Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Pope Taking Swipe at Legacy of Pope Benedict

Benedict XVI. with Pope Francis

"Two More Threads That Connect Pope Francis With His Predecessor Are Severed"
(Rome) The Italian daily Libero today published the following text, which is reproduced in full.
"The thesis is one of the most serious. This is also shown by the evidence. Pope Francis has a plan to eliminate the legacy and disciples of Benedict XVI. The operation has stirred up the Vatican, which has not by any means significantly opposed the incumbent Pope.
The thesis is voiced by Riccardo Cascioli [chief editor of the Catholic Internet newspaper Nuova Bussola Quotidiana ] in the daily Il Giornale:
"It's just a matter of days and two more threads that connect Pope Francis with his predecessor are severed. More voices are being raised that the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household is being abolished, its incumbent - and at the same time personal secretary to Benedict XVI. - Msgr. Georg Gänswein, and the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, established in 1988 for dialogue with the Society of St. Pius X (the Lefebvrians), is today the reference point for the application of Summorum Pontifiicum, the motu proprio of Benedict XVI, with which the Latin Mass in the traditional rite was freed."
These are two decisions of very grave symbolic value, similar to the expulsion of Cardinal Raymond Burke, whom Joseph Ratzinger had called to Rome in 2008 as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. In November 2014, he was deposed by Pope Francis, who had already replaced him as a member of the Congregation of Bishops the year before. The same fate befell Cardinal Gerhard Müller.
Now one has arrived at the last link, with Msgr. Gänswein, a person inconvenient to Francis. The abolition of the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household, with the relocation of duties (appointments and audiences of the Pope) to a section of the Secretariat of State, would allow the Pope to get rid of Gänswein and to justify the operation with the need for a reform of the Curia.
As for the end of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which has been talked about for some time: The consequences are explosive. This would give more weight to those who want to eliminate Summorum Pontificum and Mass in the 'Extraordinary Form' of the one Roman rite whose 'proper form' is the Missal enacted in 1969. This is the next blow against Ratzinger's legacy, which Francis seems to want to eradicate.
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Libero (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Francis’ revolution is simply the natural conclusion to the Conciliar Church’s agenda. Whether this destroys Benedict’s legacy is immaterial.

JBQ said...

Francis is known to be a Marxist. His Bible is the writings of Teilhard de Chardin who was a fellow Jesuit. The agenda is similar in philosophy to the move by Richard Nixon to take the U.S. off the gold standard and to float the value of the dollar in paper money.----Benedict is not toally without blame in the entire context of the revolution. The posting states that Burke was "called to Rome" to serve the pontiff. I take exception to this interpretation.----I have two emails in hand from the Chancery of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis which state without hesitation that the now Cardinal Burke was "run out of town". He was kicked upstairs where his "mischief" could be mitigated. This was in August of 2008 just before the election of then Senator Obama as president.-----Pope John Paul II had attempted to minimize the influence of the left in the Church with St. Louis at the center under Archbishop John May who became head of the U.S. Bishops' Conference. With his death, John Paul II sent in Archbishop Justin Rigali from the Vatican to take control of St. Louis. Rigali even organized a visit to St. Louis by the pontiff.----Rigali was transferred to Philadelphia and received the red hat as a reward. Burke was then send into St. Louis from LaCrosse, WI. With the ascendancy of Benedict, Burke was seen as a liability for his criticism of radical left Catholic politicians in the Democratic Party. Pressure was put on Benedict and Burke was transferred with Archbishop Robert Carlson brought in from Saginaw, MI< to replace him.

Anonymous said...

See if the sodomite is MILO:

ht canon 212: “CM Interview: BRILLIANT GAY CATHOLIC milo doesn’t quite understand himself, but he knows a witch when he sees one”

Imagine C212 writing that about ‘creepy’ MS Winters, McCarrick, Rosica, Martin SJ, or Colbert. Imagine the CM, C212, Lifesite headlines if Cupich or O’Malley were to string together “brilliant gay catholic” (or if it were put into a synod document by Francis). Go to the link C212 sites and look at the effeminate queers smirking at each other (they have a serious expression on CM) –how they’re lives of sin is gonna make the church ‘straight.’ Then look at how the “Catholic” “lady” covers herself for dishin’ the dirt w/the rest of the girls: “MUST WATCH: Michael Voris interviews Milo Please keep Milo in your prayers. He needs all the help he can get… Anyone in mortal sin is housing demons. So Milo is the home of demons. Too bad Michael Voris, Frank Walker and Sarmaticus don’t know when they are looking at a witch themselves and/or listening to demons (maybe cause they have given themselves up to demons as well) or they wouldn’t lead others to hell. We “must watch” demons????

Or Cardinal Edwin O'Brien "the same current but w/a different ideology" then he can recruit sodomites to the priesthood (and make them drink his urine), but no opus devil does any demonstratin' agin' him.

"For years I’ve been told that the 2005-06 Vatican-ordered investigation of US seminaries was a sham because it was led by then-Archbishop, now Cardinal, Edwin O’Brien...I was at the 2005 Courage Conference, where then-Archbishop O’Brien celebrated one of the Masses. After Mass, he approached a friend of mine and me, and asked us if we had considered studying for the priesthood. We both had. He encouraged us both to apply for the priesthood and said we should apply to become chaplains in the military (he was Archbishop of the Military Services at the time).

"The following month, in his role as head of the 2005 seminary visitation, he told reporters that men with homosexual inclinations should not be admitted to the seminary, even if they had been celibate for more than a decade. Yet he had been recruiting at Courage, a conference for men and women struggling with homosexuality."

P.S. Ratzinger's legacy is modernism. If Ecclesia Dei Commission was est in 1988 that would be JP2's legacy. But now they say SSPX has made a deal. New bishops in June. Ergo no more need for 'dialogue.' No more need for SP either which was just part of lure to SSPX. No more need for FSSP either (and that's where it cuts Opus Devil). But sure you will all get over it; Francis will throw you a bone and you'll all continue to march along happily like and w/the anglicans (for life!) high, middle and low church not even realizing you left Jesus Christ behind long, long ago and are demon possessed. There is no such thing as a life of virtue and vice--or coexistence w/evil in the same body.

Tom A. said...

Benedicts legacy and the legacy of all the modernist post V2 popes should be destroyed.

Constantine said...

The Church at Vatican II, Paul V, and John Paul 2's pontificates were failures because they refused to acknowledge Ideology as the prime motive of world affairs. And the ideology knows no borders of Church or State. Ever wonder why a civil activist brings a lawsuit to court. The alleged "victim", is given free or low cost defense because it serves to undermine the State in it's defense against an ideology. Often civil rights cases are promoted, alleged "victims" coached, and laws hampered. This applies to the Church internally as well. A little girl, perhaps, is coached to say she was victimized by male dominated instututions; she cannot understand why she could not be an altar girl. Deaconess, priest? With the election of Francis the Pope becomes the coacher as well. But all is ideologically manipulated.

LeonG said...

What legacy? Yes, the liberal modernist revolution and the silent conspiracy to conceal presbyter pedophilia. This is the legacy - destruction and hybridisation. None of the post-conciliar popes has brought a restoration in Christ. How could postmodernism be any other than a relativisation of Roman Catholicism and a determined effort to destroy it for ever.

LeonG said...

The perpetual guarantee of the Western Rite Latin Mass does not depend on Benedict's Motu Propriu. In any case, he wanted to hybridise The Mass himself: the MP was merely a halfway house in doing so. Pope Saint Gregory The Great and Pope Saint Pius V have given we true Roman Catholics all the guarantees we need. Who could ever trust a liberal modernist in any case as they usually oscillate between liberalism and anti-ecclesiastical iconoclasm. Benedict's legacy, if ever there was one, continued the descent into what we have now: total chaos and a marxist papacy.