Sunday, March 31, 2019

Eucharistic Miracle in Portugal

From Bill Fall by way of When I was in Portugal in 2017 our group visited the church of St. Stephen in Santarem (derived from the name Saint Irene) where a more than  600-year-old bleeding Host is reserved above the high alter.  Lucia of Fatima attended Mass here when staying for several days with a benefactor, while awaiting word when she could see her bishop before being sent away for  schooling under the Dorothean nuns.  Our group of pilgrims from the U.S. also had the great privilege of being able, one at a time, to climb a little ladder behind the altar to view the precious Host up close, if only for a few seconds each because of the long line queued up to do the same.

The other day I found a short video about that miraculous Host.  Here is the link:


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