Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pope Francis: “It is Better to Live as an Atheist”

(Rome) Although the chosen heading is abbreviated, it is still possible to quote Francis from yesterday with a sentence very unusual and probably irritating to many people.

As part of his first general audience of the year 2019, the Pope held in the Hall of Paul VI one of those "revolutionary speeches" that are so typical of his pontificate. He spoke of the "revolution of the Gospel" and used the term revolution in a sense very unorthodox for the Church, which his predecessors avoided, or even condemned.

"Where the Gospel is, there is revolution. The Gospel does not leave us alone, it urges us: It is revolutionary.”

Even more astonishing was another potentially misunderstood statement by the Pope, urging "to live like atheists:”

"It's better not to go to Church: Just live like an atheist."

He continued:

"But if you go to church, then live like a child, like a brother, and give a true testimony."

This was a spontaneous addition to Pope Francis, which was not included in the prepared text version.

This from the traditional website Messa in Latino clarifies this comment:

"The year is already starting badly ... We barely started the year 2019 and the very first statement that causes concern and confusion among the faithful - on time like a Swiss watch."

The Vatican added the official text version for publication on the website of the Holy See to the spontaneous additions of the Pope.

In the past, the prepared texts were often not subsequently corrected and supplemented to the spontaneous additions of Francis. Thus, they have two versions, one oral and one written.

As a rule, so also yesterday, the spoken word.

Here is the video from yesterday's general audience. The video starts at the beginning of the named spot.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Unknown said...

I find all that 'adulation' in the video to be very irritating, knowing that Pope F. is destroying the Church as founded by Christ, and His Teachings....and all those people do not seem to know. We have never had a Pope in living history who has caused so much destruction in such a short time. The Masonic plan - from the time of the French Revolution - is almost complete. This Pope is the Mason's dream. May Almighty God protect us all.

Anonymous said...

do not tell me he is a man of GOD---------------

JBQ said...

@Unknown: Good point about the French Revolution.

John F. Kennedy said...

"Just live like an atheist."

Well, he would know this best.

Constantine said...

It is harder for Such a Pope to go through the eye of a needle than for an Atheist of Good Will to enter the kingdom if Heaven

Blotto said...

"The Gospel does not leave us alone, it urges us .."

That 'urging' must be very weak, bordering on the negligible, as the speaker can't even answer five straightforward questions about Church teaching.