of Expectation in Capricorn (the sign of the Prodigal Son) on the border with Sagittarius, and in it the Sun with Mercury, that is under King Sobieski's Shield (Scutum constellation). Do you understand why King John III, Poland and Warsaw appeared in connection with the "ME" mark? Venus then will be near Antares, the Second Sun. And this again ... I break here - it's just a comment to the inconspicuous sign of "ME".

Kathleen1031 said...

Um...yeah, instead of that, can someone please go in there with a rope or chain and pull down that blasphemous friggin "clock"? I mean, pull down that sucker and send it crashing to the floor. Make sure you get out of the way of course, but it's going to feel great when it goes. You might go to jail for it, but you'll be striking a blow for Christians around the world who don't live there but would like to pull it down and send a message to the devils who put it up to insult Jesus Christ and poke his followers in the eye. And as far as this ridiculous peek-a-book chasuble, I have to assume there were no black leather chasubles complete with whip available.

These people are effeminate wacks. Know what time it is? Time to take our church back.

Kathleen1031 said...

Think followers of Mohammad would endure a caricature or insulting "clock" made to mock Mohammad?? They would not. Why do we not have the same level of zeal for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do Muslims love Mohammad more than we love Jesus Christ??

Tancred said...

At present, Catholics aren’t a hostile power block being used to break down another group.

Kathleen1031 said...

Separate issue, but granted. It won't matter to Islam, which will be happy to gain entry regardless of the reasons why. It's too late now, they're in and nobody is going to get them out. The dumb indigenous want them there. The writing is on the wall for anybody with eyes. All empires fall, apparently, some are just handed over, as ours was.

Tancred said...

It’s ironic that the people most campaigning to bring them here are the ones most in their crosshairs.

Anne Asgard said...

I read the book The Silence of the Lambs many years ago, about the same time as the movie came out, and if I remember correctly, the serial killer/cannibal, Dr. Lecter, had designed a watch with the hands of Our Lord showing the time.

Tancred said...

I also thought he appeared as Satan triumphant over St. Michael when he beat his guard to death.

Anonymous said...

Austrian Bishop Presents Crucified Frog