Sunday, December 2, 2018

Pope Says “No More Homosexuals in Seminaries”

Pope Francis worried about homosexuality in the Church: "In our societies, it seems that homosexuality is a fashion, and this mentality also influences the Church in some way"

Rome ( Pope Francis is worried about homosexuals in the Church. "In our societies, it seems that homosexuality is a fashion, and this mentality also influences the Church in some way," said the head of the Church in a recent interview, which will be published in a book on Monday. This was reported by “ORF.” According to the interview, Francis is worried about homosexuals in the clergy and seminaries. [What about his close circle?]

It was - said the Pope - a "mistake" to believe that gays in the priestly education are "not so bad" and homosexuality is just a form of affection. "In consecrated life and in priestly life, this kind of affectation has no place." This is a "very serious matter". Francis also wants people with "these deep-rooted tendencies" not to be admitted into seminaries. Next week, the book by the author Fernando Prado entitled "La fuerza de la vocacion."

Trans: Tancred


  1. Whoa !
    He's making a judgement !
    Deep seeded? Sorry ,not even transitory !
    Avoiding the "near occasion of sin" while attracted to the same sex is not compatible with living and sleeping in the seminary dorm or a rectory with other men.
    How can there be true contrition in sacramental Penance if one promises to avoid the near occasion of sin?
    How can there be Proper Intention for the valid reception of Holy Orders?
    Deeper thought and prayer is required for the nonsense statement on 'deep seeded".

  2. What a crock of crap!!!!!

    Satan's close friend and confidant, Jorge Bergoglio?!?!

    There is NOTHING, NOTHING beneath this reprobate!!!!


  3. Cunning little brain.
    Nothing says "Don't look at me Feds" like a declaration against homosexuality. That won't wash with American feds Jorge, not by a long shot. If that trail leads to you, you will be exposed.

    He loves doing this, he's done it so many times. You sneak in something unexpected, something Catholic, in the midst of your gazillion heresies. This is his pattern.
    What I do believe this person cares about, perhaps even more than dismantling the faith, is garnering attention on himself. He obviously enjoys keeping the world in suspense, saying something controversial, making Catholics wait, building up expectation. He's a narcissist who feeds off power and vengeance. He enjoys putting the squeeze on his foes.
    But we are no longer surprised by him. When we see an ass, we expect it to bray. When you live with an ass, after a while you stop looking when it brays, you grow used to the sound, it is no longer unusual. You expect it.

  4. Way to go Kathleen!!!
    You read Francis right 100%. Too bad those who should (the bishops and cardinals...unlike they support him), don't. Or they're a bunch of wimp cowards like Burke, Schneider, etc. who have given up any just attacks on their boss in white.
    Hope Vigano comes up with more....even worse.
    Hope the USA Feds do go after Francis and his battalion of queers in the Vatican.
    If them come up with bog stuff, and I hope they do implicating Francis, his interview days will be over.
    He can retire in disgrace and sip mate tea for his bad nerves in Buenos Aries and shack up with his pal Bishop Tucho

    Damian Malliapalli

  5. First of all, before the Fed's do anything, remember:
    #1 the Fed's got Fags too
    #2 the Pope is a leader of a country and has diplomatic immunity from US arrest. The best that can happen is that Bergoglio might have to pay damages.

  6. Correct Constantine !!!

    Why do you think Randy Engel's book ,"Rite of Sodomy" receives little to no coverage by the Press, including the so called Catholic Press Kathleen?
    Because we made sodomy legal in this country a few decades ago, that's why!

    The McCarrick Case? Who promoted him? John Paul Two ,that's who. Do you think his abuse was unknown? Nope ! They all knew about it because Mrs Engel knew way back in 1987 and furthermore, she more recently documented that Groer tallied up 2000 victims and John Paul (the saint) defended him to the end ! This is all stupid because the deep seeded comment first came from Ratzinger who, as head of the CDF under JP2 , had possession all of this information.

    Yes people keep screaming about Borgoglio but where were you thirty +n years ago?

    I think you have been looking at the clip stories on Voris' site way too much !
    Start reading and start with 'RoS' by Engel and move along to "Windswept House" and then onto Brady's old 'RCF' articles on Bernadine and you find out WH by Malachi Martin was not all fiction !
    No no little chicks, Berhardt as a more recent convert is off the rails, the evil entered a long time ago and Benedict was well aware as was the so called St John Paul Two. Why do you think Voris and his friends never mention them? Because Opus Dei groomed and made PJP2 Pope and that is why he ran to kiss escriva's grave after he was made Pope.
    Get smart and ask to be on "Opus Dei Watch' and learns something.
    Anyone remember one of Voris'
    first videos on how to be a REAL Catholic? Join Opus Dei?
    Yep, then you too can hep them get their next chosen Pope into the Vatican to bolster their organization. Burke anyone?

    1. Youre still at it huh "sweepinthefilth"!?!

  7. "leader of a country". Some country....110 acres. Smaller than the prep school I graduated from .LOL!

    That should end to. The Vatican should be incorporated into Italy. The privilege of being an independent country was when the Catholic Church was a real Church (pre-Francis), and when we had CATHOLIC popes.

    Damian Malliapalli

  8. "Francis also wants people with "these deep-rooted tendencies" not to be admitted into seminaries."
    Now we should try to see this in the real light, and try to get a right conclusion.
    When we put his own:
    "You are born that way" and "God want you to be that way" (sodomite and pederast),
    before this sentence of him above, we must conclude that he is as usually all the time working on his goal which is to destroy the priesthood!
    PF is all the time encouraging all the people, normal people, young and old, but fore-mostly the vulnerable ones, to become wicked pederast, and then, especially NOW, when he MUST say something, because now he knows that the whole world knows that here are a lot of pederast insiders, he wants us to think that he's worried about the Church(!?), and in the same time he will succeed in his plan to reduce the number of priests and vocations! (Imagine who will be those who will decide who are and who are not those with the pederast-tendency! Rosiva, Martin, Woerl, Chupich, Coccopalm & Co!?)

    We need Holy Inquisition and a lot of woodpiles!
    And we need it now!

  9. The first step in solving a problem is to identify it. I would say that "take me home again Kathleen" pretty much did that. Here in St. Louis, after Burke was run out of town, his replacement came in from Saginaw. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch documented how he reformed the seminary (Kenrick-Glennon) and actively recruited gay candidates for the priesthood. The Brooklyn Bridge is for sale (again) if you believe that Frannie I is against homosexuality. The C-9 Council for God's sake is almost entirely made up of active homosexuals.

  10. JBQ in justice, divine and natural, you need to provide credible evidence that the Pope's C-9 consultation group 'is almost entirely made up of active homosexuals.'
    Evidence please.

  11. If they almost entirely mince like homoes and duplicate like homoes and contrive homo-themed synods...

  12. Lita,

    Thank you for those precious words of wisdom.


  13. I do have a criticism of you, Tancred: where is the photo of Francisco, Soupy, and the rest of the Pervo Posse yukking it up? No doubt they're ROFL at that pious & heartfelt commentary.

  14. @Peter W: Wikipedia lists the C-9: Francisco Errazuriz (Chile) resigned 14 Nov 18. He was tasked with investigating a sex abuse crisis. There are now 8. George Pell (Australia) Economics was sidelined by politics and accused of sex abuse back home. That leaves 7. Maradiaga (Honduras) is the leader and highly suspect. Bertello (Vatican) know nothing about. Gracias (Bombay) know nothing about. Marx (Germany) know lots about. You can classify him in the same breath as the "jack of hearts". Pasinya (Kenshasa) know nothing about. O'Malley (Boston) overly tolerant of the gay lifestyle. Pietro Parolin (Secr of State) Really dangerous and jockeying to be the next pope as "Peter the Roman". This is all about the acceptance of the gay lifestyle. I have a direct link to Cardinal Dolan in New York where Francis himself told Dolan to support gays in the St. Patrick Parade and to "keep an open mind about gay marriage". What part of the obvious gay leadership in the Church did you not understand? While in New York in 2017, I met an individual from Buenos Aires who made some pretty outlandish claims about then Cardinal Bergoglio and his agenda.

  15. JBQ, you asserted without qualification that the C-9 group 'is almost entirely made up of active homosexuals' As a matter of Divine and civil justice, you have a duty to prove your allegations. Innuendo, gossip, perceptions, suspicions do not constitute conclusive evidence. Again, I request that you back up your original assertion with credible, verifiable evidence that would stand up before a court of law and satisfy the requirements of divine law. Wikipedia would not, I suggest, meet these demands.

  16. Is this Pope Francis becoming "woke" or just political expediency?

  17. @Peter W: So, sue me. My "court of last resort" is the Apostolic Signatura. Whoops, Francis removed my man from St. Louis for being too conservative. I don't accept Frannie I as a legitimate pope. Therefore, your argument is moot.----I wrote JPII on a matter. I was told by an official at the Chancery that he got the letter. The pope then sent a coadjutor to take down the archbishop a notch who soon died of brain cancer which is consistent with the "A disease". JPII then arrived in St. Louis for a visit. I would like to think that I had a small bit to do with that.---When Burke was removed as archbishop of St. Louis, I attended the farewell Mass in August of 2008. I was given a supernatural sign that he spoke the truth and was being persecuted. I don't answer to you. I answer to a higher authority than a misguided pontiff.

  18. This in not about Burke or whether you are a sede-vacantist or not and my argument is certainly not 'moot.' It's about the demands of natural and divine justice that you would demand for your self if someone accused you of a crime and took you to court.

    You have an obligation to offer incontestable evidence to back up your assertion that most of the C-9 cardinals are 'active homosexuals.' If you cannot do so, then admit it clearly.

  19. @peter W Are you seriously looking for proof that would stand up in a court of law, as you say!! You want photographs of them engaging in sodomy? You want former lovers to testify? You want them to "out" themselves?
    We are not stupid; we keep a close eye on all their pronouncements and manoeuvrings.
    If you wish to bury your head in the sand, then do so - but don't expect the rest of us to shut up in order to suit your agenda.
    What exactly IS your agenda, by the way? Are you a Vatican employee?

  20. Anonymous 5:27, apply the same standards of justice in this case of JBQ' unproven allegations that you would demand if you were accused of a crime, charged and prosecuted in a court of law. It's not rocket science. The standards of justice are founded on the ancient principle of not doing to another what you would not have done to yourself. This criterion should apply to all or do you run on a parallel system? JBQ apparently has just like his Popes.

  21. "I don't answer to you. I answer to a higher authority than a misguided pontiff."

    Cheers for you, JBQ, for standing up to Peter W. Everyone knows he would side with the Francis crowd anyway. He's a cheerleader for heretic pope, and a pack of queers in the Vatican...which probably includes "Pope wanna be" Parolin. He'll never get it. Francis is such a disaster that any close aid has no chance to become the next Pope, unless the Church has become totally corrupted. Then it that case, the faithful should recruit the few loyal Cardinals, charge then to elect a substitute Pope, and find a place to build a substitute Vatican....and substitute Church if it comes to that. But it won't. Even the USA Feds know Francis is a slick operator who is pulling this game at the last minute to try to make himself and his crew as pure as snow in this scandal. But Francis coming down hard on gays now doesn't wipe away his previous 5 years. He's been lucky so far...but if it goes as far as the USA Feds, they're not stupid enough to believe Francis' new tune.
    I hope they dig up a ton of dirt, so much so that no matter how much Francis and crew twist and turn they'll still come out an enablers for the army of gay priests in the USA and McCarrick, or active gay themselves.
    Francis' last minute switch about gays doesn't fool anyone with a thinking brain. That leaves Peter W the zombie Francis fan out.

    Damian Malliapalli

  22. The crimes of Bergoglio’s suite should inspire a vote of no-confidence in itself, but things just keep rolling along.

  23. @ PeterW, 5.36 Lol! You didn't answer my questions. What IS your angle in protecting the perverts? Are you part of the Vatican? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. No need to do a DNA analysis on it. Bergoglio claims to be a Catholic; could HE be convicted of being one in a court of law? Doubt it!
    Go back to your little clique, your closet, your echo chamber where cardinals aren't sodomising seminarians and each other, where they aren't embezzling shed loads of money, and WHERE THEY ARE PROCLAIMING THE GOSPEL FROM THE ROOFTOPS. Whaddya mean,"you can't hear them"? You must have heard Maradiaga et al shouting Catholic Truths at the top of his lungs! He believes them after all, doesn't he?
    Shysters, the gang of them!
    Give me Zen, Vigano any day.

  24. It's a very dangerous move to suspend or deny the human and divine rights of people to a fair trial and if convicted, on clear indisputable evidence. When people take the 'lynch mob' option they in fact trample on the very same justice system and moral law they would appeal to if they were likewise set upon by a rabble driven by blood lust.
    Think about it chaps and, for your daily meditation, read the 'trial before Pilate' accounts in the Gospels, particularly John's.

  25. @Peter W, 12.09
    So now we, heterosexual non-molesters, are " rabble" and Parolin, Marx and Maradiaga etc are comparable to Our spotless Lord Jesus Christ, God Himself!!!
    Your arrogance and presumption both astounds and disturbs me. We really are dealing with something demonic! Proud and bold as Lucifer himself.
    BTW When will all seminarians be issued with recording devices both in their bedrooms and in portable form - so that they can record their grooming and rape? Otherwise it didn't happen: the "gospel" according to Peter W.

  26. It's a very dangerous move to suspend or deny the human and divine rights of people to a fair trial and if convicted, on clear indisputable evidence. When people take the 'lynch mob' option they in fact trample on the very same justice system and moral law they would appeal to if they were likewise set upon by a rabble driven by blood lust.
    Think about it chaps and, for your daily meditation, read the 'trial before Pilate' accounts in the Gospels, particularly John's.

    The burden of incontrovertible truth is on the accuser but, 'what is truth?' sneered Pilate.

  27. I think Peter W gave himself away...."Think about it chaps "
    Chaps? I would say 1/10 of 1 percent of native born Americans would use the term "chaps" So our liberal friend Peter is either 1). contributing from Britian (a great country with an awesome Royal family. Queen Elizabeth still going at 92, and Prince Phillip at a slower pace at 97!! WOW!
    He's contributing to this site now living in the USA.

    Not ridiculing you, Buddy Man Pete, just that I think part of the puzzle came into place.
    Your contributions are good, too bad always on the side of the ultimately losing team...Team Francis.

    Damian Malliapalli

  28. Damian,thanks for your support for the case I have made in response to JBQ's assertion that most of the members of the C-R are 'active homosexuals.' I'm very pleased to note that you can see through the hubris and hypocrisy of his charges.

    1. This has definately been an ongoing problem throughout the entire history of the Church, and every Catholic sage from the Patristic father's to St. Benedict has written about it. Human nature being what it is, wounded, will always present itself in the future, and to the end of time. Historically, those in the Vatican and some Bishops have done a better job in the selection of seminary candidates. I'm a trad and orthodox but am probably going to get blasted for saying this. I think one can make a distinction for the seminary between an active or previously active SSA man - automatic denial- and a SSA person or person who may be both SSA and OSA but not active and never has been- possible admittance to the seminary. Can distinctions not be made? Some would crucify and deny sainthood to a young man for having one bad thought in his youth but never acting on it.

    2. I know a canon lawyer who thinks his job is so important and effective that he believes his initiative will end this perennial scourge. He literally knows how this problem will be solved!