Thursday, March 28, 2019

New Rules for Religious: Exclusion for “Absence”

Pope Francis wants to modify the canon 694 of the Code of Canon Law

Vatican ( Anyone who belongs to a religious community and "stays away" from their own community for at least 12 months will in the future be considered by Church law to have been resigned from the Order. This is what Pope Francis writes in a new motu proprio entitled "Communis vita". The letter was published by the Vatican this Tuesday. This was reported by “VaticanNews.” The Pope would therefore like to modify Canon 694 of the Code of Canon Law. So far, under the canon 694, which regulates the exclusion from the Order, two reasons have been enumerated, namely, if the corresponding religious or the nun "evidently dropped from the Catholic faith" (paragraph 1); another is when he or she has "made a marriage or attempted to conclude a marriage, even if only in the form of civil marriage" (paragraph 2). Now a third reason is added.

Trans: Tancred

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