Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mass Shooting During Mass in Brazil

During the Holy Mass a gunman shot himself - later he shot himself at the altar

Sao Paulo ( In a church near the Brazilian metropolis Sao Paulo on Tuesday it came to a blood bath. This was reported by the "Krone”. During the Mass, a man armed with a pistol and a revolver opened fire during and shot at least five people. Later he shot himself at the altar. The attack took place in the Catedral Metropolitana, about 90 kilometers from Sao Paulo in Campina. According to eyewitnesses the shooter fired completely randomly on those in attendance. "Most people here were pensioners, innocents, and he shot at everyone. It was terrible, a great tragedy,” said a member of the Church. The Archdiocese of Campinas said: "In this moment of deep pain we count on the prayers of all of you."

Trans: Tancred

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Anonymous said...

The newsmedia opined no motive exept madness?

Sounds like MK Ultra madness?

Hard to believe this wasn´t orchestrated by the Cabal.

Day before Our Lady of Guadelupe and just 14 days before Christmas.

Our Lady of Guadelupe Patroness of the Americas pray for Brazil.