Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Ethiopian President Opposes Open Borders

President of Ethiopia wants youth to stay in Africa and not take the dangerous journey to Europe - Sebastian Kurz reports on African politicians who criticize the EU's open borders

Vienna (kath.net) Sahle-Work Zewde, the new president of Ethiopia, has warned criminal smugglers in a double interview with Sebastian Kurz with the BILD newspaper and made it clear that people should stay in Africa. One should not lose one's own youth. "We must keep the people here who will lead Ethiopia - and Africa - into a better future." The President also wants a clearer distinction between migrants and refugees.

Sebastian Kurz also wants the African youth to stay in 
Africa and not come to Europe at all. "On my trip through Africa two weeks ago, by the way, I've heard of some heads of state who said clearly, 'Stop your policy of open borders in Europe, which only motivates African youth to break away' that many people fall for the lies of the smugglers via social media like Facebook and then pay thousands of euros for dangerous crossings.

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Constantine said...

Actually, the President of Ethiopia is pretty much a figurehead, similar to the Vice-president of the US, the Queen of England, or the President of Italy. The real power is the Prime Minister.So we have to see what Prime Minister Abey Ahmed.He has a Muslim father, and a Protestant mother. The country is nominally NonChaldeon Orthodox. The Protestants are considered usurpers sent by US money to dilute or weaken the Traditional Orthodox Faith. So the government is secular humanist and socialist. It cannot be trusted to be influenced by sincere Virtues, but rather, more likely influenced by US and UN policies and money.