Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Islamic Invader Guns Down Women and Elderly in Utrecht

Edit: this invader was also a rapist.

UTRECHT, Netherlands — Gunshots shattered the tram ride in a heavily Muslim neighborhood of this old Dutch city. The prime minister called it possible terrorism. SWAT teams rushed in, residents were ordered indoors, and all mosques closed as the police sought a killer in a country that had been spared large-scale terrorist attacks. [ Theee were killed ]

Suddenly the mayhem on Monday in the Netherlands seemed as if it might be another planned public slaughter in a seemingly tranquil part of the world, like the mosque massacre that had traumatized the people of Christchurch, New Zealand.

The suspect, it turned out, was a Turkish immigrant described by acquaintances as a sometimes-religious man with a criminal record who may have been entangled in a dispute with his ex-wife.


Of course, the usual suspects are objecting to measures demanding an applicant for a gun license reveal his nationality and ethnicity. Holland already has very strict gun control laws and it’s difficult to acquire a license to own a gun and owning a gun for self-defense is not possible. Of course, the Islamic rapist who waged Jihad on Monday may not have gone through the trouble.


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