Friday, November 30, 2018

Islamic Call to Prayer Replacing Advent in Linz — Bishop Silent

Islamization instead of Advent: as a "cultural project", Linz city center is being lit with muzzzin calls throughout Advent.
(Vienna) From the 2nd to the 23rd of December the OK-Square in the Austrian city of Linz will be lit with loudspeaker muezzin calls during Islamic prayer time. The period of time covers Christian Advent exactly and goes from the First Sunday of Advent until the day before Christmas Eve. An "art project" with a clear antichristian and pro-Islamic thrust, because Islam has nothing to do with Advent.

The OK Square is part of the pedestrian zone of Linz city center. In the Advent season, the masses are bustling there. It is named after the Open House of Culture Upper Austria (OK), which is owned and operated by the state of Upper Austria.

In 1972, the Ursuline Order sold the Baroque monastery and its church, which had been abandoned by the Order, to the land of Upper Austria, which in 1977 became a regional cultural center. The goal: To promote cultural workers and introduce the population to culture.

Linz in the stranglehold between real and "artistic" virtual Islamization

At the end of the 1980s, part of the site was also home to the Open House of Culture founded by the Province of Upper Austria, whose artistic and commercial director is Martin Sturm. The Governor (Prime Minister) of Upper Austria has been without interruption since the war, the bourgeois-Christian Democratic Austrian People's Party (ÖVP).
The political left, currently with only 30 percent weaker than ever, could never win the majority in the parliament. However, the cultural scene is largely in their hands. [As usual]


The country is governed by the proportional system, since the end of 2015, the government has been responsible to the ÖVP and the national-conservative Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ). It is difficult to imagine that especially the FPÖ, but also the ÖVP agrees to this Islamization of the country disguised as an "art project,” which is also an obviously provocative counterpoint to the Christian Advent. The intention of the initiators seems to want to deny the real Islamization by a virtual Islamization. The of the conflict is indeed part of the standard program of leftist do-gooders in terms of Islamization.

What will the Catholic Bishop of Linz say about this?

A “cultural project" in which the pedestrian zone of a state capital would be sonicated with Christian prayer would be unthinkable in modern Austria. The media, especially public broadcasting (ORF), and the state-run cultural workers would pour tons of mockery and ridicule about it and about the artists, cultural leaders and responsible politicians. Islamization, on the other hand, is of concern to the same circles because they are primarily concerned with the fight against Christianity and their own identity. Everything foreign is better than one's own.

The "cultural project" fits the fact that the green group chairwoman (Klubobfrau) in the city council of Linz announced: "There is no Christmas party at our party", and this thinking also prevails, as in the event run by her social club, Exit-sozial, which - allegedly - out of Consideration for the Islamic clientele - abolished the Christmas party.

The fight against Nicholas celebrations, which have been running for years in municipal kindergartens, completes the picture.

30 percent of Linz's elementary school students are Muslims

According to a recent survey in Linz, German is the mother tongue of only one third of kindergarten children. In the second largest city of Upper Austria, in Wels, even more of a quarter. How many of the foreign-language children are Muslims is not known. There are many who feel it, and the tendency is rising rapidly. The FPÖ Municipal Council of Linz, Peter Stumptner, warned in May 2018: "Austrians could become a minority in Linz". In fact, they are already, as the numbers show for the mother tongue, because today's children are the future and grow up in a few years.

Austrians among already a minority among children 

Austrians among the children in Linz already a minority
Media reports of the "horror" at upper Austrian elementary schools and the fact that at Linz elementary schools Ramadan Islamic religious rules must be learned ("who does not want, must go to the principal!"). Catholic church officials find nothing wrong with teaching "Allah" songs to children at schools in Linz. As early as 2006, Islamic parents in a primary school in Linz demanded a headscarf requirement for the non-Muslim teachers of their children.

To the general amusement of the left

In 2007, 11.6 percent of all elementary school students in Upper Austria were Muslims, in 2017 16.3 percent. That means an increase of over 40 percent in only ten years. The figures for the city of Linz have not been published. If, however, the ratio of the current proportion of foreigners in Upper Austria (12.3 percent) and in the city of Linz (23 percent) is applied to the elementary schools, this means that already over 30 percent of all elementary school students in Linz are Muslims.

The well-known German criminologist Christian Pfeiffer presented in early 2018 the results of a survey of Muslim students in Lower Saxony, who revealed Islamist tendencies on a grand scale. Thus, one-third of Muslim students can "well imagine fighting for Islam and risking my life". The proportion of those who even welcomed terrorist attacks in the "fight against the enemies of Islam" was correspondingly high.

In the past, there were repeated publicity campaigns in the streets of Linz on radical street groups. Sometimes they were even "Christian" camouflaged, such as the "Jesus exhibition" of the Salafist IERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy) last May, with which they tried to recruit new members in downtown Linz. Incidentally, in the immediate vicinity of the OK-Platz, where now the call to prayer is to sound. Already at that time, questions arose, such as those of the Linz ÖVP council Martin Hajart, who had approved the event. The same question arises now with the "art project", which seems to call itself "Muezzin instead of Advent" according to the motto: "Muezzin is called, Advent is over".

Of course, everything is covered with a discussion on the question: "How much religion can the public space tolerate?" To the amusement of the left intellectual scene.

The political message behind "virtual" Islamization is clear - and it supports real Islamization.

Text: Martha Burger / Andreas Becker
Picture: OK (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


  1. Blending of religions, creation of a new one world religion, new spiritual belief system based on world unity, dissolution of the Catholic Church, dissolution of organized religion.

  2. Anything is possible in that Diocese. Indeed that country, which, like the rest of Europe, is screwed!

    1. I don't agree with your assessment that "Europe is screwed".

      In fact it is the US and Canada's policy of the melting pot that is destroying the Christian culture there faster than the promotion of Islam in Europe through immigration.

      We at least have our Christian history staring us in the face everywhere we look (architecture, churches, art, etc). Europe is slowly waking up to its slow death and I think it will rise from the dead. Maybe once it has been stripped of its wealth - but as we know - riches will not get us to heaven.

  3. Hey, I think it's great. As much hostility there is today towards Islam in particular and people who are Muslims in general, ya' gotta admit that it's a real religion, and the people have faith it it, whatever it is.
    I've been to Egypt on modeling shoots for an Egyptian health and fitness magazine, a fashion magazine, a photo spread of yachting down the Nile, and in a costume epic where I had to dress up as an ancient Egyptian Pharoah. I thought they wanted me for the part because I had given our hosts a history lecture on some of the antiquities at the Cairo Museum. They didn't know the facts behind their own pharaohs. But Shows how naïve I am. When it came time for the cameras on set, they gave me the pharaoh costume (or their idea of one... no shirt and short kilt nearly up to by waiste and a gold sword in sheath. Accurate vesture of the pharaoh? Nope. But it pays the bills :)
    But my point is that I saw the people's faith every day. Not everyone is devout, but there's no where in the world I know of but Egypt (and maybe afew other countries like Saudi Arabia, Morocco, etc.) where the name of God (or their idea of God....Allah), is on their lips all the time. Guys building sets coached each other along chanting "Allah u Akbar", over and over and other religious chants invoking "him"...even simple tasks like painting part of a set.
    Catholics have not had that kind of Faith, when God was on their minds and lips, since the 12th-13th centuries. Back then, most people thought that it was no burden to go to Mass every day, or to do everything with a prayer first.
    Four things helped destroy this spirit....first... The Protestant Reformation, second...Humanism/Secularism of the Reniassance Period (1425-1600). (There was a brief revival after the Council of Trent extending all the way to about 1675), and Third the increasing materialism/nationalism/secularism that started towards the end of the 18th century with the French Revolution, European wars, and the secularist policies of Austiran Emperor Joseph II and like minded rulers who wanted to curtail/suppress the Church rather than promote it. Lastly, just when the Catholic Church was recovering in many areas and especially in religious fervor and spirt, epitomized by the reigns of six great Popes (Gregory XVI, Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X, Pius XI and Pius XII-- I don't include Benedict XV because his term was too short-- along comes Vatican II and the devastation which sprang from it, a wave of liturgical abuse, corruption, heresy, and immorality(the sex scandals involving priests)--an era best exemplified by the current Pope Francis and the heretics, perverts and deviants he has surrounded himself with and promoted. The Catholic Church across Austria, all Europe except Poland, and practically everywhere else is in ruins. Except where traditional Catholicism holds out in parishes, convents or monasteries, it appears as if Christianity, and even God, has disappeared.
    So, if Linz echoes to the call to Muslim prayer rather than to the sound of bells like it used to, if Muslims pack their new mosques and the thousand of Catholic churches stand empty since the last 50+ years, so be it. This is the fruit of Vatican II. There is no denying it, or giving it another name to rationalize away the root cause.
    Francis and his people are making it 1,000x worse, and they don't care. This is their agenda. The silence of the Bishop of Linz in the face of the Muslims speaks volumns. He will not defend our Faith and traditions. He is a "Francis man".
    Having said all this, sadly, I have to say that I would rather see Linz, and Austria etc., be increasingly Muslim, than to be the kind of Catholic represented by Francis and his people.

    Damian Malliapalli

  4. But they are following a false religion so the fact that mosques are full simply means they are full of people following something other than the resurrected Christ who is the only Son of God.

  5. This is true, but we have nothing but our bad leaders (Pope Francis especially, and all the bishops over the last 50 years), like minded clergy, radical nuns, etc. and the reforms of Vatican II in and of themselves for the destruction.
    If it were an outside force that was destroying the Church (something like Communism, etc), then it would not be our fault.
    But the Catholic Church has been destroyed in Europe and elsewhere by this Pope (and the past 4 popes), and by the leadership over the last 50 years.
    Yes, Islam is a false religion because it does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Savior and the Son of God. I would much rather see Austria turning Southern Baptist Evangelical Christian than Muslim. I very much admire the late Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell, because they were true Christians....not like the Pope we have now.
    Or the bishops and priests or nuns we have now. (Mostly)
    It is sad what is happening in Austria and across the Church. But we have no one but ourselves to blame.
    The late, great Cardinal Giuseppe Siri (1905-1989) stated about 1970, that it would take over 200 years for the Catholic Church to recover from the disaster of Vatican II and what came from it, especially liturgically. Many people laughed at him. But I think he was right.

    Damian Malliapalli

  6. Their leaders are so credible, though! Like Sheiks who rule on having sexual relations with the corpse of your wife, and such like.

  7. Their on auto destruct, making themselves obsolete.