Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Vatican Issues a Clarification in Statement About Women Religious

According to Vatican spokesman Gisotti, the Pope was referring in particular to a 2013 scandal-ridden community in which sexual assaults on women by priests had “reached a certain level"

Edit: the article doesn’t point out that the female branch started a new order called,The Sisters of Mary, Morning Star. They have communities all over the world with about 250 women.

Vatican City ( The Vatican has issue a clarification by the Pope about the abuse of women religious. With his words of "sexual slavery" as the reason for the dissolution of a religious community of women, Francis had meant "'manipulation in the form of abuse of power', which also manifests itself in sexual abuse," reads a statement by the Vatican press office (Wednesday).  In his response to a similar question on the return flight from Abu Dhabi, the Pope said on Tuesday that there were also abuses of religious women by clerics in the Catholic Church.

He mentioned that, inter alia, a community had been dissolved when sexual assaults on women by priests "reached a certain extent". There had been real "slavery up to sexual slavery by clerics.” Francis had referred thereby to a spin-off of the Johannes Community (Congregation Saint -Jean), specified the acting Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti to "Kathpress.”

The Johannes Community, founded by the French Dominican Marie-Dominique Philippe in 1975, was recognized by canon law in 1986 and has branches in numerous countries, including Austria. Some time after the founder's death in 2006, a sister community split off from the new leadership appointed by the responsible bishop. This splinter group of the "Congregation of Saint Jean" caused scandals; Pope Benedict XVI. then shut the group down. Pope Francis has referred to this in his press conference on Tuesday, Gisotti said.

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Anonymous said...

Cannot imagine that Sisters in the modern and dying Orders in the U.S. would be sexually abused by any man.
They all look and act more like men....than biological men.
No one wants to touch the subject of how demonic lesbians have destroyed the entire structure of female Religious in the U.S. .
Only a few small remnants of Traditional Sisters exist. Believe me. The bulldykes have their eyes set on those young women.

JBQ said...

@Anonymous: How audacious. You have the nerve to speak the truth.

GM said...